Revised Operation Darkness script is in English only

By Spencer . June 13, 2008 . 4:08pm

od.jpgAoshi00 asked if Operation Darkness had a Japanese language option. I thought it did, but when I scrolled through the menus I couldn’t find anything. I sent over an e-mail to see to if I was missing it in the build I have and discovered Operation Darkness will not contain the original voice acting.


Even more interesting is the script has been altered from the original Japanese version. The writing changed so much Atlus could not keep the Japanese voice acting in the game. Atlus has a mantra of sticking with literal translations for their titles, but Operation Darkness is an exception. Now I’m curious about the differences between the two versions.


Something else unique about Operation Darkness is before the game loads a screen comes up explaining there is extensive gore in the title. I haven’t seen anything worse than Ninja Gaiden II yet and the Operation Darkness was not rated CERO Z in Japan so this might be nothing at all.


Images courtesy of Atlus.

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  • Aoshi00

    Wow, thanks for looking up on this Spence! So you can’t even bring out the Jpn track even if you switch the Xbox’s language setting before loading the game? The reason I asked is I couldn’t get the Jpn track from the demo despite setting the system’s language to Jpn, and it usually works w/ other games, like Sonic, Project Sylpheed, etc.

    Not that I’m picky about English voice acting, especially it fits better given the WW II setting, but sometimes the fake accent is a little cheesy and distracting.. I held out for the US release thinking it would feature both tracks, now I need to consider which version to get since the Jpn version also features complete Eng. text.

    Thanks for the info again, very helpful!

  • Aoshi00

    If I’m not mistaken, I think the Jpn version has full Eng. txt right, or just the basic commands.. If the US version really left out the Jpn track due to the necessary changes it’s a pity since it is region free for me.

  • @Aoshi00 – Hmm.. I haven’t tried that trick yet… maybe I should! The voice acting isn’t that bad though except for Cynthia. I was thinking is she faux-Irish something in then I looked up her profile and she was! I know the JPN version has English text for the menus and weapon names, but for the story it’s in Japanese.

  • TreeFrog

    The Japanese version has full English text for everything (including the story) but no English voice acting.
    However the translation is really bad, so it’s a good thing that Atlus have rewritten it.

  • @TreeFrog – Thanks for the correction. I’ve only played OD in Japanese with Japanese text so I wasn’t aware there was an English language option. No wonder Atlus went back to update the story.

  • Chuck

    Spencer – Just curisous are we going to get an update on this story or should we be asking on the atlus message boards? the story made my interest extremely piqued too.

    Thanks buddy

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