Mega Man 9 is a true NES sequel

By Spencer . June 26, 2008 . 1:39pm


Capcom isn’t using the detailed sprites from Mega Man 8 for the next iteration of the original Mega Man series. Mega Man 9 looks more like Mega Man 6, the last NES game with the Blue Bomber. This is a brilliant move for fans of the Mega Man series, but it will probably leave the NES-less generation scratching their heads.


All of the details regarding Mega Man 9 are coming from the Mega Man Network who has a copy of the Nintendo Power interview about the WiiWare version of Mega Man 9. While the Wii is the first official platform for Mega Man 9 the OFLC rating lists Mega Man 9 as a multiplatform game, which suggests it is not a Wii exclusive. Other obvious platform choices for Mega Man 9 are Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.


Perhaps, the most startling revelation about Mega Man 9 is it may have a female robot master. Splash Woman is listed in the ranks of Concrete Man, Galaxy Man, and underneath Tornado Man. We’ll have to wait until physical copies of Nintendo Power circulate to confirm this as fact though.


Images from Nintendo Power and scans from Mega Man Network.

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  • Camden

    Let’s pray that this revives the Mega Man series enough to get a Legends 3 and a worthy X sequel.

  • fidgetwidget

    The current word is that the wii ware version is the one shown, but that there is another version for xbla and psn too…

  • EvilAkito

    I’m not quite the Mega Man nut that I use to be, but I’m certainly looking forward to this. I think it’s pretty neat that they’re going back to the old 8-bit assets.

  • jeffx

    absolutely fantastic. I haven’t been this stunned by video game news in a loooong time.

  • scott

    i’m not sure how i feel about this.

    i honestly liked how mm8 looked and wouldnt have minded it looking like that again.

    i’m still buying this, but the cynical part of me says this could be laziness hidden behind “retro”-ness. I mean, back then how many guys did it take to release mm2?

  • This is awesome! Day One Purchase, Guaranteed!

    I’d also like to add that I always knew it would come to WiiWare (check the previous news post on MM9)

  • EdgeKun

    I’m just going to hope the old style NES graphics are just for the Wiiware version. Yes, I’m enough of a graphics whore to where this bothers me. MM7/8/Forte all looked so good, there’s absolutely no reason to go back to this style. (Except to appease a few of the old school fans out there, while alienating so many more)

  • thaKingRocka

    hot damn! put me down for two.

  • seiya19

    Well, first of all, I have to say: YES !!!!!! THANK YOU CAPCOM !!!!! Let´s see if it´s exclusive or not, but from what I´ve heard, the OFLC has made several mistakes before by listing exclusive games as multi-platform ones…

    Now, aside from that, I´m extremely confused… 8-bit graphics ??? I don´t know… I love the old 8-bit Megaman style, but I think the style from Megaman and Bass/Megaman 7 was also faithful to the old games and it was great for me. I agree that there wasn´t much reason to make it this way.

    Having said that, I´ll definitely take this art style over a 2.5D one, and I´m glad the original Megaman remains a 2D game. For a 3D game, they can always make a new Legends… I´m also wondering about the music and “cinematics” now…if it´s like the old ones, I will love it.

    This reminds me of the approach that Square-Enix took with Final Fantasy IV: The After…although that´s different of course, because of being a mobile game. Maybe this becomes a sort of trend…

    And by the way…why didn´t Capcom made this with Street Fighter IV ???

  • Aoshi00

    Can’t say I ever saw this coming, kind of like deja vu (Snake seeing his featureless MGS1 face in Shadow Moses :)

    Agreed, I would love to see some impressive Ninja Gaiden-like 8-bit cutscenes as well.

    It’s funny I just digged out Maverick Hunter X and replayed it these last two days, I guess 2.5D really isn’t the best after all. I was hoping for 9 to have crazy sprites like MM8… It does seem like a trend all things go back to origin, what w/ Virtual Console and PSN archives and all. It’s not bad to play games in old styles I suppose, more evident some gameplay stand the test of time.

  • Rafael

    looooool o_o great idea CAPCOM, stick to the basics xD

  • Funktion

    For me this is like a dream come true, IMO Mega Man was at its best in the 8-bit form, I never really enjoyed the X, Z and ZX series as much as the original series, and even in the original series I didn’t care much for the latter games, when they updated the graphics and “enhanced” the gameplay something was lost.

    So a return to the original roots is pretty much what I always wanted, but never believed it would happen.

  • Pulstar

    Now if only Sega makes a 16bit-style Sonic 4!

  • Me

    Ha, that’s amazing. I guess they really wanted a retro feel with this one, and I think it’s great.

  • I’d really wonder what happened to Bass in this game.

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