Rhapsody DS remake marches in the Prinny parade

By Spencer . June 30, 2008 . 9:35pm

rhapsody.jpgShortly after I posted NIS America’s plans for their Disgaea games I got an e-mail with a concrete release date for the Nintendo DS version of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. A portable Puppet Princess comes out on September 23, the same day as Disgaea DS.


The good news is the wait between the Japanese and North American release of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure is around a month. The bad news is NIS America risks cannibalizing sales of the less known Marl Kingdom series since Disgaea DS comes out on the same day. Usually, publishers space releases apart by at least a week. If Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure isn’t delayed it’s possible it will be overlooked and as we learned in our interview with NIS America president Haru Akenaga, NIS America is testing the waters for the Marl Kingdom franchise with Rhapsody DS.


Images courtesy of NIS America.

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  • matty

    If you’re like me you’d get both – hit two birds with one stone! Save a couple bucks on gas/shipping money! But that’s just me . . .

    Unless they were planning on some kind of promotion or discount price, or something – I don’t know why they would set the releases like that. The only way I could see Rhapsody really getting a chunk of sales by itself would be because Disgaea already has an established base on two other systems and so I wouldn’t expect -that- many people quickly flocking to get a copy right away and take a look at NIS’s other series.
    Then again, that base could be so established that they just might as well pick up Disgaea DS.

    Who knows, but it’s very interesting.

  • Anon

    Hmmmm, that’s an odd plan. I’m planning on getting both, but depending on funds I may be getting them at separate times. Rhapsody will take precedence of course because it needs all the help it can get. I really want to see the rest of the Marl Kingdom games get translated.

    Hopefully they change their minds and space out the releases.

  • Mikael

    I will be getting both perhaps, but I might just get Rhapsody incase the port of the disgeae suffers from big slowdowns and its version is inferior compared to the other ports,

  • Thores

    Rhapsody has had sequels!? Holy crap!

  • jeffx

    Well I’ve had enough of Disgaea to last me a lifetime. This is the game I’m getting!!!

  • It’s good to hear that a number of Siliconera readers are interested in both. I just hope this isn’t a premature nail in the coffin for future Marl Kingdom localizations. I mean most people don’t even know there are other games they missed on.

  • Rory

    I still have a big soft spot for Rhapsody on PS1. The question that remains to be answered is: will it still have the English songs from the original? I thought they were pretty charming… I still listen to the CD every now and then. For that matter, another question is: will it be a new text translation? It was one of my favorite earlier Atlus translations, along with Tail Concerto.

  • Pichi

    Interested in both as well! I want to play Disgaea for the post-game stuff I wasn’t able to do on the PS2 since I share it with bro. On the DS, I’ll be able to do it whenever I want. I might get Rhaspsody first since I haven’t played it yet.

  • IDK.. but as soon as me and my friend heard that they were publishing Rhapsody on the DS… we freaked! Hopefully the people that missed out on rhapsody when it was on the PS will get to experience its RAW PWR!!!! lmao.. Kinda worried that the graphics r going to be cutback.. as well as the songs… so far i havent found any good vocals on a handheld… unless you can count the cute little singing on Patapon for the PSP… So far however i cant find much on the web about it…. Send me a link maybe?

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