Xseed is about to surprise you…

By Spencer . July 5, 2008 . 2:31pm

In a good way. They have two things in their E3 lineup you won't be able to guess, one announcement that floored me, but just for fun… make a guess. I want to see if anyone gets it right.

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  • superdry

    hmmm…I hope Luminous Arc 2 is announced considering the new partnership with Marvelous. Either that or Arc Rise Fantasia is announced for US release even though it would be an extremely early annoucement.

  • Aluxes

    wild arms 6 XD

  • Mazen

    Finally some real hype for E3 its a unusually quite preE3 time, well Since Xseed joined AQ lately maybe its Lost Oddysey related I don’t think its hard to get the name from MS, I will think of other games and post later.

  • Aoshi00

    You finally get your wish of getting “Anata wo Yursusanai” in Eng. :)?

  • @Aoishi00 – Anata wo Yursusanai was something I would expect. Unfortunately, it will not come to North America since retailers aren’t interested in carrying it. Xseed liked it though and I suggested it could be a downloadable PSP game.

  • teasel

    that yuusha no kisanade game?
    hanjuku hero? (man i really want hanjuku hero to reach american shores :( )

  • That PS3 SRPG Tears To Tiara? That one looks pretty good and would be fairly surprising.

  • Guessing

    They’re going to be working as a 2nd Party for a Nintendo franchise?

  • JusteZero

    DJ Max Portable? Someone should have jumped on this long ago since its entirely english. Maybe that eloquent fist beat em up game?

  • sona

    Sora no Kiseki trilogy…here it goes XD

  • laharsama


    Wild Arms series are developed by Sony Computer Japan Studios and MediaVision, Xseed only publish games in USA so won´t be


    Would be wonderful that Xseed publish all Compile Hearts games

  • matty
  • Nickie

    Can we get a hint? Are they for Wii? Ds? (my two favorite systems which I hope their for!) or another console?

  • They should bring over Media Vision’s new DS game! :p

  • Chuck F

    海腹川背 Portable ! Yeah right, I’m probably guessing suda’s ds game is going to be there.

  • Me

    T_T You’re mean…

    I have absolutely no clue.

  • XSeed is publishing Arc Rise Fantasia in NA!

  • Hayden

    Perhaps on of the PSP or PS2 Sakura Taisen compilations?

  • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Cross Edge.

  • animedemon

    Legend of Heroes 6 FC?

  • jeffx


  • Zhemos

    Let it be [email protected] please!

  • Zhemos

    Wait, I bet it’s the Haruhi game on the Wii.

  • Kurt

    Raiden Fighters? *cross fingers*

  • Zhemos

    Tales of Innocence?

  • Need to know!!!

  • Zhemos

    Tell us! It’s 1am I don’t wanna sit up all night. :(

  • james


  • 123

    I hope it’s not something gay like Rainy Woods

  • jarrod

    Um… the World of Golden Eggs?

  • Let’s get crazy and say something quasi-impossible, like Super Robot Wars: Original Generations Gaiden.

  • How about Valhalla Knights 2 for the PSP and maybe Little King’s Story for the Wii??

  • @JimTheFly: Well they already announced those, so they really wouldn’t be a surprise D: . But maybe you’re just being obvious and I’m missing it!

  • EvilAkito

    Mother 3!

  • Hello Hello

    Spectral Force Genesis. (I can dream!)

  • @everyone – As usual the Siliconera audience is thinking and throwing out great ideas! You guys and gals know your games, but this announcement surprised me a lot so… well… we should be able to talk about it soon… hopefully pre E3.

  • Judo

    @TOLLMASTER – I’m hoping it’s SRW OGs or OG Gaiden too.

  • Chris

    If it’s that surprising…

    Growlanser IV? Some Langrisser game? Tales of Rebirth? Those are the least likely games I can think of that would be awesome to get. Rebirth especially since no way Namco would let another company release their game.

  • bigmac996
  • animedemon

    if it [email protected] im buying a 360 now lol

  • Pesmerga00

    Wow, looks like just about everything has been guessed. I have no idea, but you have certainly piqued my interest.

  • ocha

    Arc Rise Fantasia and the Vanillaware’s Wii game is my educated guess.

  • riaz

    yakuza 3 fuedal?? ASH?? Ar tonelico 2??

  • riaz

    it woul be great if it was muranasa yotoden(vanillawares samurui wii game)but how about avalon code?? or steel princess OR it colud be rainy woods(wich sounds kinda boring)

  • Paul

    Mother Collection for DS? Please :)

  • Raidou

    Impossible wild card guesses: NamcoXcapcom or Dragon Shadow Spell.

  • Spencer you know it’s Arc Rise Fantasia, so there’s no need to keep us all in suspense!

  • Nickie

    Monster Rancher DS! (a girl can dream, can’t she ;.; praying for MR DS 2 at least)

  • 123

    Ar Tonelico 2?

  • Pichi

    I’m guessing/wanting: Luminous Arc 2, Avalon Code, Winds of Nostalia(sp?), ASH, Tales of Innocents, Sekai wa Atashi de Mawatteru, and like many said above me!! Hope I’m not hyping myself too much. XD

  • Angelous

    Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations for the PS2!

    Please… someone (Atlus/XSeed) needs to bring this to the US!

  • Darrien

    Record of Agarest War perhaps?

  • JeremyR

    My personal hope: Legend of Heroes VI

    Wildest Guess: Princess Maker V

    Most Likely: Some DS game I will have no interest in (probably an action RPG or fighter)

  • I think I finally figured out one of those titles. Avalon Code for the DS!

    As for the other, I’m thinking it’s either Winds of Nostalgia or RIZ-ZOAWD.

  • K

    I will have to guess Rainy Woods for the PS3 and 360.

  • byrc

    Rolando probably has made the most educated guess out there.

    I’m with Rolando on this one.

  • Tom

    It’s WAY to soon for Arc Rise Fantasia as it doesn’t even have a Japanese date, not even a TBA 2008 tentative date.

    My guess is that one of them is Avalon Code, MMV has already projected NA sales for the game.

  • Another title could be Steal Princess, as that’s another Marvelous title.

  • Jay

    I think it’s Avalon Code and Rune Factory Froniter. In IGN’s recent Nintendo Chat podcast they said XSEED/MMV will be bringing Frontier over them-selves.

  • Bandit

    I sure hope one of them is an JRPG for PS3 as I REALLY could use a good one.

  • K

    Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers.

  • Tom

    ^That’s D3.

  • 123

    it’s close to E3 how about telling us please? :P

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