English friendly Battle Fantasia is only for the Xbox 360

By Spencer . July 7, 2008 . 7:52am

bf2.jpgAksys plans on publishing Battle Fantasia, a 2.5D fantasy fighting game on September 16. If you own a PlayStation 3 you can try a demo of the game now by checking out the Japanese PlayStation Store, but you won’t be able to purchase an English version of Battle Fantasia. At this time, Aksys only plans on releasing Battle Fantasia for the Xbox 360. In response to a panel question about a possible PS3 release Gail Salamanca, Director of Marketing at Aksys answered, “We’re looking into it, but right now it’s just 360.” Arc System Works released it for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Japan.


A new feature not found in the arcade version of Battle Fantasia is a story mode with a chunk of text spoken in English or, if you prefer, Japanese. The only other difference between the two versions is the removal of some infinite combos to balance play over Xbox Live. The fix suggests we won’t be able to play against anyone in Japan over Xbox Live. The team at Aksys compared the Gacchi system to Street Fighter III’s parrying system, but the two games feel very different. Battle Fantasia has life gauges that vary from character to character measured in numeric HP, lying down on the ground attacks, and Heat Up mode which instantly grants new abilities at the cost of MP bar. After heating up some characters gain a double jump. Olivia gets a flock of attacking birds. The obligatory cute mascot character, Watson, calls a rain of Twinkle Dust. Cute.


Images courtesy of Arc System Works.

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  • Daizyujin

    Well this stinks. I guess it makes sense though, the 360 has trumped the ps3 in sales here in the states and I am glad it is coming out here but the PS3 controller is just so much better for fighting games. Playing Viruta Fighter 5 on the 360 with the analogue stick was painful but it still worked better than the d-pad. Still for everybody who only has a 360 this is a good deal as the game is pretty fun. Any word on price? Knowing Aksys and the way they have priced their other niche games in the past I would doubt this is going to be a full priced $60 game.

  • Justin Bailey

    This is sad. This likely won’t be a success for the 360 (in the states at least) which means that there’s little hope of a PS3 translation. Does Aksys know who they’re supposed to be selling games to in the first place?

  • C-Jo

    Well that’s bullshit. Looks like I’m importing.

    Great job Aksys.

  • @Daizyujin – No word on price yet, sorry.

  • Daizyujin


    Thanks for the respond. I had figured they probably would wait to release that information. Still it don’t hurt to ask. On that front though I do hope they take a clue from Wartech and see that putting a niche title out at full price is just asking for the game to tank. Not sure though if I care since like C-Jo I may very well just import. On the other hand I suppose it is possible that the sales of this could impact the chances of release for games like BlazBlue.

  • I don’t think the absence of a PS3 version is entirely Aksys fault so importing probably won’t affect the inevitable console port of BlazBlue…

  • Daizyujin


    Would you please explain what you mean by it is not entirely Aksys fault? Wouldn’t it be up to them which versions they would release? Is SCEA maybe saying no?

  • @Daizyujin – I can’t say anymore… you decide!

  • Paul

    Cool! This is great news. Will defiantly pick this baby up. Sucks for PS3 owners :(

  • Daizyujin


    ???? You are not making any sense man. Whatever.

  • Mxpowar

    @ Daizyujin

    It sounds like Spencer is trying to hint that there may be some kind of exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Aksys. That’s the only way I can see it ” not being Aksys’ fault there isn’t going to be a PS3 version”. Why Microsoft would care enough about this game is beyond me, though.

  • Paul


    Why not? Does the 360 not have any hardcore gamers?

  • thaKingRocka

    all i really need to know is whether or not they will region-lock it. i hate you, region-locking.

  • Either Spencer is hinting at an exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Aksys, or it might have something to do with XSeed’s secret announcement. Though that wouldn’t make sense, but we’ve all seen stranger things right?

  • No, no this has nothing to do with Xseed! I can promise that!

  • Then it’s exclusivity.

  • cesca

    Sucks for us PS3 owners….I’m hating that this “console war” is turning into a money hat competition, (un) fortunately for us, Sony isn’t playing MS’s game.

    I’ve played the demo from the PSN, and while charming, it was a bit clunky for my tastes….never the less, if this game came to the PS3, I would’ve bought it just to support Aksys.

    I hope BlazBlue doesn’t suffer the same fate as this one.

  • Anon

    That sucks. I was really looking forward to this game too. Figures it would be on the only next gen system I don’t have.

  • Nyawu

    It’s not Aksys that’s the problem right now fokes. Sony is the one that isn’t approving the game. I talked to Aksys reps at their booth when they were demoing off battle fantasia, ggxx:O and blazblue.

    Goto sony’s blog and tell them you want battle fantasia to come over to the US.

  • Daizyujin

    This actually makes sense. Sony has always seemed to have a thing against 2D games. This is the reason the Xbox received ports of a lot of 2D fighters in the US while PS2 versions never left Japan. The only reason we are getting all these sweet SNK discs is because Sony supposedly has lifted a lot of the rules governing the PS2 in the US.

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