Live at the Microsoft E3 press conference (Last Remnant date, Star Ocean 4)

By Spencer . July 14, 2008 . 10:14am

I'm sitting under the green lights at the Microsoft press conference waiting for it to start. Before attendees take a seat there is a chance to scribble drawings or web addresses that are projected on the screen. So far its been rated G.


In a video of "Xbox 360 street talk" people interviewed on camera thought RPG meant "revolutions per game" and was an acronym for a French Political Party.

10:32 – Don Mattrick on stage talking about last years big sellers and emphasizes delivering to everyone. Says, "Welcome everyone to the fun."


10:35 – Trailer for Fallout 3, it's coming on Xbox Live in a few hours. Fallout 3 demo. Switching through skills with a wrist menu with a Pip-Boy. Shots can be queued on various body parts for gruesome results. The camera can follows bullets and missiles. Even more downloadable content mentioned./p>


10:45 – Public playable demo of Resident Evil 5. Online co-op mode! Resident Evil 5 will have a simultaneous release in North America and Europe on March, 13 2009. Camera phone pictures coming…


I know these aren't the best pictures, but here is a glimpse of Resident Evil 5.

10:50 – Fable 2 out October of this year.


10:55 – Gears of War 2 demo. Out on November 7th worldwide with a five player co-op mode with increasingly difficult Locus fights called "Horde".

11:08 – NBC Universal partnering with the Xbox Live Video Marketplace. Movies from MGM and Constatin Film for HD video.

11:12 – New Xbox 360 dashboard has avatars you can change clothes. Avatars will be able to be in games. Some people in the audience are snickering. "Where else other than the Xbox 360 can you introduce Avatars?"

11:15 – Xbox Live Party for chat and photo sharing. Xbox Live Primetime with interacive game shows like 1 vs. 100. People can win real prizes. Uno Rush, new Uno game with Avatars. Geometry Wars 2 exclusive for the 360 and coming next month. Galaga Legons coming next month.


Portal: Still Alive coming exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade. South Park game in 2009.


Xbox Live Community Games coming this fall. Exclusive Netflix partnership allows members to watch Netflix library at no additional cost. You can watch a movie with others through Live Party.


11:30 – Banjo Kazooie coming to Xbox Live Arcade, a new Scene-It game with avatars, and You're in the Movies from Codemasters / Zoe-Mode. It's about making shorty campy B-movies. A demo has someone acting like a clown in a bungee run.


You're In the Movies looks a lot like Sony's EyeToy games. The difference is the game clips the actions into a short film. A b-rated movie trailer with a lizard is the theme. Movies can be edited and shared via Xbox Live. You're In the Movies comes with a camera when it comes out this holiday.


11:41 – Guitar Hero World Tour has an exclusive Xbox 360 R.E.M. track pack. Metallica's next album will have a simultaneous launch with Guitar Hero DLC.

11:45 – Lips out this holiday season with motion sensitive microphones and Zune connectivity. Duffy signing "Mercy" with the Lips microphone on stage.


11:51- AC DC – "Let there Be Rock", Bob Dylan, and a new Guns and Roses track coming to Rock Band 2.


Star Ocean 4 coming in spring 2009.

The Last Remnant getting a worldwide release on Nov. 20, also coming to Games For Windows.

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  • Darrien

    Not to sound really hatin’ on Microsoft, but for all their talk of “innovation”… their new dash looks an awful lot like a sideways XMB with Miis… and their choice in highlighting games could certainly have been a little better (6 of their 9 “best sellers” are multiplatform, two of the four demos as multiplatform, all but 1 of the music games thus far are multiplatform)… It just seems like they could’ve made some better choices so far (and yes, if the same happens with Nintendo or Sony’s presses, I’ll complain about those too…)

  • fidgetwidget


    The interface is something Microsoft has used elsewhere, was created long before XMB (but not a Microsoft invention)

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