Valkyria Chronicles comes out in November with voiceover options

By Spencer . August 14, 2008 . 3:57pm


Sega sent over a friendly reminder that Valkyria Chronicles has an official release date. We’ll get a chance to pick up in English on November 11. I spoke with Christopher Kaminski, Associate Producer of Valkyria Chronicles, to find out if the downloadble content recently released in Japan would find its way to North America. He replied with, “No comment yet.” Kaminski confirmed the content will not be on the retail disc though when he answered my follow up question with, “No, that content won’t be on the disc.” Valkyria Chronicles won’t have any localization differences either. “We translated it directly. We wanted to stay true to the original. As a matter of fact we keep the original Japanese in there.”


Similar to the Fire Emblem series, your characters can permanently die in Valkyria Chronicles. “The way that works is when a character falls you have three turns to get to them and you have to get to them before an enemy unit does,” Kaminski clarified. “If you do that it calls in a medic and you can save your character and bring them out later in a couple of turns. But if you don’t then are gone forever, in the case of main story characters that will end the game.”


Despite what happened at Sony’s E3 press conference Valkyria Chronicles is a PlayStation 3, not a PSP, exclusive. However, at one time Valkyria Chronicles was being considered as an Xbox 360 game. Kaminski tells us, “We had thought about it. At one point in time we did consider putting it on the Xbox, but the change was made for many reasons as a PS3 exclusive.” What are his thoughts about a Valkyria Chronicles side story on the PSP? “Well, you know the response we got from that accidental announcement was very interesting. I’ll have to leave it as that for now.”


In case you missed it here's the E3 trailer for Valkyria Chronicles.




Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • Simon

    I wonder if the artbook is an ebgames exclusive, the ebgames website for the game says includes with game, is that like inside the game?

  • Aoshi00

    Hooray for dual tracks. Even if they do a PSP version, I think the canvas-like graphics is really best to be appreciated on the big screen.

  • RagolSlayer

    @Simon – “Includes with game” means that the artbook will be given to you when you go pick up the game on November 11th (a good deal of preorder bonuses are given well before the game actually comes out) Checked in with a friend at Best Buy today and they said as far as he knows, they won’t be getting the artbook.

    I’m sort of worried about that November release date. It’s crammed in between LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, and Eternal Sonata (if November date turns out to be true). It’s going to be a bad month for my wallet. >_>.

  • seiya19

    “We translated it directly. We wanted to stay true to the original. As a matter of fact we keep the original Japanese in there.”

    Yes !!, some publishers actually get it…

  • jeffx

    ^ Well they “got it” with Yakuza II first. Let’s see how long they keep it up. Thunder Force VI announcement would definitely be called for at this point.

  • MICH

    More publishers should follow their example with this game.

  • seiya19


    Yes, you´re right. Although Yakuza 2 is in a different situation than this one, due to being released on PS2´s “last days”.

    It would be indeed nice that they localized Thunder Force VI, as well as changing their minds about Nights PS2…

  • Pedro Silva

    I want yakuza 1 in japanese…

  • laharsama

    Played the japanese version and was amazing I can´t wait to try the english version.

    Glad to have this kind of exclusives alongside Disgaea 3 in PS3

  • Daizyujin

    ah selling incomplete games AGAIN. I am seriously considering a boycott against any game that has paid downloadable content. It is just getting rediculous. Really the content is obviously done so that is no longer an excuse.

  • Me

    This game looks good. Another PS3 game to add to my ‘wants’ list.

    So it is a tactics game? From the gameplay in the video, it’s kinda hard to tell.

  • RiceBoi

    Yay, for Japanese voiceovers. I’ll definitely pick this up when I decide to finally buy a PS3.

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