Palpable FFXI necklace grants teleportation (in FFXI)

By Spencer . August 19, 2008 . 1:32pm

ffxitt.jpgSquare Enix sells a wide selection of character goods and jewelry. Sitting alone, the Tidal Talisman looks like a bland synthetic leather necklace with a silver plated Leviathan charm. However, the $42.99 (real life money) item also comes with a code to give players a Tidal Talisman in the game. The virtual item allows players to teleport between towns regardless of job and level. White Mages are usually the class that helps transport a group to Jeuno, Kazham, and other locations that are a pain to walk to. Considering the usefulness of the skill, it appears Square Enix is really selling the teleportation ability and not the necklace.


The Tidal Talisman is the first item in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XI Player’s Collection, a set of real life accessories linked to the Final Fantasy XI world. While it’s interesting to see Square Enix pair in game abilities with physical items I can’t imagine core Final Fantasy XI fans being happy with the idea of buying skills for their character.


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Jeuno? Kazham? You mean there are people outside of the ToAU areas? Because I sure don’t see them.

  • Laexerias

    Hey.. i like that Necklace.

  • Blank

    when ffxi isn’t challenging players to 18 hour boss fights it’s getting them to pay $40 for a single ability

    i wonder when the players will realize that the developers really do hate them

  • I used to play a white mage in FFXI years ago. If the game is anything like how it used to be I’d be pissed if I was still playing. WMs selling teleporting was one of their primary money makers.

  • @RoboSheep It has been a very, very long while since I’ve seen a Teleport-something /shout request or tell in Jeuno at least.

  • Ribbonstock

    The “teleport” that this item provides isn’t all that useful. It has a LONG recast timer (several days), and it’s use is restricted only to towns/cities with boat or airship ports. When you use the item, it teleports you (and your party) to the destination of the boat or airship.

    In short. The talisman only lets you skip a boat/airship trip – and you will have to wait several real life days to use it again. Hardly worth $50, even with the costume jewelry thrown in.

  • smashism

    Wow I wish I could formulate my opinion from skewed kotaku articles too.
    1. It wasnt 18 hours, they spent 10 just getting to the boss and getting it to pop. Then 8 was spent on the boss before giving up.
    2. They did the boss wrong.
    3. What was supposed to be a large group effort done in shifts, was instead done by a single group. They got loot greedy, and wanted to include as little people as possible.
    4. The average end game player wont even see an encounter close to this. This is simply reserved for the best of the best, if you attempt tank and spank you deserve to sit there for 8+ hours.

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