So these are the characters of Infinite Undiscovery

By Spencer . August 27, 2008 . 10:27am

Infinite Undiscovery makes its worldwide debut in North America next Tuesday, something you may not be aware of since Tri-Ace’s game is barely making a blip. Square Enix and Microsoft, the original publisher, don’t seem to be promoting Infinite Undiscovery much these days. A trailer from Famitsu showcases characters such as Kristofor, Serafima, Solenstam, and Vika that aren’t even on the official US website. Some of these characters are probably part of the Liberation Force, Capell’s group that plan to unchain the moon. Locking the moon in place caused all kinds of problems including filling it with beasts. Also in your team is Gustav, a horned bear that is Aya's pet and Capell's mode of transportation. 




Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • jeffx

    If only I had a 360… I would Day One this.

  • squall3031

    yeah same here….too bad, i only have ps3. So i think i’ll be enjoying the last remnant instead….

  • Aoshi00

    I can’t wait to play this game. I wasn’t a huge fan of FF12, but the chars and story here seem intriguing, I like the char design too, very different. I want to pre-order to get the metallic box (or metallic looking like Crisis Core), but need to make sure if it’s region-free first, pls let it be.

  • riaz

    theres quite a big possability it will be region free as its out tuesday in the u.s and friday in europe so my moneys on the region freeness sigh ive got this tales of vesperia and desgaia3 were am i gonna find the time??

  • Sarah

    I bought a 360 for this. It’s sooooo close!!!

  • Pedro Silva

    I would say one this too if it was on a platform I own. Developers have to get theirs together and release on platforms people actually have (and want)

    Yes, square-enix and tri-ace, I’m looking at you. But more grave than this is SO4 not even being confirmed for PS3; an insult.

  • Nika

    that is quite a cast. looks great, which means I’ll need money.

  • Heero420

    Um about releasing on platforms that people actually want…i really don’t know any one who want’s a ps3 u can feed your family for a month or have a gameing system i wonder what most peaple will choose…

    But it looks like squares doing to sony what they once did to nintendo lol the irony

  • Pedro Silva

    Only diference is that square enix previously ran away to platforms that leaded, and were right in doing so, now they’re running for platforms that fail to sell in japan, and are on route to be third worldwide.

    Hence why it’s stupid. I’m not condemning them receiving the rpg’s mind you, but exclusives like Star Ocean 4 are trully “WTF” moments.

  • Jay

    At the current pacing of the PS3 it’ll take years to secure second place, given the rate software is moving on the 360 here in the west where action RPGs tend to do better what S-E is doing shouldn’t be surprising at all.

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