• tealovertoma

    Cannot wait. Probably the title I’m most looking forward to. I guess the “2008″ release date in Japan will probably not happen, though. If Atlus doesn’t pick this title up someone else better.

  • laharsama

    Glad to heard about this title again.2d games can be as epic as any big 3D games.

  • Pedro Silva

    WANT, that and a wii RPG avalanche, about time

  • Kannon

    There is too much coming to Wii right now. I can’t keep track of it all, potential is almost reached and realized.

    2009 is the year that all the consoles will do what they set out to do.

  • seiya19

    “2d games can be as epic as any big 3D games”

    Completely agreed. Personally, there´s several 2D games that I´m looking forward to try as much or more than the 3D ones. And many of them look better to me than most 3D games out there.

    It´s a shame that many people think nowadays that just because a game is 2D, it´s easy to make, and don´t appreciate the value that many of these games have in terms of gameplay, art designs, level designs, etc.

    Not everything can be done on 3D, or at least not in the same way, and making a 2D game is an artistic choice that I think should be respected. Just like a 2D game is not better than a 3D one just because of being 2D, the same applies the other way around.

    My respect for the developers of 2D games has even increased lately due to this situation, and I hope their games succeed sales-wise so that we can get more from them.

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