• http://www.squidoo.com/cjacarticles cbjones

    No even the pizza disc can make this release seem interesting. It would be good to see Rygar get another comeback game.

  • Jeremy

    I`m actually sort of curious about this one. I heard the remake is headed by a different director who is really into translating the controls to Wii with, like, “muscular movement” or something like that. I want to see what he’s talking about. Although yes it will probably be a shake-athon.

  • seiya19

    It looks promising to me… Tecmo seems to have spent a lot of time in it for a remake, and it looks better to me than the PS2 version in terms of design.

    And I don´t mind to have too many “shake” movements if it´s done properly… It´s supposed to be an action game after all, and I´m expecting to use the wii-mote to control that shield…

    I´m surprised that it gets released this year, I was expecting it on 2009.

  • Pedro Silva

    A PS2 port rises from the dead! from it’s own 2002 death!

    what are we thrilled for? oh right, most third party’s in 2008 aren’t even trying (ubicrap comes to mind) so… this will have to do.

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