Fragile: Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo is hauntingly charming

By Spencer . September 9, 2008 . 6:24pm

After looking at more preview videos I’ve come to the conclusion we have not given Fragile: Sayonara Tsuki no Haikyo (Fragile: Farewell, Ruins of the Moon) enough attention. This clip has Seto, the protagonist, scanning a crumbling world with a flashlight in hand. You actually point with the Wii remote to shine light on objects. Clever, but it’s the atmosphere of the trailer that makes Fragile notable. Tri-Crescendo couldn’t give the game the same graphical fidelity as Eternal Sonata, but the style and gentle background music makes up for it with a sense of isolation and loneliness.



Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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  • Pedro Silva

    I heard lots of complaints regarding the battle system, I want the game… but, from what I heard they really got to fix it… should be delayed if necessary.

    It’s looking good though, the engine/graphical approach reminds me persona 3 a little, plus more realistic texture, which is sweet, although seemingly quite low budget just like Persona 3 and atlus games in general are.

    That’s perfectly acceptable for atlus, right… but pretty stupid when it’s Namco Bandai who has a lot more money, and when they clearly wasted lots of money on stuff like eternal sonata on platforms that don’t even sell that well. Same for the lesser Tales Wii actually got. They ought to put more money into these, this game in particular could have benefited, and would ToS2 (yeah, they clearly bumped the budget still, but that just means it was even more ridiculous before)

    enough is enough.

    And from their speech back then with Tales seems like they’re not putting much money into Swords of Legendia either.

  • Nabe

    @Pedro Silva

    Complaints to a game that isn’t out yet? Where did you hear this?

  • RagolSlayer

    I think there’s a demo out or something at some local Japanese events like C3xHOBBY, not too sure about that.

    But from what I’ve seen on 2ch, the general consensus about Fragile seems to be that they think the game’s alright and that the controls were rather rough (though it’s still in development so that’ll probably be fixed). Lots of praise for the music though.

  • RagolSlayer

    To expand on that rough controls thing: I think they were saying things like when you looked around, the game would sometimes just snap the camera back into place for no reason. Supposedly, this is most noticeable during transition scenes (where people generally loosen their grip on the Wiimote so it isn’t directly facing the TV and then when the game suddenly loads up the area, the camera would be all awkward when you bring it back up)

  • Aoshi00

    I was drawn in by the title’s desolate atmosphere before, now even more so after seeing the new trailer. I’m not sure what these gameplay hiccups are about, but the Wii remote hasn’t been the friendliest controller (eg. DQ swords) w/ its button layout. Definitely interested though, keep bringing the news :)

    @Spencer — I just started playing Sigma Harmonics now, the murder solving part is pretty devious and less intuitive than say Phoenix Wright, I got stuck in Chapter 2 and had to resort to Jpn FAQs :(…

  • Pedro Silva

    Nabe heard it on the impressions of the aforementioned event, I remember reading at least three opinions too, all of them said the gameplay, when in battle, was kinda broken. (and that the camara reticule could use some work)

    It’s shaping up nice, but needs tweaking.

  • Kijof

    Amazing atmosphere, lonely music, I’ll play this someday.

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