• billy

    this looks awesome. why are they wasting money on making judgement? any videos?

  • jeffx

    Totally day one-ing the Wii version. I’m a sucker for all things Castlevania. It looks like everything is already in English, save for the insert credit message (6 of them? ouch) Where did you try this?

  • Daizyujin

    Sadly it don’t look like a Wii version would even come close in quality to the look of this. How does it look in person Spencer? Does Konami say what board it is running on?

  • Spencer

    @billy – Sorry, no videos :( Maybe next time.

    @jeffx – It’s not as expensive as you think. This machine is in Hong Kong not Japan so it was actually under $1 to play. There is only a tiny bit of text and what was completed was in English.

    @Daizyujin – It looks on par with an Xbox 360/PS3 game. A Wii version would have to be downscaled, but it’s the only system that can handle it. I didn’t get a chance to ask about the board.

  • Bearmon

    I am sure a wii version will happen. They can pull something like that. Some of you dont know nothing about Wii. Think about miracle, will you ?! Jeez.

  • jarrod

    Actually, weren’t there rumors about a 3D PS360 Castlevania title too? Maybe it’s this?

  • Daizyujin


    God I hope not. I was really hoping for a full 3D action game. Especially since at least from what I have seen, the Wii game doesn’t interest me at all.

  • TreIII

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was another game built on that “Wii Arcade Board” that Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is confirmed to be running on.

    I mean, this is probably the type of game that would probably MOST benefit from being on something that’s basically Wii Hardware in an arcade box.

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