Image Gallery Of Nintendo’s 2009 First Party Wii Games

By Spencer . October 1, 2008 . 11:55pm

Nintendo has more, way more, first party games scheduled to come out in 2009 other than Wii Sports Resort, Punch-Out, and Sin & Punishment 2. These screen captures from a movie reel reveal a truck load of new Wii games Nintendo is working on. Take a first look at them in this gallery!


Punch Out

po1 po2 po3 po4


Trace Memory

trace1 trace2 trace3





Cosmic Walker

cosmicw cosmicw2


Spawn Smasher

smash smash2


Dynamic Shin (Zan? Can’t see the kanji clearly) This might be Nintendo’s Sandlot game.

dyn dynamic2

dynamic dyn4


Tact of Magic

tom1 tom2 tom3 timemagic


Sin and Punishment 2

 sp1 sandp2


Forever Blue 2: Beautiful Ocean



Line Attack Heroes

lh1  lh2 lh3


Other games not pictured include an NHK quiz game and an English training game with Miis. Nintendo isn’t doing all of these titles on their own either. They are partnering with developers like Artoon, Cing, Shift, Grezzq, Taito, Gaia, Treasure, Sandlot, and Arika on these first party published games.


Images courtesy of Nintendo.

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  • EvilAkito

    Wow. I’m kind of at a loss for words. Punch Out and Sin & Punishment took me off guard, plus a few of the other games look interesting. Perhaps Nintendo is on the road to redeeming themselves.

  • Kijof

    Amazing list for Wii, Sin & Punishment 2 is a great surprise.

  • jeffx

    Is that blood? In a Nintendo game?

    also S&P2 looks fantastic. Go Treasure GO!

  • Bippa

    New Trace Memory?
    Here’s to another Hotel Dusk.

  • Sweet! More Trace Memory! Looking forward to Sin & Punishment 2 as well.

  • MoDude

    River city ransom 2?

  • jarrod

    If you’re wondering about developers…

    Punch Out!! = Nintendo
    Kensakusu = Nintendo
    Cosmic Walker = Gaia (of Jewel Summoner infamy)
    Dynamic Slash = sandlot (YAY!)
    Another Code = Cing
    Smash Spin = Artoon
    Beautiful Ocean = Arika
    Sin & Punishment 2 = Treasure
    Tact of Magic = Taito (Lost Magic sequel?)
    Line Heroes = Grezzo (former Square/Seiken Densetsu staff evidently)

    …and it’s also been confirmed the GC Wiimakes will have Wii specific controls added plus 16 x 9 and 480p support (a la Twilight Princess). Pikmin and DK Jungle Beat this year, Pikmin 2, Chibirobo, Mario Tennis and Metroid Prime 1-2 next year.

  • I hope Sin & Punishment 2 is a working title.

  • Mikael

    Another Code sequel is looking nice, was intimidated by the first game due to its length….

    And will definetly look forward to Sin and Punishment 2 since I love those type of games…

  • Chow

    Trace Memory looked pretty good. Looking forward to that.

    Here’s hoping they at least give an option for classic controls for the Punch Out! game. I doubt it.

  • GamerKT

    Woww, it looks like the Wii is making a comeback!! Yeah! I wish I had the money and time for these games X(

  • Jay

    Actually Punch Out!! is by the Mario Striker developers, Next Level Games. Kensakusu is by Shift, whoever they are. I’m glad Nintendo’s making an effort to bring out new IPs or revive old ones with these small developers, but this still begs the question, “what’s Nintendo developing internally right now?”

  • seiya19

    Too many promising games… I can´t keep up with them… but I´ll definitely try. Nintendo sure likes to keep their games a secret nowadays, to then surprise us off guard… Even though I never doubted them, they always manage to surprise me.

    Sin and Punishment 2 looks really great… among the best looking games on Wii so far from what I´ve seen. I haven´t been able to play the first one yet, but this one is making me want to try it´s predecessor even more…

    I didn´t like much the look of Punch Out! at first though, but after seeing the video from Nintendo´s site it looks better in motion. I´m a bit dissapointed to hear that the developer is Next Level Games… I was hoping that Nintendo themselves were making it, but well, the Super Mario Striker games were decent. I loved the NES and SNES games (haven´t tried the Arcade ones yet) so I´ll be expecting it.

    Another Code also looks nice, like the first one which I haven´t played yet either… From what I´ve heard the first one got not-so-faithful translations (specially the US version) so I´ll hope this one gets a more faithful localization.

    Forever Blue 2 looks gorgeous, like it´s predecessor.

    And the new ips sure seem to have interesting concepts… I´m specially interested in Cosmic Walker, but the rest also look great. Can´t wait to see more of them.

    Let´s hope that all get released on the West though, because we´re still waiting for several Nintendo games to get released here. Some DS games like Soma Bringer, ASH, Hercules no Eikou and Densetsu no Stafy come to mind, as well as Captain Rainbow…


    “what’s Nintendo developing internally right now?”

    Yeah, it does make you ask that… According to what they said on E3, they´re probably working on a new Pikmin game, as well as new games in the Mario and Zelda franchises. A Kirby game is likely as well, because of the cancelled GC one. But there´s probably much more than that… we´ll see…

  • jarrod


    Thanks for the correction. I don’t know much about Shift but they developed the Xai series (aka Devil Dice) and Intelligent Cube for SCEI… I’m surprised, I always figured they were Sony 1st party!

  • Jay

    Oh wow, I thought those were first party SCE games as well. Now I’m suddenly interested in Kensakusu too.

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