Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat Wii-Make – No Bongos And Not Much Waggle, Pikmin Pretty Much The Same

By Spencer . October 2, 2008 . 11:56am

dkj Nintendo is going full throttle with Gamecube Wii-makes in Japan starting with Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, the first game in the Wii de Asobu series. When I heard about this I imagined Nintendo slapping on the shaking from Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast, but Nintendo is going for classic controls with Wii version. You move Donkey Kong with the nunchuck, not tapping bongos or waggling, and you jump by pressing the A button. Motion control is used to make Donkey Kong punch and battle a boss with controls similar to Wii Sports’ Boxing game. Visually, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat has the same graphics, but it has been updated with a widescreen mode. Beating the bongos was the best part of Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat and this remake seems to have removed what made the game innovative in the first place. If you’re interested in importing Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat is scheduled to come out in Japan, and right now only Japan, on December 11 for 3,800 yen ($35). The price is a notch cheaper than your regular Wii game and if Nintendo decides on releasing this in North America I expect it to fall in the $30 price range.


Pikmin comes out a few weeks later on December 25 also for 3,800 yen. Nintendo isn’t adding much to Pikmin either. You control Captain Olimar with the analog stick, press A toss Pikmin, and press B to assemble them. Like Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat Pikmin gains a widescreen mode on the Wii. It doesn’t sound like anything significantly has changed compared to the Gamecube version which typically retails for under $20 in the USA. I love Pikmin, but I’ll pass on this too.


Images courtesy of Nintendo.

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  • Me

    … Ok, instead of doing awesome remakes with a bunch of bonus content (Hell, why not Pikmin3?) we get direct ports – Everything is the same, sans WideScreen.

    Nintendo, when will you learn? :/

  • Daizyujin

    They won’t learn until people stop being stupid. Why continue to buy Wii and DS consoles when their more powerful adversaries are cheaper. Hell the DSi’s price is more expensive than the damn PSP. At this point the DS is becoming more and more dated and yet I have no trouble believing that people will buy this new version up in droves. Nintendo fans seem to be like moths to a flame. The thing is though it isn’t Nintendo that makes me mad, its the people that are so blind and stupid they don’t realize they are being ripped off. I just wish that people were smart enough in the US to not buy the Lite this Xmas knowing that the DSi is coming out. Unfortunatly, my faith in people’s common sense is very low.

  • tealovertoma

    DS games >>>> PSP games

    good reason to buy the DS over the PSP (although admittedly this is a matter of taste)

    no pointer control for Pikmin? That means we probably won’t get it for Metroid Prime 1/2 (that have also been confirmed), meaning I won’t be buying any of these Wiimakes. If they do add pointer control it’d be a whole different story.

  • jarrod

    I expect Pikmin to probably have IR pointer controls replacing C-stick formation/aiming controls. Can’t how else they’d do it really, D-pad won’t really work.

    And Retro already programmed pointer controls into Prime 2 as a test… I’d be shocked if we don’t get it in those reissues. Ditto for Wii-Sports style waggle in Mario Tennis.

  • Ark

    I think these Wiimakes are great. There’s a lot of poor souls out there who never owned a Gamecube, and this way Nintendo is giving those people the chance to play some of the best games of that generation directly from the source instead of making them hunt down sticker-covered copies at Gamestop.

    I wouldn’t expect anyone who still has working copies of these games to shell out the cash for the Wii versions, regardless of the tiny enhancements. But there certainly is a market out there for these games, and it’s a smart move by Nintendo to re-release them like this especially considering future sequels like Pikmin 3 are on the horizon.

  • jarrod

    Honestly, I don’t see this as too different from PSone books or similar post-generation reissues, only the releases are actually enchanced. I agree it makes sense given Wii’s huge market and GC’s comparably limited reach… there’s lots of consumers who haven’t touched these games.

    It was also confirmed at NOA’s conference today that the Metroid reissues would use converted Prime 3 controls btw.

  • seiya19

    Hmm… It´s weird that they don´t add support for the GC Bongos, since those can be connected to the Wii, just like a GC controller.

    But well, I agree with Ark and jarrod in that these reissues are not really meant for those who have already played the games, but for the huge amount of people that didn´t. The few new features are just meant to make the games more appealing than just looking for “old” GC games, like an enhanced “Player´s Choice”. Although depending on the game, some people would be willing to “upgrade” their games if it´s cheap enough…

    I think that Capcom should release their RE ports as well in the US, specially now that Nintendo is doing it.


    Not everyone likes what you like, get over yourself. I don´t know how can you call others stupid and talk about common sense when you can´t understand this simple notion.

    Hardware specs aren´t everything… the actual games are obviously more important, in case you haven´t noticed yet. And at the risk of pointing out more obvious things, the Wii and DS allow other forms of gameplay through the Wii-mote and touch screen that can´t be done on PS3/360 or PSP (besides the traditional ones), so those things also matter, not just the graphics capabilities or multimedia features. It´s all a matter of personal preference, so just choose what you like and respect other people´s opinions.

    By the way, the DSi will still be cheaper than the PSP-3000 in Japan (18,900 yen vs 19,800 yen, we don´t know about the US/Europe yet) and you can still get a DSLite if you don´t care about the new features, so I don´t know how you can actually say that the PSP is cheaper.

  • Daizyujin

    It also makes no sense to pay $100,000 for a Ford Taurus when the same thing will get them a low end European sports car. Thing is, it is no different. You are paying more for less. I actually have to admit there are a few games on the Wii’s newly revealed games that actually look decent. It still won’t matter though because most of them will come out here. As for the price situation you are correct in Japan. I was mistaken there. However I seriously doubt Nintendo will sell the DSi here for under $170. Even if they did so what you don’t buy a rusted rake for $10 when you can get one brand new for $12. The point of paying $190 for the DSi when the PSP is $200 is no different. Sure some of the games are good but the fact is that it would have been totally possible for Nintendo to have made a system on par with its competitors and STILL had the new control methods. That is the number one problem I have with NintenFanBoys. They seem to think that the two ideas are mutually exclusive. Saying that they went with a more innovative idea instead of a more powerful system is a load of crap and you know it. There is no reason to not have both. Nintendo is just a greedy company that seems to be able to sell products at rediculous prices and get away with it, all the while the public is completely oblivious. Nintendo = Apple. Overpriced products. The thing is like I have said before several times. I always liked Nintendo. Gamecube was my favorite machine of the last generation but you have to look at stuff with the rose colored glasses off. None of the current systems are all they are cracked up to be. I have problems of some form with all three of them, but the Wii is undoubtably to me a complete ripoff. I stood in line to reserve one in the freezing cold. It paid off because I managed to snag one on launch day but it didn’t last long till I was going back to my 360 and yes even Gamecube games because that was the only way to get anything that was of decent quality. Add to that the fact that I actually know 2 other people and myself who are on a second Wii and it is pretty easy to see they don’t have a clue what the hell they are doing. They know how to sell, marketing is their area now, quality is not, at least not anymore.

  • tealovertoma

    Holy wall of text, batman.

  • Pedro Silva

    should have option for bongos still

  • seiya19


    I don´t want to get into a discussion about which console/company/games is/are better because it´s clearly a subjective matter (which was kinda my point in the first place), so I´ll just reply to some things you mentioned without going into personal preferences.

    First of all… no, consoles are not like cars (or food), so those analogies don´t make any sense. There´s just 3 home consoles out there to choose from, compared to thousands of car models, from different brands and for different uses. Also, cars don´t rely on software like consoles do, or anything remotely similar to compare, the differences in price range are much more, etc…

    You´re assuming that just because a console is more advanced in terms of processing capabilities, memory, etc that means that it´s the best console for everyone (price aside), which is obviously not true. While those hardware specs obviously matter (and controls are also relevant in that area), the software is even more important, and again, which console offers the best software is a subjective matter. There´s other relevant things for some such as multimedia features, but games are still the most decisive element.

    And this is nothing new… The SNES outsold several consoles with higher specs before, just like the PS1 outsold the N64, PS2 outsold GC/Xbox, etc.

    As for the price, there´s several elements that affect it, not just the manufacture cost. Nintendo, unlike Microsoft or Sony, is just a gaming company, so they can´t afford to lose millions by selling their hardware at a loss. On the other hand, Microsoft has just recently began to make profit from their console business after loosing millions since the original Xbox and Sony has lost (and is still loosing) a lot on PS3, I´m not even sure if more than what they made with PS2.

    They can afford to do that because for them, the console market is just a small part of their business. They even use their consoles to push other things, such as Blu-ray and multimedia downloads.

    Demand also affects the price, and that´s why Microsoft and Sony have been forced to reduce the price of their consoles to increase demand, specially when that price was well above the “mainstream” range. The Wii is more popular, so Nintendo doesn´t need to do that yet. Their innovation has proved to be more important in the market than the “natural” upgrades that we´re used to see every generation.

    And yes, higher specs and innovation are obviously not mutually exclusive. But, which one is more important ? And how much capacity do you need ? The Wii is more capable than anything from last gen, just like the DS was at their time, while also having new innovative features. It´s also a subjective matter of course.

    If Nintendo had tried to compete with Sony and Microsoft in hardware specs they would have released a more expensive platform (at least, more than 360 for sure), which would have had maybe even lower specs, and they wouldn´t have the advantage of being the less expensive platform to develop for like they do now. Furthermore, since their controller was unproven and many of those who called themselves “hardcore” gamers wouldn´t have cared for the console anyway because of Nintendo´s image, the console would have probably failed.

    But it´s even more complex than that according to some. There´s people that attribute Wii´s success on the ideas of the “Blue Ocean Strategy” (it´s on Wikipedia if you´re interested), although I´m not sure how much of that was a part of Nintendo´s original strategy.

    But well, if you don´t like the console, you´ll obviously think of it as overpriced… but that´s your personal opinion. As far as the market goes, the price is fair, as proven by their demand. Even more when you see that the Wii is the least expensive console aside the “Arcade” 360 and DS is cheaper than PSP, its direct competitor.

    By the way, I´m guessing that you meant to say “won´t come out” when talking about the announced Wii games, right ? If that´s the case, how do you know that ? Sin and Punishment 2 is already announced for the US, Punch Out! will get released as well and I don´t have much doubt about Cosmic Walker, Endless Ocean 2 and the new Another Code getting released in the West either. We can only speculate right now anyway, but there´s no reason to be pessimist yet.


    Ha, ha, ha…. That made me laugh, even though I shouldn´t because I also write a lot…

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