Knights In The Nightmare – A Taste Of A Shooter/Strategy RPG Smoothie

By Spencer . October 6, 2008 . 12:50pm

kon I briefly checked out Knights in the Nightmare, Sting’s deviant DS game. Like the trailers suggest Knights in the Nightmare is an effective blend of bullet dodging and grid based tactical combat. But, you don’t move troops on an isometric board or anything like that. You control a wisp, a glowing spec, by dragging it with the touch screen.


The wisp can breathe life into otherwise soulless soldiers by touching them. A blue light emits from an awakened soldier showing you the attack direction. Let go of the stylus and the warrior unleashes an attack. Menus on the side allow you to equip your lifeless troops with weapons by drag and drop deliveries.


While the tactical combat is going on glowing orbs scatter in the background. If you touch one the time meter depletes and the wisp loses rounds to finish the battle. Sting doesn’t skimp on the time sucking orbs. In the demo the screen was full of them and it was like navigating through an asteroid field. Unlike other strategy RPGs you can’t have a snack while selecting commands, Knights in the Nightmare is fast and furious.


There are some very cool concepts introduced in Knights in the Nightmare, but the Nintendo Channel demo barely scratches the surface of the system. Sting’s game is intriguing and I think we should start bothering Atlus to pick this up. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Atlus is already working something with Sting out since lately Atlus is publishing nearly everything Sting makes.


Images courtesy of Sting.

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  • Me

    Can’t wait for this game ! It looks pretty wicked, a pretty good challenge. Something I haven’t had on my DS in a bit… KSSU’s True Arena doesn’t count. :P

    How do troops move?

  • Me

    I understand they ‘come to life’ when you tap on them with the Wisp, but do you drag them around or what? (Just clarifying my question).

  • Volcynika

    Yeah, I’d be more surprised if Atlus doesn’t pick this one up. Atlus USA is apparently in the game’s credits too, which of course means they helped out with the game and doesn’t necessarily mean that it will result in a localization, but still! I want it.

  • Spencer

    @Me – In the demo they didn’t. I’m not sure if they do either since the concept seems to be activating the otherwise sessile troops with the wisp. Part of the strategy is using pre-assigned placements.

  • Knights, duelists, and your main character (a valkyre) move in ‘chaos’ mode during battles. Played through 1.5 times, first on easy to figure it out and now on normal (put 18 hours into it). The battles, the inventories, and the story (just scratched its Japanese surface) are superb – Sting’s best definitely.

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