The Full Dissidia: Final Fantasy Cast Revealed

By Spencer . October 9, 2008 . 5:59am

terra Square Enix had a new trailer for Dissidia: Final Fantasy to show in their Closed Mega Theater at Tokyo Game Show. Since we’re looming in on Dissidia’s December release date Square Enix spilled the beans and revealed the complete cast. Exdeath sparred with Bartz who was wielding two swords. His EX Mode attack surrounds  him with floating blades. Terra appeared shortly afterwards throwing magic spells from a distance. In her EX Mode she morphs into a pink Esper. And to nobody’s surprise Cloud shows up in battle with Sephiroth.


Now with one hero and one villain from each Final Fantasy game up to and including Final Fantasy X these are the characters in Dissidia: Final Fantasy:


Team Cosmos

Warrior of Light


Onion Knight


Bartz / Butz

Terra / Tina






Team Chaos


The Emperor

Cloud of Darkness









We’ll be posting some hands on impressions of Dissidia: Final Fantasy shortly…


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Swindleton

    Yay, am I the only one who doesn’t hate Cloud these days…?

  • R-1

    I like Bartz/Butz but I think Galuf would be more suited since he has an actual rivalry with Exdeath. And why does he have floating blades. He should be a job changer like the Onion Knight too.

  • Mr. Mee

    Since they’ve gone that far, I think that it would be cool if they added Ramza and Altima as secret characters. What I don’t understand is why FF XII characters are noticeably absent… That game WAS AWESOME… you like Vaan or Ashe or even Balthier as the hero and Vayne or Gabranth as the villain. (I vote Gabranth)

  • Sharkmenow

    Final Fantasy XII was awesome? Final Fantasy XII was terrible for a mainline FF game. The story was generic, the characters for the most part sucked. The gameplay was about as fun as Final Fantasy XI, which would make sense since that was an online game and XII should’ve been too.

    The whole world of Ivalice is rather boring and generic for that matter. Hopefully XII will not be making an appearrance. Just my opinions and wishes though.

  • Euthanasian

    Ashe was the only remotely compelling part of FFXII, and with all the stuff in between, it made it that much harder to play and enjoy. Best left forgotten, imo.

    Nice to hear about Terra/Tina, and that at least KIND OF confirms in my head that she really was the main hero of VI.

  • Vagiel

    The absence of ffXII, as one of the most complete and well thought entries in the series that broke cliches and introduced so many interesting concepts, is sad anyway back to spiky heroes and emo villains i guess…

  • Kio

    FFXII needs to be represented.. Van or Ashe and Vayne would be great secret characters..

    but what would REALLY be awesome is to see FFXI represented!

    how about a Generic Hume (job changing like onion knight) and Shadowlord or Kam’lanaut (who would fit in this game nicely) for the Chaos Side.

    Its a shame that FFXI is considered the bastard child of the series when its storylines are among the best. The game is a final fantasy game through and through.

  • G

    and what about the legendary Final Fantasy Tactics game? I would like to play with Ramza :)

  • regor

    Nobody from FFT or FFXII?

    Screw this game.

  • Heero420

    Lol spiky heroes and emo villains have been in final fantasy games since 2…

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