Bonus Content Cut From Rhapsody DS

By Spencer . October 13, 2008 . 10:46pm

ka Plenty of people e-mailed us about a glitch in Rhapsody DS which wouldn’t reward players the Angel’s Present to unlock additional content after beating the game. NIS told us they were looking into multiple glitches to determine if some or all of the games were suffering from bugs. Unfortunately, not getting the Angel’s Present isn’t a glitch. Matty sent us a tip (thanks!!) that NIS America responded to RPGFan explaining the content was axed due to “localization issues”. The Angel’s Story episode relates to a future game in the Marl Kingdom story which may be the “localization issue” mentioned in the e-mail from NIS America. Still, it’s extremely disappointing considering the game shipped in Japan with a post-game episode.


Images courtesy of NIS America.

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  • Hopefully the backlash they are receiving from this won’t prevent them from publishing the other two games… but it probably will.

  • R

    Good grief. I can understand that a lot of people are upset, but obviously NISA knows this. Encouraging an angry email barrage demanding a rectification of this “mistake” and/or some kind of consolation prize is not only unconstructive, but resembles the tactics of an immature fanboy.

    (Maybe I shouldn’t be talking, since I throught Rhapsody was terrible back when it came out for PS1.)

  • A

    Your statement about the angry email barrage resembling the tactics of an immature fanboy?

    Unfortunately, that pretty much sums up many of the denizens of RPGFan. The news on that site is amazingly good, but the forums are absolutely chocked full of the type of person you describe above.

  • Pichi

    I just wish they were upfront about it from the beginning.

  • Pinkechidna

    Well, I think the main issue people are having is that the extra content was advertised on the website, and reviewers presumably had played it.

    Also, the reason that NI gives for not including the English vocals in the game was that they would have had to hire new actors/get the old ones back for the new songs that the extra content had. So because they couldn’t do that, they only left the Japanese tracks. Which, now, because the content is missing, gives no justification for the missing content. Could it be “localization issues?” or space issues? Maybe. But it is nice to have what is promised you. What would anyone do when they don’t get something as advertised or promised them? I would hope they wouldn’t get screwed over.

    Now, granted, I think creating a total shitstorm is a VERY bad idea. But we do have a right to voice our complaints, so long as they’re calm and reasonable.

  • Marl_Fanboy

    People being pissed off have a right to be pissed off. The game was being advertising as having the extra content. Many people including myself bought the game only for the extra content. Had I known the bonus stuff was being cut I wouldn’t have bought it as I already have it for the PSX which is a BETTER version of the game.

    Now I’m out $31.79, don’t tell me I shouldn’t be angry. I was lied to, the game was falsely advertised and It’s NISA’s obligation to make things right. So take your angry fanboy comments and go jump in a lake.

  • Anon

    I am really disappointed that NISA decided to do this. It’s never acceptable to remove content from a game.

    I really hope they change their minds and offer a Recall/Exchange for carts with the extra content.

    The bonus content was the main reason I bought the game, along with many others.

    Spencer, do you think you could contact NISA and see what the current situation is? I know you’ve talked to them many times before and it may help.

  • R

    I think anyone who was expecting the content and is irritated that it’s missing is perfectly justified in contacting NISA and voicing their concerns. Please do so. Maybe it’ll balance out all the “OMG THIS IS THE WORST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE, YOU BETTER MAKE IT UP TO US!!!” nerd rage that Mr. Gann and others are encouraging.

    A correction of the misinformation and an apology is all that NISA “owes” anyone regarding the extra content. (The bugs, however…)

    …Anyway, it’s not as if they’re patting themselves on the back for “pulling a fast one”. It’s not as if the English site advertises additional scenarios or events in the “Exclusive Content” section (Note: Both of these features are prominently displayed on the Japanese site.)

    Someone forgot to remove a single parenthesized line from one character’s profile. That’s all.

  • Joanna

    What I don’t understand is why NISA, and not NIS, stated that the Japanese vocals will be kept rather then using English vocals because of the EXTRA songs in the game. But surprise surprise, there are no extra songs, and their justification is out the window. The only reason I can think of is because they were lazy and didn’t want to do the extra work of changing the vocals, which is very disappointing. -____-

  • Daizyujin


    “A correction of the misinformation and an apology is all that NISA “owes” anyone regarding the extra content. (The bugs, however…)”

    Sorry but I disagree. They lied. Plain and simple. Perhaps the lie was purposeful, mostly likely not. It really doesn’t matter. You don’t sell something to somebody under the pretense that it has something included then only after they purchase it come out with a “Oh we are sorry we axed it, we knew we axed it and we forgot to tell you.” and say that they only owe nothing but an apology. What the owe is a refund to anybody who purchased the game. That is what they owe. An apology is what companies that do not know service do when they make a mistake, compensation of some type is what companies who value their customers do. It seems to be that when a person makes a legitment complaint about anything anymore they are just automatically labeled a fanboy. This is not the case. Purposeful or not, the mistake is NISA and NISA alones. They should be the one to rectify it. The customer in this situation has every right to expect far more than an apology.

  • Marl_Fanboy

    All the extra content was on the American website then someone broke the news that It’s not there and they removed the section from the website.

  • R

    @Marl_Fanboy: Shit, really? I hadn’t visited the website before this morning, and since the bit in Cherie’s profile hadn’t been removed, I assumed that it was all that was there. My mistake.

    I rescind half of what I wrote, then. NISA should have definitely included the content that was advertised, or explained that it would not be there LONG before the game shipped. Not cool.

    @Daizyujin: Oh good grief. A full refund? For the excision of maybe an hour’s worth of extra content? Cool the nerd rage. Asking for a partial refund wouldn’t be outright, but you’re saying that the rest of Rhapsody is worth NOTHING to you. That’s pretty sad.

  • Zhemos

    Them extra hour’s of content is why Rhapsody fans bought this game.

    A full refund should be a valid choice for people that bought the game. The game was falsely advertised. Which I do believe is illegal in the United States.

    If you went out to a store and bought a desktop computer that’s advertised as monitor included then got home and found out the monitor wasn’t there wouldn’t you be pissed? Wouldn’t you expect the store you bought it from to compensate you and give you the monitor that it was suppose to come with? Or wouldn’t you want your money back? Personally I would get my money back and do business with another store. I wouldn’t give the company another chance to try and screw me over.

  • Daizyujin


    What a way to twist what I said man. I am talking from the standpoint that like it or not, it was their fault and they should take responsibility for it. Think of it this way man. Had I bought the game it would have only been for the extra content since I have a working copy of the PSX version. At that rate, the game would be almost worthless to me as the main incentive to buy it would be gone. I am just glad I was broke this week. It isn’t “nerd rage” man, simply a point of right and wrong. Even if you don’t agree with the full refund there should be some form of substantial physical apology. Just stating “sorry our bad” and then expecting people to not only not get mad but to also continue to support your products is asking quite a bit in my book. This is by no means a “small mistake”, purposeful or not they still lied and I think it pretty crappy of them to think the consumer should be on the short end of that stick.

  • Aprilsine

    @Discussion regarding the website:

    You can get the full story by reading the Rhapsody thread on the NISA forums. They only removed the stuff on the website a few days after people started getting concerned. Also, the e-mail from Niida that described localization issues was received even after THAT, and only achieved (so I’m told) after much bothering on the part of the guy from RPGfan. Both attempts seem to be “after-the-fact” attempts, so people are well within their rights to get angry.

    Basically the website is another example of rushed content in that they directly translated the Japanese version of the site into English and forgot to edit all mention of the new content out(if they really did intend on leaving the content out all along). Sounds like NISA’s website editors are about as capable as their bug testers.

  • RedYoshi

    Sounds like a bait and switch to me.

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