Hands-On 7th Dragon: A Classic RPG For A New Generation

By Spencer . October 14, 2008 . 3:07pm

sevend17th Dragon starts out with the most unusual opening I saw this year at Tokyo Game Show. Rieko Kodama, the producer introduces the game dressed in a cat suit. Once you hear her talk about the trials of game development you get to create a character. 7th Dragon only has seven classes, but there are four sprites you can choose from for a more aesthetically diverse party.


I stuck it out with a paladin, fighter, rogue, and mage with cat ears. My first feeling when I saw my party march out of a town in a queue brought back memories of classic Dragon Quest. Inside the cave I discovered two types enemies. The first group comes up when the compass on the top right hand side of the screen lights up. These battles presented me with weak monsters easy enough to push through with the fight option alone. 7th Dragon’s combat is turn based which means players select their attacks then watch the results on the screen. While 7th Dragon plays like an NES RPG it doesn’t look like one. Colorful backgrounds, large static monster sprites, and party members popping up to attack makes 7th Dragon easy on the eyes. Point of amusement: When the mage attacks she whacks them with a blue ice cream bar.


sevend2 Dangerous dragons lurk in the cave too and are easily identified by shadows on the map. Touch one of these and you’re in for a fight. The first dragon I took down nearly wiped my party out. I had to make good use of other commands. The paladin acted as a tank sitting with the front shield ability. She could also bash the dragon with the shield bash skill. The fighter is a damage dealer with attacks like power rush, but the cute cat-eared mage championed the fight. She had attacks like fire, freeze and an powerful MP draining spell which finally crippled the dragon. 7th Dragon isn’t going to skimp on the difficulty and fans of turn based RPGs should appreciate the challenge.


Ryoei Mikage, President of Imageepoch, explained the concept when for 7th Dragon came up while they were looking at what Japanese gamers were playing, “There weren’t any DS old school Dragon Quest type games and Niinou-san (the Designer) said well in that case I’ll just make it. It’s targeted towards Japanese audiences so I’m not even sure I’m going to make it to the US. It depends on the top person at Sega USA so I really can’t say if it’s going to make it from there.” Everyone start bothering Sega USA if you want to see 7th Dragon in English.


Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • Dangalf

    “There weren’t any DS old school Dragon Quest type games” Ummm..besides the remakes of old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games that are already on the DS?

    I wish they had come up with some new ideas instead of rehashing a genre that has already been rehashed on this platform

  • This sounds just like etrian odyssey.

  • jeffx

    Well I for one am all for this game to make it here. This really sounds like a job for Atlus USA however.

  • Love the artstyle for this game. From screen shots, it looks like a cross between a traditional RPG (walking around) and Etrian Odyssey. Sounds good to me.

  • lostinblue

    sega will bring it, it’s their game after all.

  • Joanna

    sounds like Etrian Odyssey, and if I’m not mistaken, the same team that did EO are working on this game too.

    @Dangalf: don’t forget EO AND EO2, both are also old-school RPGs. Not that I’m complaining, I love my old-school RPGs.

  • Jae

    I want this game! NOW! It looks so CUTE and COOL! I love old-school RPGs. This game has to come to the USA.


    Spencer is there any picture of kodama in cat suit?

  • I’m on it, chief!
    Bringing 7th Dragon to the States will definitely make up for canceling Eternal Champions 2.

  • Sharky

    “Spencer is there any picture of kodama in cat suit?”


  • Jay

    This is my 2nd most anticipated DS game atm, right after DQIX.

  • Spencer

    Sorry no pictures of Kodama in a cat suit. I wasn’t able to snap any photos of the screens :(

  • LuminousAtelier

    Hahah yeah I like the art for this too,does look like it would be fun for DS too.:D

  • em

    I know people complain about a lack of innovation from JPRG’s but for me, who skipped the SNES era, remakes like FF and DQ and new games like 7TH Dragon are the type games I enjoy and willing to plow money in them.

  • Joanna

    @em: i don’t understand why people complain about remakes, they are awesome. I’ve played FFIV and I loved playing it again. I’ve played and beaten CT twice and I’m still getting the DS version. I love the old stuff, but I also love the new RPGs too. Actually, I’m a very happy gamers because the DS is THE RPG gaming machine right now ^^

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