Make Your Own (Simple) Combos In Toshinden

By Spencer . October 21, 2008 . 2:11pm

tosh Toshinden is coming on the Wii and it barely resembles the PlayStation game that started the series. I haven’t kept up with the Toshinden mythology so I’m not sure if the futuristic anime characters link up to an overarching plot. Someone please help! The fighting system details suggest Toshinden Wii won’t be a hard game to master. Famitsu specifically mentions Tomy’s game will have simple controls. Many moves can be done with a single button which should make Toshinden more accessible. More advanced players will be able to create combos with the Combo Maker system… somehow. Details aren’t clear how attacks can be connected.


Since a release date has been announced in Japan we can’t confirm Toshinden will come to North America, but Tomy recently started publishing games on their own. Chances seem good that Tomy will publish Toshinden in North America too. While we’re waiting for more details have a look at six of the fighters.


























Images courtesy of Famitsu / Tomy.

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  • ECM

    I can’t help you insofar as the mythology goes, but I do recall this being one of the first half-dozen titles I bought waaaay back for my not-yet-released-in-the-USA PlayStation and, man, was it awesome! We had a blast with this game in my college dorm for about 3 days before the gross, obviously broken, fighting system started to rear its ugly, cankerous head. We still played, but most matches came down to Rungo versus Ellis and who could get the first hit in because it was usually impossible to recover after that.

    We also let that one stage–the one with the wooden platform over an ever-filling lake–actually fill (which took a while, if memory serves) to see if it would flood the stage but no such luck :(

    Still, it was one of the few console games in my lifetime that made me sit back and marvel at the graphics on display from the then-fledgling system (such jaw-dropping had primarily been an arcade-based phenom with games like NARC, STUN Runner, Virtua Racing, etc.)–the final level as you fly through a torus was especially staggering.

    It’s funny to look at it now, though, with its broken, puppet maseter-on-acid herky-jerky ‘animation’ but, yeah, it was pretty amazing at the time!

  • Josh

    From what i know, this is a restart of the entire series. Just go to wikipedia to get the story on the original Toshinden series. Dispite it not being a good fighting game, I feel number 2 is the best one in terms of character design and such.

  • YoNintendo!

    Touji seems like an Eiji remake.

    Carmine reminds me of Kayin

    Lilith seems like Ellis

    Sylvia looks like a Sophia replacement?

    Sanae = Cupido?

    Mamoru reminds me of Mondo for some reason

    Dan reminds me of Gaia, Highly Armored and looks like a bug

    Goyathlay I get a Fo Fai or Duke feel off of him.

  • RuzE+

    What about Vermillion? he owned. All Wii need us a Bushido Blade sequel or remake and I’am happy :D

  • I hope it comes to North America, I never played it or seen it before but it looks like a game I might want, So I hope it comes here.

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