Meet The Stars Of The Next Nintendo Wii Dance Dance Revolution Game



    Seriously, Konami? To be fair this version of DDR isn’t targeting the core Dance Dance Revolution market. This game is using a license to expand the series like Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Rave and it’s upcoming predecessor Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves. Dance Dance Revolution: Winx Club popped up on the the USK, Germany’s ESRB, which means this DDR mix is currently only planned for Europe at the moment. However, Konami used the Dance Dance Revolution brand instead of Dancing Stage, the name for DDR in Europe, so Dance Dance Revolution: Winx Club is probably coming to North America too.


    We know you’re holding in your excitement for Dance Dance Revolution: Winx Club, but what other license would you want to see merged with DDR?


    Images courtesy of Konami and 4Kids TV.


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