Zelda Calculators, Animal Crossing Clocks – The Future Of DSiWare?

By Spencer . October 24, 2008 . 10:10pm

accloc Tiny Cartridge pointed out an interview (in Japanese) with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata that I missed. In a discussion with the DSi staff he mentions some ideas he has for DSiWare applications like a Zelda Calculator, an Animal Crossing Clock, and street maps for large cities. Iwata’s idea is to sell these DSiWare toys for a low price possibly around the 200 Nintendo Point mark, the lowest DSiWare price we heard of. The only game discussed with his team is a simple version of Tetris and the DS already has an awesome version of Tetris, it’s called Tetris DS.


Of course, none of these items are confirmed to be in development or will ever come out since the conversation is casual talk. However, it doesn’t sound like DSiWare is going to be a major platform for games yet. Nintendo of Japan hasn’t announced any games specifically for DSiWare and the handheld launches next week. The lack of solid software could be the part of the reason Nintendo is holding back the DSi launch in North America, they don’t want to launch a new handheld with nothing in the store.


Images courtesy of Nintendo.

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  • I’m more excited about the prospect of DSi-ware when it comes to games than anything else. Imagine having downloadable content in the next Guitar Hero!

    And while I’m NOT really looking forward to Square Enix charging you extra money for downloadable items/classes that should already have been in their games, I’m sure many developers will be able to work wonders through patches and expansions.

  • fallen


    guess nintendo really blew their load these last couple years.

    franky, i’m curious about what their next move will be, as nearly all of their major franchises have had at least one new game within the last couple years.

    small-time stuff that people like me eat up like bit generations remakes and captain rainbow aren’t going to cut it for the masses, and wii music isn’t really decimating the charts.


  • I’m actually curious as to whether or not Nintendo would consider a DSi Virtual Console featuring pre-GBA Game Boy games. I’m sure folks out there would dig it.

    I doubt Guitar Hero would work on the DSi, though … there’s no GBA slot for the grip. But downloadables for other titles like Ouendan … hmmmmmm …

  • Oh, I’m sure Vicarious Visions will figure out a way. The prospect of DLC on a handheld Guitar Hero would appeal to many, and I’m sure a studio as dedicated as VV would love to take advantage of that on DSi.

    Other games…I’m excited to see DLC for Band Bros…this time, without all those pesky limitations. And I’m willing to bet anything that DLC will factor heavily into the next Pok√©mon. No more trips to stores to get your legendaries!

  • maxchain

    They’ve been awfully quiet about the new WarioWare they just announced… I wouldn’t be surprised if it is or will get turned into a DSi exclusive.

  • Lucky

    Ugh? A clock? Mkay… Hopefully we get some decent downloadable content along the way as I’m really diggin’ the DSi so far (I hope they release that icey blue / turquoise color for the DSi too). I wonder if it would be possible to patch games? Say adding another dungeon and whatnot into a game?

  • Daizyujin


    I am more curious in that they actually think these types of things are worth paying for. I mean, the DS already has a clock in it.

  • What if this one lets you pick from a range of AC noises for an alarm? :P

  • arollo

    I’m still not entirely certain what makes the DSi different enough from the DS that it counts as a separate system entirely.

    As I understand it, the DS sold (and is selling) rather well. What happens when suddenly Nintendo is releasing DSi games? Will people buy a new system, or will people just keep playing the DS?

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