It Isn’t December, But Away: Shuffle Dungeon Is Here

By Spencer . October 29, 2008 . 11:16am


I’ll leave the obligatory release date shuffling joke out, but something went very awry with the North American launch of Away: Shuffle Dungeon. First Majesco says it’s coming out in October, then it gets pushed to December at the last minute, and today Majesco sends a press release that it “shipped” to stores. Meanwhile the official Away: Shuffle Dungeon still says it’s coming in December. This can’t be good for Majesco or Mistwalker who hasn’t had much success selling the game in Japan.


One possible reason why Majesco sporadically bumped the release date back up was pointed out by some of our savvy commenters. Away: Shuffle Dungeon was leaked on the internet. Caught between a rock and a hard place Majesco had to make a decision. Holding the game until December while an illegal copy is readily available would hurt Away: Shuffle Dungeon more than a botched launch. And this is one botched launch.


Images courtesy of Majesco.

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  • SomeDude


    RPG “visionary” Hironobu Sakaguchi.


  • jeffx

    Well then… what’s your contribution to society?

  • SomeDude

    Nothing major.

    But I think not making Blue Dragon, Another Mind, Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within means that I’m just about even with Sakaguchi.

  • Andy

    I dunno dude, people can’t be on all the time. Since we wouldn’t have much of what we have today in the way of console RPGs without the best of the Final Fantasy series (1-7), I’d say his contribution’s been made. But every troll can have their own opinion.

    I played some of Away in Japanese, and it was pretty fun. It could have used a little bit more variety in the way the dungeons were set up, but maybe I’m still too early in the game.

  • seiya19


    Right… After all, creating the concept for Final Fantasy and working on most of them, as well as his involvement on other acclaimed games such as Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, Parasite Eve, etc is irrelevant because of directing one criticised movie and maybe some game… from around 50 ones… (oh yes, it´s sarcasm)

    Anyway… now more on topic, I don´t actually see much reason to have an improper launch because of the game being already on the net (if that´s the case). Those who are/were going to download the game wouldn´t have bought it in the first place (although maybe some of them would afterwards) so this only affects negatively your potential buyers.

    Maybe they didn´t want to make people wait a month for a game that was already out online, but a proper launch can attract more potential buyers than this mix of release dates.

  • jeffx

    What you guys seem to forget is that the only way for it to be out as a ROM is that it’s in stores in the first place. There was no “leak” per se.

  • seiya19


    Unless someone from within the publisher or in the distribution chain (before going into stores) “leaked” the game. It happens sometimes. Just like Gears of War 2 is already on the net, several weeks before release.

  • jeffx

    You’re right. But in this particular case, the ROM only found its way online after several people posted pictures of them holding the game on sites such as GameFAQs and GoNintendo (can’t post links on siliconera comments, sorry)

  • seiya19

    Oh, I didn´t know that. Then you´re right, it can´t be called a “leak” and it raises the question again of why the release was bumped unexpectedly.

    Maybe just poor coordination between the publisher and distributor ? Or perhaps less competition in November than December ? Beats me…

  • ZefiroTorna

    Unlike another certain publisher, at least Majesco didn’t delay the game indefinitely.

    Still waiting for Puchi Puchi Virus here…

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