Princess Debut’s Continuing Fairytale – Snagging Klaus

By Jenni . November 2, 2008 . 4:14pm

When Sabrina’s tale last left off, she had won the first preliminary dance competition and convinced Luciano to be her partner. Dancing isn’t everything though, there is a whole parallel world for Sabrina to explore. A flower festival has just begun, so she should make time to enjoy herself there as well.


The flower festival lasts for five days, and there is the option to attend before practice one day. Sabrina of course goes (dancing isn’t everything), and gets to spend some time with each of the princes.


Things get a tad monotonous for Sabrina after that. Every day, she must practice dancing with Luciano in the hopes of becoming the best. Luckily, there are events to take place in. Who knows what fate might have befell Sabrina had she gotten bored again? She may have encountered a princess in her mirror that would drag her to a whole other parallel universe.


The next event is a horse race. Sabrina attends, and sees Klaus looking a bit despondent. He’s the favorite to win, but he seems so sad. Sabrina goes to him and asks what’s wrong. He hesistates, and Sabrina correctly guesses that it has something to do with dancing. Klaus is too broken up to talk though, and goes off to race. Sabina decides to try and help him feel better by cheering for him.


Its a heated event, with Vince and Klaus neck and neck in the lead. Suddenly, Vince falls and Klaus wins. Klaus comes over after and thanks Sabrina for cheering. He sadly tells her that Cynthia and him are no longer partners. (Time to pounce Sabrina!) He then offers her the Silver Belt accessory he won for coming in first. Sabrina accepts it and thanks him.


Sabrina continues practicing with Luciano. One day before practice though, she decides to stop at Samba Square. There, she runs into Klaus again. It turns out he had ordered a ring for Cynthia at the Accessory Shop, and he’s there to cancel the order. Sabrina offers her condolences (even though she secretly wishes she had asked her if she wanted the ring), and the two spend the day shopping together.


Then, a few days later, Klaus appears at the practice hall when Sabrina is going to practice with Luciano. He asks if he could possibly dance with Sabrina just once, to help keep up his practicing. Since Cynthia and he broke up, he hasn’t had the same opportunities to dance. Sabrina hesistates, but tells him she can’t. She can’t do that to Luciano. Klaus understands completely, and practice goes on as normal.


Something has started though, and 13 days before the ball, Klaus comes to Sabrina’s room. He comes by to visit and chat, and asks if she has been flying lately. At first she is taken aback, but then she remembers earlier when they finally recovered her tiara from Isabel that she had jokes and said the tiara let her fly. He then starts reminiscing about a girl he met when he was a child. She had drawn a picture of him, which he found funny and kept. In return, he gave the girl a necklace.


Sabrina finds the whole story interesting, and asks Klaus to continue. He reveals that the emerald necklace was really an heirloom and a national treasure, and its disappearance caused a sensation throughout the kingdom. In the midst of the tale, he notices a necklace hanging on the wall of Princess Sabrina’s room. He looks closer, and then discovers it is the necklace he had given to the mystery girl years before.


Klaus is amazed, and can’t believe the little girl that had made such an impression on him was Princess Sabrina. He asks Sabrina if she remembers what she had said to him, all those years ago when she drew him that picture. Sabrina says she told him, “You look like a frog!” The two laugh for a moment, and Klaus says that it must be fate or some sort of miracle for them to meet again like this. He asks Sabrina to be his partner. Sabrina instantly agrees, and the two


The two go to the dance hall, and Klaus tells Sabrina that he knew that they would be partners from the very beginning. He could tell when he first met her that she was the one. There’s one last problem though – Luciano. He asks Sabrina if she’s ready to practice. She tries to break the news to him as best she can, but he still takes it badly. Klaus agrees that it was unfortunate, but he doesn’t regret a thing and knows Sabrina and he will be perfect together.


As for the end, that’s up to you. Will Sabrina and Klaus succeed and win at the ball? And, if they do, will Sabrina accept Klaus’ proposal and remain in the Flower Kingdom with him? Or will Sabrina return to her own world and find love with Kyle?


Princess Debut is a wonderfully fun dancing and life simulation, and it is worth experiencing all the storyline possibilities. Plus, after you’ve beaten the game once, conversation options open up in the prologue to help speed you through, prince Kiefer becomes available and there are new songs to dance to. Also, if you decide to play and pair Sabrina with Klaus, you can also choose a path where Luciano’s heart isn’t broken. Princess Debut has many different options available to players, all depending on what choices you make when talking with the princes.


Images courtesy of Natsume.

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  • Hasu

    I’m so glad you wrote about this game! I’ve been playing it, too, and I find it to be really charming and quite fun. :)

    So far I’ve romanced Vince and Keifer, and I’m working on Liam in my current playthrough. I really like all of the cute scenarios and dates with the princes (though I find it amusing that they don’t seem to get upset if you date them all simultaneously, hehe!), and the dancing part is not so easy that I get bored with dancing but not so hard that I get frustrated.

    I didn’t realize that if you were partnerless at the first competition, then you would be able to choose Luciano (this is good to know)! So far, I’d always had someone offer to be my partner before I hit the first competition.

  • I haven’t gotten Keifer, and Vince I guiltily put off since Liam started coming after me (how can I resist a guy dressed completely in my favorite color). Liam’s sister is soo cute, she’s easily my favorite npc. Must be the glasses.

    Another Tip: Try to save just before the last ball dance so you can get both endings. Even though the game ends, the overall save has nothing to do with the individual saves, so you can score both endings in that one playthrough!

  • I’m so glad you wrote about his — I loved this game.

  • Jenni

    @ Hasu: It is a lot of fun – but kind of like a casual simulation you can pick up anytime.

    Luciano’s tricky though. I’ve written up a guide for him (that will probably be up in the coming days), because you have to do and say the correct things to get his endings.

    @ Melody Kitn: I haven’t gone after Liam yet, hopefully in my next playthrough. Right now I’m going after Carlos, because I just thought it’d be funny. (I don’t really like him, but I want to complete everything, so I have to go for him. :P)

    That is a great tip. I forgot to do that when I was dancing for the last time with Tony, so now I have to replay to get one ending.

    @ Colette: It really is a wonderful game, isn’t it? Its pretty different from other games offered at the moment.

  • Hugin

    I’ve been trying to get the Luciano ending for so long, but I didn’t know Klaus’ was interesting too. I ended up with Vince first (he was annoying), and then Liam and Kiefer xD

    Looking forward to the next chapters ^^

  • nika

    still have to start (don’t have the tiiiime) but it sounds like a lot of fun.

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