Street Fighter IV Brings Hadokens Home In February

By Spencer . November 4, 2008 . 3:32am

sfivfeb Back at Tokyo Game Show we discovered Street Fighter IV was slated for a winter release. We’ll change that to a more informative February 2009 release window now since Capcom updated their Japanese Street Fighter IV page saying the game is scheduled to come out then. Right now this news is only for Japan, but if Street Fighter IV is coming out “this winter” around the world it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we saw Street Fighter IV in North America this February too. You know what else comes out in February? Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. February is the perfect month for Street Fighter IV to come out internationally and Capcom is unlikely to miss an opportunity this grand.


Images courtesy of Capcom.

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  • Rory

    this game looks like shit. (sf4 equals garbage) now if it had 2-d sprites. (think sf3) then it wouldn’t look like shit.

  • ShinRekka

    Game looks great through and through. By that, see the game in real life before talkin’ shit about it.

    And again, Day 1 baby.

  • alice

    Between this and the HD remix of SFII it is a very good time to be a Street Fighter fan.

  • Voyevoda

    Mmmm… SFIV in february, Chun Li movie too and HD remix this month i canĀ“t wait!!!

  • Daizyujin

    I am glad I will finally get to play it but there is just something weird about not playing it first in the arcade.

  • Ryu Kazama

    Rory: To each their own but, I spent a couple days basically watching a whole bunch of people watch/play SFIV and “shit” was a word that no one ended up using to describe the game. Everyone who I spoke to that had initial negativity towards it (before seeing it in front of them) had their minds changed to a much more positive opinion. Now, of course I didn’t speak to every single person (a bit hard, that) but you really, really need to play this yourself to appreciate how cool it really it is.

  • Groovy

    Everybody is repeating always what a certain “site” or “person” told in a review/preview from some game… It’s standard. And about SF4 looking like “shit”, I thought that on the first image, but after watching the gameplay, it got my interests. This is a must buy (like almost any SF has been) on day one =). I’m gonna pwn with Sakura (because there’s no Makoto u.u and I don’t want to play always with Ryu/Ken/Akuma)

    PS: we all know that there’s gonna be a “SF4: second edition” or something like that after some time (like “third strike”)

  • Rory

    @Ryu Kazama & Groovy

    wtf are you talking. i played the game already in the arcades and i think it’s shit. playing it in the arcades didn’t change my mind. it’s just plain ugly to look at and it’s a rehash of sf2 with better ugly graphics. it’s also been dumbed-down. (it’s a baby game now) i’m sorry, but i wanted my sf4 to be in 2-d.

    i guess i’ll be playing kofxii.

  • Aoshi00

    The game looks better and better to me, wonder if they would release arcade stick bundle deal here, plus the anime footage as Limited Edition bonus. Looking forward to HD SF II as well, great time for SF fans.

  • Ryu Kazama

    Ah, so you have played it. Like I said, to each their own. The point was to basically use SFII as a sort of base. Graphically they went with SFII, the more western cartoony look than a typicaly overused anime look most games for (KOFXII even though it looks freaking amazing). It makes it stand out that much more. Follow on from SFII’s style but not end up looking like every other anime-ish looking game. “Moving paintings” is how Ono describes it.

  • RO!

    Okay, here is my opinion; I am a BIG Street Fighter fan and player. I played competitively in Sydney and was coming in the top 3 of every tournament for both Third Strike and Zero 2 Alpha. I’ve been living in Tokyo for the past 18 months and have been playing my fair share of SF IV. At first, let me admit, I thought it looked bad from the initial screens. But really, this game is good, really good.

    After playing Third Strike for so long, I got sick and tired of the overly defensive, ‘poke until I get a break’ gameplay. It got boring and frustrating because it simply rewarded defense, offense got punished (unless you chose bullshit overpowered Chun Li). SF IV brings back the offensive spirit of SF II and the Alpha series, and its a welcome shift. Ono said in one interview, that he wanted it to be more like a boxing match, and it does feel more like a very hectic, real fight.

    The style might not be to your liking, I can understand it, but you can’t fault the animation and impact the game has visually. You feel every punch, every hit, and when you get punished, you SEE the character getting punished. I am really hyped for Fei Long and Gen. I immediately thought they would work really well in this game when I first played it, and was really happy to see they will be added to the console version.

    On another note, KOF never touched Street Fighter imo, Mark of the Wolves maybe, but never KOF.

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