Devil Survivor Turns Shibuya To A Strategy RPG Playground

By Spencer . November 5, 2008 . 1:57am

devilsum Scans of Megami Ibunroku: Devil Survivor are floating around. After seeing them I’m reminded of The World Ends With You. Atlus’ first DS game has teens in modern Tokyo banding together to save the world with in a seven day time limit.


To be fair, Atlus made games set it modern Tokyo way, way before Square Enix and Jupiter did. So, don’t consider this a knock off – especially because Devil Survivor is a strategy RPG. You move hip looking teens on a grid and when you encounter an enemy the action switches into turn based RPG combat.


Japan is on track to get Megami Ibunroku: Devil Summoner on January 15. Wow, that’s soon, but I think I’m going to hold off on importing. Atlus has been wildly successful with the Megaten franchise in North America recently and while we might not get Devil Summoner: Radiou vs. King Abbadon, Devil Survivor is a prime pick for localization in 2009. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor has a nice ring doesn’t it?


Scans of Famitsu from Videogamer X.

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  • Noun


    ‘Looks like Majin Tensei spiced with the attitude and style of Persona 3/4.

  • Mazen

    This could do very Well in the US, The world Ends With You did amazingly well in the US 100k in two months without advertising and in the pirates hell the DS.

  • SMT + SRPG goest beyond the word ‘awesome’. I know it has been done before but the west might actually get it this time.

  • jeffx

    Uh Oh. Not the game a lot of people were expecting. But yeah there’s no reason for it not to come here.

  • Mirko

    If it’s really directed by someone who worked on Langrisser (Shinjirou Takada they say, but I can’t seem to figure out what role he played in Langrisser’s development), then I’ll take 8.

    10 if it turns out to be good.

  • lostinblue

    what a lost oportunity to bring Persona 1 to the masses in a enhanced version with proper translation.

    I probably get it though, but I must say that I’m not exactly thrilled (and I love S-RPG’s, but that’s simply not what I was looking for from SMT on the DS)

  • Yoo-Jin


    You whine and cry way too much. That’s all you do. Every comment you post.

  • lostinblue

    @ Yoo-Jin it’s just a regular point, like I recall seeing in this thread already, no point in coming after me for saying I wish it was a proper entry (even if a spin-off) than a S-RPG, really.

    All I do is saying what I think, big deal, better than only posting to get on other people’s tails for saying what they think.

    But if you read it closely, I didn’t bash it, not at all, just said I couldn’t hype myself for it at this point since it wasn’t what I’d wished it was, although I don’t see why I should explain myself but here for your reading pleasure.

    scans look good enough, perspective is isometric, reminiscent to P1 and P2, and really, I find that it being a S-RPG is a lost oportunity. To a certain extent I think I’d be more hyped for a new franchise like Etrian Odyssey is for dungeon crawlers, than a S-RPG using SMT’s brand. Is this whining? it’s an opinion.

  • Nabe

    I admit i’ve formed a sort of disdain for anything anime and anime-esque, so don’t mind that I hate the shift in the aesthetics of MegaTen and that I long for another game like SMT3.

  • you spelled in wrong.
    it reads “set it modern Tokyo”.

  • Jay

    This is the total opposite of Revelations: Persona, isometric movement and 1st person(?) combat.

  • lostinblue

    @ Nabe I think I know what you’re saying. Basically you’re weary of seeing standard anime-esque artwork in megaten right? as in, washed out of personality and attitude in the process? I an certainly sympatize with that, although I liked Persona 3 artwork and thought it actually had some personality, I understand why a lot of people disliked it in comparison with DDS/SMT3 art.

    Anyway, that just means this game is second or third priority in their chain, Kazuma Kaneko has to be doing something, right?

    @ Jay – yeah, but we got the title right last week, it really is Megami Ibunroku.

  • Shuyin

    Modern Tokyo setting – checked.
    7 days time limit – checked.
    Lonely teenager with headphones – checked.

    Why, this must be TWEWY 2 :P

    disclaimer: i was kidding, just in case some dude with no sense of humor decides to make a comment about my post.

  • Andy


    Maybe Atlus is trying to start a new genre by building a game similar to Squenix’s: teenagers saving the world in 7 days in modern Tokyo. Soon, Konami will come out with one, then Bamco, Capcom, Koei…

  • jarrod

    Looks interesting, though part of me *does* still want EO with a SMT skin. :/

    Maybe that’s what their Wii game will be?

  • lostinblue

    ^ I sure hope they do more than that for the Wii.

    but yeah, perhaps, kaneko hinted at that in like… 2005, back when no one was expecting the Wii to sell so they really ought to change their plans and be more ambitious than that (or do that and MORE) but… I guess lots of oldschool fans would be thrilled.

    Me? just leave it like in SMT3, optional albeit perhaps out-of-the-box kind of optional instead of unlockable (hey they could do SMT4 Wii)

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