Touch Screen DJ Max Technika Comes To Arcades In North America

By Spencer . November 6, 2008 . 6:27pm

djmt PM Studios and Pentavision are linking up again to bring DJ Max Technika to North America. The arcade machine has a touch screen and players tap notes as a blue bar passes over them. While your punching notes your progress is shown on a 32 inch LCD monitor above you, lights flash, and the floor vibrates to the music. DJ Max Technika doesn’t sound like its going the licensing route like Konami’s Ubeat the North American version will have popular Korean artists such as: Garion, Sugar Donut, 015B, Yozoh, Humming Urban Stereo, BJJ, and Clazziquai. I’m sure other popular DJ Max songs will carry over since I see Oblivion and a few other songs from DJ Max Portable: Clazziquai Edition in the screenshot gallery below.


I’m surprised by this announcement since arcades… are sparse in the USA. Sure, Dave & Busters exists along, but are there really enough places to carry DJ Max Technika? I asked Michael Yum, Executive Producer at PM Studios, if they plan to release the game in other venues. He told us, “You should be able to see this at bowling alleys and family fun centers. We are even trying to get them at theaters.” Great, but how will this affect the online features like upload scores with a Platinum Club IC card, track statistics, and update the game via network update?


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Images courtesy of Pentavision.

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  • K

    Did PM Studio say how much it will cost to play?

  • Spencer

    Sorry, they didn’t say. I’m not sure how it’s going to be decided since arcades can set their own credit requirements.

  • maxchain

    Kickass! We never get anything cool aside from when Gameworks tosses us an occasional bone! I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up at a few of ’em, in fact. I’m not expecting any of the online features to be up and running in the US, though. :/

  • scott

    the pre-order amount for importing this game from korea is quoted to be 23k, which is slightly cheaper than a brand new beatmania iidx at 28k.

    if PM is officially sending this game to the US, it’ll probably be a bit cheaper for arcades here to swallow.

  • R

    Ugh. I’d love to play this, but the nearest DDR machine (at least, it was there two years ago—might be gone by now) is a solid thirty minutes away.

    Anything this niche won’t make it within a hundred miles of my location. Sad, sad.

  • Allen

    No rhythm coin-op costs over $20,000. A new DDR machine is less than $14k and is probably about that much after tax and shipping. IIDX is the same price, believe it or not. Although IIDX has to be imported (with the weak dollar and shipped internationally) whereas DDR can be simply purchased.

    I don’t know where Scott got the $23k and $28k figures from, but those are insane numbers. I’d expect this game to be closer to $10k. Posting ridiculously inflated prices is discouraging to the people who might buy them. I want to see more of this (and DDR, and IIDX). So let’s not scare potential supporters by telling them that these games cost more than a Lexus.

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