• lostinblue

    XSEED rocks, no, seriously.

    I wish them luck on this endeavor and see no better guys to put this product on the map, since they clearly show they like what they’re doing, that they picked this product out of their own will, and most of all, that they’re not backing down on it.

    I’m not indifferent to all the demonstrations of love this product is getting across the internet, and I really like it and the publisher, whom I’d like to support, but sadly I can’t bring myself to buy this one, due to the lack of utility it has for me and the fact that I’m quite short on money already and still have tons of games to pick.

    But still, I wish them luck.

  • jeffx

    … and people say lostinblue is a troll.

    thanks for taking the words out of my mouth!!! XSEED RULES!!! Much love.

  • Devil Princess

    lostinblue is a troll. he/she is here every fucking day. get a life, son.

  • JeremyR

    Part of the trouble is that in the US, electronic dance music isn’t particularly popular…whereas it’s pretty mainstream in Europe.

  • fallen

    depending on the thinking behind the post, devil princess is either a master of ironic humor, or trash.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkASMIiU1Yo matty

    That’s true. Modern electronic music is pretty much non-existent on the radio, but there is a huge underground fallowing across the nation.
    That said, I wouldn’t think this would be hard to sell since it’s been talked about for so long about how impressive it is, but I guess the reality is they’re stuck between boulders as to where to take it. It doesn’t seem like a niche title after looking at what has been released on the DS already (Jam Sessions, etc). Even at Siliconera there is focus on music and the artists behind them. Heck, I was even a music major myself.

    A demo of sorts like Spencer mentioned would have been nice push to lead up to release. To open the hatches.

  • Jon

    I’d like to think kids and teens would eat this thing up, with very little persuasion needed once they’d seen and heard it in action. The DS-10 is basically a toy and a fully kitted musical-urge enabler all at once, albeit not at all colourful or animated.

    I say this partly out of despair of the sort of rubbish that would bump it off the shelves of course.

  • Himmler

    For a game like this to survive, it NEEDS to be placed out in the open so people can demo it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They did it for Brain Age, why not Korg?

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