• Aoshi00

    I heard Origins didn’t cover up to very far, setting up for the inevitable next installment. Burst Limit was a major disappointment, so I’m looking forward to Infinite World’s mini-games. Will it sport Jpn track like the PS3 game, or revert back to Eng. only like the other PS2 DBZ games?

  • ColdCrusher

    Tenkaichi is the best.Thank You Spike!
    That other company, yeah, they suck.

    Burst Limit/Budokai F.T.L.

  • lostinblue

    yes, I hope Dragon Ball:Origins spans some sequels and eventually covers all the original Dragon Ball saga on the DS; I love the graphics too, for what they are.

  • Heero420

    I want the next installment of burst limit, i never bought all those fighters for ps2…but i still feel like i got robbed they skipped MAD fights…u dont even get to fight mini cells…how do u skip that !_!

  • Lightning

    OK people, how long are they going to keep on spouting out a DB
    Game? Quite frankly, for one who has been a Fan for over 6 years, I
    am getting sick to my back teeth on the lack of developer’s effort
    in the way they implement less, and less effort to how the way
    these Games should be. Yes, DB Origins for the Nintendo DS looks
    really good, & DB Online for the Xbox 360 seems like they have put
    a lot of effort into it, but it is getting to the point where I am
    seeing a slight improvement for other platform DB Games (most
    especially the dissapointing DBZ: Burst Limit for the PS3 & Xbox
    360, DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for the PS2, & Wii, & DBZ: Infinite
    World for the PS2).
    Am I the only one who feels a lot more effort, & dedication should
    be put into future DB Games in regards to the Storymode,
    Characters, Voices, Attacks, Battlefields, & Music? Do you feel
    irrtated that they are more or less the same upgrade from the
    prequels? Feel free to submit your opinion on the matter. Let them
    know drastic changes have to be added for the next Game to reawaken
    the excitement Fans once felt when they first watched the Series.
    This is a new generation of gaming experience. More should be

  • Kuronoa

    Actually, I was hoping they give a bigger time between games, since Budokai came out in 2002 it was like we had around 15 games. No wonder many are tired of the fighting. Naruto is close to the same way.

    I would like to see other anime-based games get brought over for once as well.

    For the games that just came out, I do want the DS Dragon ball game it looks like fun and we don’t get vanilla Dragonball games, last one I played was Dragon Power on NES. =/
    I’ll give Infinite World a try too because it is cheap.

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