Becoming Luciano’s partner in Princess Debut

By Jenni . November 23, 2008 . 11:55am

Luciano is easily one of the most difficult princes to win over in Princess Debut. He can’t become your final partner by saying the right thing at the right time, you also have to prove your loyalty through your actions.


Luciano is first met at the opening ball, where he’ll bump into you. The best thing to do is either apologize or tell him he was the one who ran into you to boost his affection for you. After that, you’ll run into him at Viennese Waltz Lake, while searching for Isabel. Don’t call attention to the fact that he’s at a lake (and not the ocean), and tell him how great the ocean is.


After that, you’ll be able to compete in a preliminary dance competition. Don’t partner up with Vince, Cesar or Liam, even though all three are there and willing to dance with you. Instead, dance with Tony the instructor. Once the competition (which you should win) is over, Luciano will come over to talk to you and congratulate you. Ask him to be your partner (let him know that you want to be the best) and he’ll agree to dance with you.


Now you’re going to need to make sure his affection for you is at 100%. This means, don’t play the fortune plant ‘game’ if it shows up at a location, because it could drop your affection level. Remember to never criticize his sense of direction, be straightforward and support him.


After practice one day, he’ll take you to Rumba Beach for a walk and talk. He’ll begin talking about dancing and his past. Tell him dancing is fun, and that the practices are difficult because of him. He’ll then start talking about a World Dance Competition. You can tell him no one’s better than him, or that there may be better dancers – either way, he’ll leave sad.


One story-changing event happens at the Founders Festival. You and Luciano dance for everyone, but afterwards a guard comes up to talk to Luciano. He leaves, but returns to your room later that night. His father has summoned him to participate in the World Dance Competition. Your first response doesn’t matter – you can choose to wish him well or beg him to stay. If you beg him to stay, he’ll say its a royal order and he can’t refuse. You then can say for him to go and wish him well. Kip will ask if that’s what you really want. At this point, you must say you want him to stay. Luciano will be sad and leave.


The crucial part comes after this: you can not take another partner and you can not dance with any other characters. Each day, go to the practice hall and dance alone. The only time you can dance with another character is at the next dance competition, which you will be ‘forced’ to enter and dancing with Tony in.


If you’ve done everything right, then on one of the last days before the ball, Luciano will appear to take you to an amusement park. While there, he’ll ask to be your partner again.


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  • Joanna

    although I’m not particularly fond of the way these dating sims work, I’m curious about them. I might cave in and get Princess Debut, but I’m still a little hesitant.

  • Thanks for the tip, Jen. I’m getting him in my next playthrough. I think he looks likes me, just not as handsome, heh-heh-heh!

    Interesting this was brought up. During the gameplay I was partner’s with Vince, but I had a really high % with Luciano, too. Before he was ready to leave for the WDC the option came up to be his dance partner, but I declined. I’m assuming that wouldn’t have mattered since he was leaving no matter what, but it was interesting that option even came up considering it was the middle of the game and I technically didn’t have a choice.

  • Jenni

    @ Joanna: If you’ve ever played a Harvest Moon and enjoyed the chasing the husband/wife aspect, you might end up liking a more interactive dating sim like Princess Debut or Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side DS. Maybe wait and see if someone has a Princess Debut sale on Black Friday?

    @ matty: I had that happen while I was going for Kiefer. I declined as well, since I already had his screenshots and everything. :P I think its an option in case people missed getting him as their partner right away, since you can take another partner while you have a partner and just ditch your current partner for the new one.

  • Nika

    Thanks for the tip, I was deperately trying out all different answer combinations in the hope for him to stay, but I would have never succeeded I guess XD

    As much as this game is childish too easy and MUCH too pink, I can’t help but to like it.

  • maddie

    i think luciano is the best!!!! but i tryed palying the game by using this websites info but i ended up going to the amusmant park with ceasar! and when you say (go to practice hall and dance ALONE do you mean you can’t even dance with tony? please answer my question.

    • Alice

      Yeah, you can’t even dance with Tony– just go to the garden, or the contest hall and look around for an option to dance alone (with a “ghost” image of a guy of your choosing :D)

  • Alice

    Finally! Someone who got the Luciano arc straight– I’ve been looking around and seeing people be like “Oh, you can’t have him as a partner before he leaves!”, or “You can’t be friend with Liam during the time he’s gone!”

    Basically, in short, you can get him if:
    1.) You have him at 100%
    2.) You don’t dance with anyone during the time that he’s gone except for the competition (dance with Tony after rejecting everyone)
    3.) Don’t ever make anyone else your partner (duh…)

    Thanks :DD

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