Chrono Trigger DS’ New Ending + New Boss Spoiled

By Spencer . November 24, 2008 . 8:02am

Remember how Square Enix added a new ending to Chrono Trigger DS? Well, here it is in English a day before the game comes out in North America thanks to a reader tip from Ryan. Do not watch this video if you were planning on picking up Chrono Trigger and want to discover it yourself. Since it’s a video of the ending and a new boss it’s chock full of spoilers.



This is your chance to turn back!














OK, if you got this far you probably watched it. What did you think?


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • fallen



  • lastworthy

    That was really really close to what I wanted from the new ending. Given Chrono Cross I’d guess this is going to be considered the canon ending?

  • So Magus loses his memory? Strange. Does this mean he could be Guile from Chrono Cross after all?

  • Groovy

    I wouldn’t play that game again (of course I know how good it is, played it on the snes and on the psx remake ;) ), that last fight didn’t saw really hard… and I was hoping for a new NDS “CG ending”, still… it was interesting…

  • lostinblue

    I won’t see it, but from the thumbnail that’s schala, awesome, finally a better link with Chrono Cross!

  • heero420

    To short but now the games sorta have a link…lol get it link :) (wait that was the cats name in cross right)

  • Cielito

    Guile is NOT Magus, the thing is that it was intended to be this way but there wasn’t enough physical space to put the memory flashes and all that. But Guile’s name in Japanese is Alf, and Janus cat was named Alfador.

    For your info, in Radical Dreamers, the precursor to CC, there was a character named Gil (or Magil) who was indeed seen to be Magus, who searches for Schala. Guile was presumably meant to be Gil, but as I said, was changed at the last minute. (For another mental twist, Guile’s Japanese name is Alf, and the name of Janus’s cat in Chrono Trigger was Alfador.)

  • cross sux

    Good cuz chrono cross was a big piece of $#!T

  • WarSong

    I’m sure a memory wiped Magus may indeed have become Guile. Of course that would be assuming that the time stream Guile in CC is from IS in fact the same stream Magus existed in.

    I believe Guile is in fact Janus.. a version of him that never did, or doesn’t have a memory of becoming Magus to begin with.
    A true Prince of Zeal.
    Magus’ error is laid out by Schala very simply.. he relies on pure power to defeat his foes, as the mystics taught him. Only Janus’ alternate form, Guile; can defeat the ultimate evil. Simply because he will have something to live for afterward.

  • squall3031

    LOL. i don’t bloody get the ending at all. I want CT true sequel ><… arghh

  • Joanna

    i knew the extra ending would tie into Cross, even through I hoped it would hint at a new Chrono game =(

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