Bushido Blade, SaGa Frontier Join Japan’s PS Archives (Update: More Games!)

By Spencer . November 25, 2008 . 9:33pm

image Tomorrow (or today depending on your time zone) Square Enix is adding two more games they have no intention of remaking on the PlayStation Store. If you have a Japanese account you can pick up SaGa Frontier and Bushido Blade for 600 yen ($6) a piece. Both games are PS3 and PSP compatible, but I wouldn’t count on Bushido Blade’s two player mode to work wirelessly.


SaGa Frontier wasn’t an epic role playing game like Squaresoft’s other PlayStation era games, but it did have some cool characters that cross in each others stories. In one story arc you play Red who has the uncanny power to transform into the superhero Alkaiser only if all his allies are unconscious. T260G, a robot made from junk, can transform into other machines. And then there is Blue, a wizard who is also a selfish jerk. Ask his twin brother Rouge for help with any of the other characters instead.


Update: Three games that have nothing to do with Square or Enix are also new to Japan’s PlayStation archive’s section. Hudson dug out Weltorv Estleia, Media Factory skipped straight to Culdcept Expansion Plus, and Kagero a precursor to Trapt are also online.


To recap here is a quick list. Each game costs 600 yen ($6).

SaGa Frontier
Bushido Blade
Culdcept Expansion Plus
Weltor Estleia


Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Golly gee whiz, I remember Saga Frontier. I never did get to beat it, but I remember the girl who’s attacks changed depending on what dress she wore.

    And Bushido Blade was a fun slaughterfest (with honor). No throwing sand at their eyes, no killing them when their back was turned, and a good jab to the heart was a kill. Fun times…

  • heero420

    I never finished saga…but thinking about it i might just go back and do that one of these day’s, now bushido was fun but the loading times where killer…i usually just played the survival mode

  • SaGa Frontier is one of the WORST RPGs I have ever played. In fact, when people ask me about the worst RPG ever made, SaGa Frontier is what I tell them. How this game managed to get a myriad of sequels is beyond me, and even those are ridiculously bad.

    The story failed to give you any clues on what you had to do. So when you play, you pick your character, and to progress the plot, you need to be on the right planet, in the right shop, at the right time of day. Meanwhile, you dont know what planet, what shop its supposed to be, or whether its morning, day or night.

    Not to mention, in order to get the full story of the game, you need to play the game and beat it with all 9 charactes. I imagine, if you play the game 8 times before, suddenly what you have to do will make sense on your 9nth and final character… but who wants to play such a bad game 9 times through?

  • Kuronoa

    I always wanted to play Bushido Blade. I wonder why Square Enix doesn’t try a new game out.

    “How this game managed to get a myriad of sequels is beyond me, and even those are ridiculously bad.”

    The series was first “Final Fantasy Legends” for gameboy then Japan only “Romancing Saga” before Frontier. So this game didn’t spark the series really.

    According to wikipedia, The Last Remnant is part of this series?

  • ShinRekka

    Damnit……Square Enix really needs to make a new Bushido Blade.

  • @ Kuronoa — The Last Remnant isn’t a part of the SaGa franchise, but it was developed by most of the SaGa team, I believe.

    SaGa Frontier, SaGa Frontier 2, and Unlimited Saga (not SaGa for some reason) are probably the most misunderstood and underrated games I’ve ever played.

    People complain about the lack of direction in them, but hail the open-endedness of games like Oblivion. SaGa games are meant to introduce WRPG themes, mainly minimally-developed characters and nonlinear gameplay elements, and put a JRPG twist on them (turn-based battles, etc).

    Unlimited Saga is not for the feint of heart — it’s easily the most difficult game to understand. As in, ever. But if you give it a shot and use some of the tutorials other gamers wrote up on GameFAQs, it’s pretty deep.

    What’s my point? They’re good games. Not particularly stunning, but 100% undeserving of the hate they’ve received from confused, often gaming-obtuse, critics/reviewers.

  • Mikael

    Well I have been anticipating to try out Saga Frontier for a while and will do so during these holidays. I do agree with Nick Doerr even if I have only played Romancing Saga 3. That the hate is probably not deserving even if the open world is a bit confusing knowing of where to start or to get to do the real quests.

    It could try to make the NPCs and intereaction with the world more alive otherwise (from what I have played).

  • Kuronoa

    @ Nick:
    Okay because I was looking at the bottom links of Final Fantasy Legends and Romancing saga’s wiki page and it says it in the relations. Some of the other pages for the series doesn’t list it.

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