Suikoden: Tierkreis Destined For Stores In March

By Spencer . November 26, 2008 . 8:22am

Konami is expediting Suikoden: Tierkreis’ localization. We already have some screens of the English build which is on track for release in North America this March, around three months after the Nintendo DS game comes out in Japan. Your quest in Suikoden: Tierkreis is to gather the 108 Stars of Destiny (again) to overthrow One King who wants to wreck the universe.


As a twist you can loan your collected warriors to other players via Nintendo Wi-Fi. When you send a unit out it leaves your party to travel to another person’s game. Eventually the character returns bearing treasure and hopefully some new abilities. The community feature sounds novel, but followers of the Suikoden series might be disappointed to hear this is a spin-off that takes place across parallel worlds outside of the main series.


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Images courtesy of Konami.

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  • Side-story or not, it’s still yet another big-name franchise moving onto the DS. I’m not hating on the DS, but I can’t quite allot the term “epic RPG” to a pair of tiny screens. It’s definitely the biggest RPG system out there next to the PS2, but something inside me doesn’t let them share the pedestal with big, console RPGs.

    I love my Suikoden, but having a “real” Suikoden game on a home console would be so much sexier than a sort of ugly, SD, handheld game that cramps my wrists and hurts my eyes.

    In other news, I’m getting old.

  • Pichi

    Definitely getting old, as there’s more to being an epic RPG than having flashy graphics.

  • lostinblue

    I’m sure the next numbered Suikoden will be for a home console, it’s kinda obvious when they didn’t number this one.

  • @ pichi — it’s not so much flashy graphics, but those graphics can do. How many characters can the DS have on-screen at once? What sort of AI can really be programmed? It’s just limited to me. It’s not taking steps forward and it’s not doing these franchises justice — look at what happened to the poor Lunar franchise!

    Heh, and you’d think the older I get, the less concerned I’d be about graphics since I still think Phantasy Star on the Sega Master System is one of the best games of all time, as opposed to beginning my gaming career in the flashy 3D era.

  • *but -what- those graphics can do. Sorry for comment spamming.

  • Advanced processing requirements for AI is not an issue for a turn based RPG. Everything else is about the effort of the developer.
    The DS has more than enough power to push a series forward. Don’t blame the device for Lunar’s failings. If you are worried about the number of on screen sprites (for Suikoden’s large scale battles), just look at Treasure’s Bangai-o Spirits.

  • Simon

    I agree with Nick on RPGs on home consoles, its not really much arguable which one I like best, but it just feels right playing an RPG at home on big screen. I never touched a portable gaming device beyond Pokemon and tetris in the past, and with the vast amount of RPGs popping up in PSP and DS I just had to get both, but DS RPGs can never give me interest to finish the games. While PSP have decent interesting aspects to the game that keeps me going to finish. I dunno. I just don’t like DS RPGs, doesnt mean I won’t play them, I just if i have a choice between console, PSP, or DS, I would choose DS the least

  • lostinblue

    @ krypt – Suikoden enemies are in 3D I think, and not sprites.

    Anyway, power is a very sensitive theme to discuss, I actually think it’s better for a lot of franchises to stay where they are regarding power, oposite to going high end and actually trying to compete in graphics with the “big guns”.

    What’s the point of having Atlus competing in that for instance? they can’t win and they’ll waste a lot more money.

  • This is such a good discussion! I suppose it’s more of an aesthetic feel for me. I find more enjoyment and can spend more time with a game if I don’t have to stare down at a small device.

    It’s not about graphics, as I agree with lostinblue regarding Atlus competing in a graphical standoff (Shin Megami Tensei: N and DDS looked great though!). It’s not about scope or general “epicness”, either, I suppose.

    The DS is a great piece of machinery, and if they could give us a video-out option, my complaints would shatter into little pieces, but as is, aesthetically, I’d rather see entries of my favorite franchises in a different environment. I don’t have time to play handhelds, either. I drive and am not driven, when I’m home I play consoles. At night, I read in bed. *shrug*

  • lostinblue

    @ Nick Doerr – I think understand you, tbh, I like to call myself some kind of “home console gamer” as I didn’t even have a GBA back in the day, or have that much interest for portable gaming (and to a certain extent, I still don’t, but I feel the gaming landscape for portables have changed)… and now I have a NDS and a PSP.

    I can’t say I’d rather play any “new” RPG on them, replaying something is one thing, PSone/SNES on small screens is awesome, a alternate way to play and all that… but having a new game on that medium… is not something I’d ask for, sure.

    Not because of the lack of a TV-out though, but because a portable console is, well, portable for me, and out of home I can’t really hear the music or enjoy the game as much, and to play it at home… I’d rather have it on a regular platform.

    I can’t help but be excited for games that really push the hardware and games that were “made possible” by it (for instance there’s a lot of good rpg’s coming on DS from new franchises and the like that I feel would be too much of a risk to be greenlighted elsewhere, that or because they use the touch screen), but as for games that don’t seem to use those features in any way, I sure at least understand what you’re saying.

    I really see this as a spin-off though, and even then, I’d probably throw some kind of party if some proper installments came to the DS as a way to “do a megaman 9” kind of makeover (and with equivalent ambition to it’s predecessors). Megaman 9 came back to NES graphics because they felt Megaman 2 was the best ever and because better graphics made it slower with more animation frames going on… now, would I mind a new suikoden with Suikoden 2 graphics on a handheld? or a new persona with graphics straight out Persona 2? I think not.

    it’s a complex matter I feel.

  • @ lostinblue — you’ve obviously got a better grasp on your feelings than I have over mine! I’m pretty sure we’re in agreement, as I’m 100% in support of the Chrono Trigger DS game, and would never imagine a game like The World Ends With You anywhere other than the DS. New franchises on the DS are always great — I’m an Etrian Odyssey addict, myself.

    Any way you paint it, I’m still exciting for Suikoden and will probably play it to death.

    Heh, I’m a bit partial to the gorgeous 2D of the MegaMan X games myself, but playing MegaMan 9 was definitely a reminder of what made them all so awesome!

  • jarrod

    Man, Konami’s Q1 for DS is getting pretty stacked with this, Elebits 2, YuGiOh 5D and Little Magician.

    Too bad I’ll be pretty RPG’d out around that time with Star Ocean TLH, DQ5, Blue Dragon+, Valkyrie Profile DS, FFCC EOT, Ys DS and who knows what else…

  • Mikael

    I am looking forward to this despite the complaints, however I am not a Suikoden purist. Just played the first game in the franchise so far, great concept which they have moved away from in this title. However that doesn’t mean this can’t be a good title even if it lacks some of that original punch in it.

    One of my most anticipated ds game releases for sure

  • Agree with Mikael, I’ve been lurking on Suiko boards and have noticed that a lot of people are annoyed that it is in a parrallel world, though really, I think as long as it is well told it will have no effect whatsoever. After the brilliant V I am looking forward to this quite earnestly.

    As has been previously stated the feb/march timeframe is a big time for rpgs.

  • lostinblue – yes, for this game they used 3d models for the battles, but I was referring to the large scale battles from the earlier games.

    Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a screenshot for a major battle scene in this game yet…

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