How To Get Access To Japan’s Resident Evil 5 Demo (Update: New Method)

By Spencer . December 5, 2008 . 1:42am

image The Biohazard… ahem… Resident Evil 5 demo went live on Japan’s Xbox Live Marketplace. I downloaded it and it’s entirely in English. In fact, the title screen shows up with Resident Evil 5 unless you have your console’s language set in Japanese. So, there really isn’t anything stopping people from playing it except for one problem it’s only on Japan’s Xbox Live Marketplace.


However, you can get access to the demo and kill zombies with a friend over Xbox Live now! Here’s how to do it.


xb2 First you need to set up a fresh Japanese Xbox Live account. While the demo is only available to Xbox Live Gold Members new accounts get one month of free gold which means you will be able to download the Resident Evil 5 demo right away.


Setting up a Japanese Xbox Live Account is easy. All you need is a Japanese Hotmail account. You can sign up for one here. When it comes time to fill in your name and location follow this form to register an account in Tokyo. Make sure to write down the e-mail address and password you used!




Turn on your Xbox 360 and make a new profile, pick a name, and select an avatar. When you’re done with that a menu will pop-up with the option to “Join Xbox Live”. Pick this.


When you sign up for Xbox Live use the Hotmail address/password you just registered as the e-mail address. You’ll know if everything is going smoothly if the next screen says “Local: Japan” and there are Japanese characters set for language. You can change the language to English now if you prefer. Follow the instructions as if you were making a regular Xbox Live account until you get to the Telephone field. Put this in: 4332-5300. Once the account is ready you’re all set. Just scroll through the games and find Biohazard 5 to get the demo.


PROTIP: You can quickly jump to Biohazard 5 by picking this hiragana character: は.



Update: It looks like Microsoft may have region locked it now. I got access to it no problem outside of Japan and tested the whole process with a dummy account before writing a post. Since I have the Resident Evil 5 download saved on a second account try getting it from my download history.


Register an Xbox Live account with the following e-mail address and password: [email protected] / residentevil5. Then go to My Xbox -> Manage Account -> Download History and pull it from there.


Update 2: Some desperate and misguided individual changed the password so now nobody, not even me, has access to the account. Sorry, everyone. :( I hope the person who changed the password comes forward and sends an e-mail to me at: [email protected] so other people can get access to the demo now that they have it.


Images courtesy of Microsoft / Capcom.

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  • heero420

    I’ll have to try when i get home from work since i already have a jap account :)

  • Volcynika

    Bah, I wish this was available on the JP PSN already. I heard they’re limiting it to people that purchase the new white PS3s coming out over there this month.

  • ItachiKouga

    I sign a Jap account but I didn’t get to download the demo for some reason

  • Spencer

    @ItachiKouga – Do you have a Gold JPN account? Right now the RE5 demo is only open for Gold XBLA accounts.

  • Greg

    I followed all the directions, but it still tells me that the demo is not available in my region? Weird.

  • Spencer

    @Greg – Did you log in with the Japanese account and play the game with it?

  • Greg

    Yeah, made the account, put all the correct information in, but sure enough when I go to download it, it gives me: “This item isn’t available from your current location”.

    Maybe I’m doing something fatally wrong..

  • Alex

    I did as instructed too. Nothing happened. It’s there on the marketplace, but when I click to download it states it’s not in my region.

    I had no problems with the steps at all.

  • Kurt

    Same here – I’m in Australia, and after setting up a gold japanese account, it told me the demo wasn’t available from my ‘current location’

  • daizyujin

    If it is showing up with a red circle with a slash then it is just locked only to gold but if it says that it is not available in your region then the demo is region locked. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has done this so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • Greg

    Yeah, on mine there’s a lock next to the BIOHAZARD 5.

  • daizyujin

    It likely is region locked. I am finding having a Japanese Xbox Live account is unlike PSN becoming more and more useless. Anything that comes out worth getting is usually region locked and when it isn’t you still have to wait over a week to get it. I think in the past year I have downloaded like 4 things off of it, the exact opposite of my Japanese PSN account. Perhaps we will get it on PSN sometime soon or Capcom will just magically figure out that Americans would like the demo too. :)

  • Morev

    @Alex – same here. :(
    There is no lock next to the BIOHAZARD 5 but when I click to download it states it’s not in my region.

  • Billy

    So has anyone managed to get the demo apart from the author? I probs won’t bother with all the account stuff until someone manages it. I guess I can wait anyway though.

  • neokirby

    c00l thanx im gona try dis out

  • Tristan N.

    I do not see a lock but I still get the not available in your region message.

  • Spencer

    @Everyone currently without the demo – Try using my dummy account to get the demo. :)

  • Aoshi00

    I have a Jpn account alrdy but it says it’s for Gold only. I guess this is the same as the Operation Darkness demo which was also region-locked. I hope they don’t lock all the new Jpn video contents, as I’m willing to spend points on the good stuff there. It’s really frustrating to see the things there teasing you but you can’t d/l.

  • Spencer

    @Aoshi00 – You know what’s weird I was able to get the Operation Darkness and Resident Evil 5 demos with my JPN Xbox Live Gold account without a problem. My theory now is there might be a window of opportunity when a demo first comes out before it’s region locked.

    I hope the download history trick works…

  • Robert Omnis

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Kurt

    recovering the dummy account seems to work – I’m downloading it as I type this, from Australia.

    I’ll post again once it’s done, if it works or not!

    Thanks Spencer.

  • Kurt

    hmm, nope. got disconnected at around 15% and now I can’t log in – either someone else recovered the account, or MS nuked it – either way, it’s not a workable solution :(

  • Tristan N.

    Err… That’d be my fault.

  • Tristan N.

    I guess if anyone recovers, then it breaks. There’s always trying to make an account again I suppose.

  • Robert Omnis

    LOL! At least you got up to 15%. I just reach 4%. Man whatever. I am just happy that there are people who are willing to go to the length just for us to get the glory of RE5 from the east side. The game comes out in 4 months anyway, I guess I will be patient and pass the demo.

  • Tristan N.

    Stops at 99%. Oh well.

  • Russ

    Yea tried using my friends Japan account… he got the demo this morning… also quits at 99%… sucks!

  • Tried both options and no good. I got kicked off right when i clicked the demo. And when i tried to recover the account it said the info was wrong. God Damn xbox.

  • Greg

    Haven’t tried the dummy account yet, but I appreciate the support. Thanks a bunch Spencer.

  • Spencer

    @Everyone trying to get the demo – I think the problem is when other people are logging into the account it’s disconnecting. I wish there was away I could pass the account to people one at a time. :(

  • Aoshi00

    @Spencer – bummer they find the need at all to lock the demo. It’s counter intuitive too because it’s totally English built, so the point is to let as many people to try it out as possible right.

    At least the PSN ver. should be available shortly, and there’s no region locking.

  • Kurt

    second last comment on this page – until MN deletes it – worked for me. The splash videos were jerky, and the loading took a while [assumedly due to loading from cd] but the demo plays fine!

  • heero420

    Um im downloading it fine..but is it region locked like i cant play it

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