• jeffx

    that looks sweet. would buy.

  • http://gamekyo.com/justanotherotaku Johnny

    Awesome, will be buying this tomorrow ^_^

  • jarrod

    Makes me want a conversion of Sega’s Primevil Hunt. Speaking of Sega conversions, where is Virtua Cop 3 Wii already? I thought Ghost Squad sold exceptionally?

  • Daizyujin


    It would be rather interesting to see them implement the ability to play Primevil Hunt with the remote and DS as a touch screen just like in the arcade. Granted the game would need to be downsized as there is no way it could be done 1:1 on the Wii but still, would be interesting. As for Virtua Cop 3, I have pretty much given up on a port of that or HOD4 ever being made.

  • Andrew

    Bring this to America!!!

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