Touch Screen DJ Max In Development For The DS And DSi

By Louise Yang . December 8, 2008 . 10:46am


This weekend Michael Yum, Executive Producer at PM Studios, spoke to Siliconera about DJ Max Technika. The arcade take on DJ Max has a touch screen which makes it ripe for a DS port and when I asked Yum about one he confirmed DJ Max Technika is in development for the Nintendo DS.


But, wait a second aren’t the DS and DSi the same thing? Yum explains, “For the DS, we’re trying to do something with the DSi, but it’s a big secret. I can’t tell you what we’re doing with it, but the DS and DSi version will be different.  It’ll play on both, but the DSi will have more features.” What is the “big secret(s)”? It might have something to do with camera and storage features which PM Studios plans to use for the DSi version of DJ Max Technika.


Keep your eyes peeled for the full DJ Max Technika interview coming later this week!


Images courtesy of PM Studios.

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  • Reflect

    Sounds interesting but I’m a bit afraid with some of the hiccups the DS could do, not sure with the DSi though.

    Lower sound quality, touch screen isn’t all accurate and with a small screen I can’t see level 8 songs or higher on it. Unless they want me to tap my screen to death! D:

  • Ryu Kazama

    Kind of feel the same way as the above poster. The really low sound quality is a real turn off. I’ll still check it out though. For now I just want to get me hands on the Black Square Quattra Limited Edition!

  • @Reflect and @Ryu:
    Do you mean the sound quality through the speakers or the DS itself? I haven’t found any complaints with sound quality through the DSLite’s headphone jack. The speakers might be a bit weak, but I’m pretty happy when I plug my headphones in.

  • Ana

    Well, I could deal with Ouendan and EBA’s sound quality just fine, so I’m sure I could deal with it in this game too. Like the above poster said, DS sound quality ain’t so bad when you’re using headphones. Will be great to have another music tappin’ game to play on the DS.

  • Ryu Kazama

    Through both. I did use headphones for Ouendan and was alright with it. But I’m too used to DJ Max being in high quality stuff, that’s all. Probably won’t take too long to get used to it but it won’t be as pleasent sounding, of course.

  • JeremyR

    It’s probably downloadable songs. Apparently one of the PSP versions will have those (free for people who register their copies, as a way to fight the rampant piracy of their games, since DRM didn’t work)

  • Zach M

    Sounds good, but the main reason I don’t think DS versions will be too great is the size of the DS carts.
    The PSP versions have 50+ songs with videos, 200 pictures in the art gallery etc.
    Surely the DS versions could never have this much content?

  • @louise
    did you get any cool swag?

  • enshroud

    It seems that people have forgotten the the DS is NOT multi-touch supportive. Big no.

  • Louise

    P-M Studios said in an interview that they’re working around the lack of multi-touch issue. I’m interested in see what they come up with.

    Yes, I got a soundtrack collection.

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