My First Mission In Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online

By Louise Yang . December 9, 2008 . 11:45am


Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online is exactly what one would think of when thinking about an MMO in the Shin Megami Tensei universe. The world is post-apocalyptic, desolate, and overrun with demons.


After a brief tutorial of the battle basics, I was thrust into the barren land.  There were a couple of other players running around with companion demon, some NPCs who were giving out quests, and of course, the demon compendium.


My first mission was to befriend a Leader Pixie and convince it to let me use one of its scales from its wings for a quest. Like the single player SMT games, players can not only fight demons, but can also soften them up and befriend them to use as allies.


The battle system is actually different from previous SMT games — it’s real time.  Players click the demon to target it, click a skill or attack, and then click the demon again or the skill again to confirm.  Magic and special skills have a charge time to prevent people from spamming more powerful attacks. It may sound basic at first, but I like the strategy involved with stringing together attacks, guards, counters, and special attacks.


I haven’t gotten to any hard enemies that I needed to pair up with other players with to attack yet, but I’m looking forward to it.  The party and clan system seems to be pretty straight-forward based on the number of groups I see running around the game.


Images courtesy of Aeria Games.

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  • Chow

    It took me forever to figure out how to befriend that Leader Pixie. Sure, they probably tell you beforehand, but I must’ve missed it somehow. XD

  • Douglas

    It took me forever to even befriend that Leader Pixie! I thought I was doing something wrong, until I finally befriended it.

  • Jay

    I sooo want to play this

  • @Chow and @Douglas: Me too! I kept accidentally attacking her too much and killing her. I finally got her with a combination of attacks and Threaten.

  • wait… you’re supposed to hit them THEN talk to them? ive always just talked to them and they would join me, or give me stuff

  • @Buster I tried talking to them at first, but they never wanted to join me. So I did what any other Red Blooded American would do: beat it silly, and then ask if it wanted to join me.

  • Chow

    It seemed to me after you talk to them three times in a row, they’d either:

    – give an item
    – run away
    – join you

    But I could be wrong.

  • Mr. Niwa

    Its pretty easy to befriend a monster, go to him/her and talk with her… Well you can skill up your Talk Abilitys and bribe them with 1000 Mucca but it never worked for me.. i paid 6000 Mucca trying to get a Joke Frost…

    Well Imagine is the best MMORPG ive played since RO.. :D

  • I wish my computer was better equipped to play this game. My graphics card driver thing dies every now and then. I got a question, if anybody knows. Does your alignment change depending on which monsters you kill and befriend?

  • sarahvait

    I’m on Act 4 now. I’m really enjoying myself, but I’m focusing mostly on demon training and fusion.

  • Rau

    @Ironix No, it changes based on the choices you make in the quests. Like what you decide to do with the Leader Pixie in the end.

  • Chow

    Do you mean like releasing it, or fusing it? What else could you do with it?

  • Rau

    Act 1’s goal is to capture a leader pixie to heal some injured guy, at the end you’re given a choice to had it over so they can ‘heal more people’ or just give the needed part (a scale from her wing) and keep her yourself. One choice give chaos alignment points the other law.

  • @Chow, when I was doing that mission, Snake asked if I wanted to give over the pixie or just the scales, and I chose scales. That way, you keep the pixie (I suppose they kill it if you give it to them?) but you still fulfill your mission. The pixie seemed happy and gave me a gift after that.

  • Catears

    Chow is right: Generally speaking, after three talk attempts the leader pixies will do something. This can be attacking you, giving you an item, disappearing, giving you their egg (this is the one you want!) or agreeing not to attack you anymore (which is kind of pointless if you weren’t already attacking them). And you needn’t attack an enemy in order to get one of these results.

    As for the talk-three-times rule, I don’t think it’s hardcoded in. I think everyone just does the quest at the same level and with similar skills. For example, on tougher enemies, I’ve noticed that I have to talk to them a lot more in order to get a reaction. Furthermore, my friend who has trained the “talk” skill doesn’t have to talk to them as many times as I do, and gets a positive reaction much more frequently.

    If you give the pixie to Snakeman so he can rip its whole wing off, you still get the item it was holding anyway. No worries.

    Also, the alignment shifts you can have in the first chapter are insignificant. You don’t start getting significant alignment changes until well after you get your DB license.

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