Siliconera And Atlus Present The Luminous Arc 2 Warm Up Battle

By Spencer . December 11, 2008 . 10:02pm

Ready to prove you are the best Luminous Arc 2 tactician? Atlus reserved two spots for Siliconera representatives in their 48 bracket tournament and we want to find the best two candidates. All entrants in Atlus’ Luminous Arc 2 tournament get a spiffy Luminous Arc 2 card holder (pictured) and tournament winners can get some awesome prizes like a signed Luminous Art art book, jumbo sized Luminous Arc 2 box art poster or an Atlus game of their choosing.


To make sure we’re going to have killer tacticians we’re holding a mini-tournament right here at Siliconera. Two winners get guaranteed spots in Atlus’ Battle Royale starting in January!


Since we’re working with Atlus on this we’re following their official tournament rules with some modifications.


1.) You need to have a copy of Luminous Arc 2 and be able to play on over Wi-Fi. Send us a picture with your user name and Wi-Fi code to put your name in the lineup.

2.) In battle you must use six characters and NONE of them can be above level 45. Please send a picture or a rough battle plan in your entry e-mail.

3.) Players must complete their match with in three days. We’ll send friend codes to everyone. Please communicate with each other in the comments section.

4.) Both players need report back to Siliconera on how the match went.

5.) In the event of a dispute: players need to replay the match within the time limit. If it’s not possible both players will be “flagged” and a random event will determine who will move to the next round. If a second dispute happens the flagged player will be disqualified.

6.) In the event of a no show: If two players set up within the three day limit and one player does not respond the responding player advances. If both players don’t respond both players will be disqualified.

7.) The final round: We’re running this differently so please read this carefully.


Twelve players will be assigned to each division at the beginning. In the final round three combatants will remain: Player A, Player B, and Player C. All remaining players will need to fight each other and let us know the results of the matches. Whoever wins two out of the three matches is the division winner! In the event of a three way tie all round will need to be played again. Since the final round is longer we’re going to extend the time period to eight days.


There will be two divisions in the this tournament and each winner gets a guaranteed spot in Atlus’ Luminous Arc 2 tournament! Here’s what the bracket looks like.



And here’s the schedule:

Applications: December 12 – 15

Round 1: December 17 – 19

Round 2: December 20 – 22

Final Round: December 23 – 31.


Ready to enter? Send an e-mail to [email protected] with a photo of your Luminous Arc 2 game card, friend code, user name, and list of characters with levels you’re going to be using by Monday  December 15. Participants will be randomly selected and the brackets will be filled in the following day. Good luck!


Images courtesy of Atlus.

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  • lostinblue

    well… I have luminous arc 2, but the wifi feature is not unlocked just yet; it appears greyed out. :( (not that I’d win anything, as I’m nothing to write home about when it comes to SPRG’s)

  • Asura

    Sweet! I am still at level 25… but I have 3 days to do some non-stop playing. So hopefully I will send in the email on Monday. Do you have to be in the picture with the game card as well?

    Also, the official tourney is online, correct?

    Damn, I love this site.

  • mugwumpofdoom

    ITS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asura

    One more question. The user name is our DS user name, correct? The one you want in the email? Oh man, I can’t wait.

  • Spencer

    @Asura – The official tourney is online too. Send out whatever name you want to be used for the bracket. Good luck :)

  • TheMute

    As posted in Atlus’ official thread regarding their tournament ( on pages 3 and 4, I have expressed my concerns of certain unbalanced aspects of the game that can be easily exploited and should be banned. This only includes the items Mana Material and Drive-Max (all damage and FD items for that matter). Another minor concern is that the WiFi server randomly picks one of three WiFi maps, whether you search to fight random players or use friend codes. One map is balanced (Caslte Map); one is severely broken because P2’s characters start at a significantly lower terrain level/height (at a lower height, long ranged attacks do not reach their maximum reach whereas attacks from the higher terrain do), leading to P1’s enormous FTA (first turn advantage) (Stump Map); and the last map has many choke points that can lead to a boring stalemate (Harbor Map). In short, I am only requesting there should be a ban on damage items, FD items, and 1 (if possible 2) of the WiFi maps (which can be resolved by repeatedly searching until the randomizer chooses the most balanced map). For my full explanations, please visit and read through the thread or read below. And if the person/higher-up who is reading this has not played LA2 and has no idea what I’m talking about, I’d appreciate if this email was directed to whom it may concern. Thanks.

    My Posts on pages 3 and 4(

    I think damage damage items should be banned, such as squib, bomb, flare bomb, grenade, dynamite, AND ESPECIALLY MANA MATERIAL. They are extremely broken and involve no strategy on the player whatsoever. If you don’t ban these, at least ban Mana Material, dealing 1000 dmg + 5 square AOE.

    I think DrivePill, DriveSoda, AND ESPECIALLY DRIVE-MAX should be banned as well. A LVL 3 FD can demolish any unit or severely cripple them, without any effort or strategy on the player’s part.

    All healing HP, MP, and status’ and causing various status’ items are fine. But the damage items and restoring DP levels are severely broken.

    Some of the WiFi maps are slightly broken as well. I have only played on two of them(out of a number I don’t know) which were the castle one with a river in the middle (symmetrical) and another mountainous map where P1 had the higher ground. Because P2 had the lower ground, if 2 Fatimas were within each other’s Freeze Dusts, only P1’s spell would reach because of the height difference and P2’s spell would not be able to hit. Maps are decided upon randomly even with friend codes, and competitors should restart until the randomizer chooses a non-broken map.

    Some of the WiFi maps are slightly broken as well. I have only played on two of them(out of a number I don’t know) which were the castle one with a river in the middle (symmetrical) and another mountainous map where P1 had the higher ground. Because P2 had the lower ground, if 2 Fatimas were within each other’s Freeze Dusts, only P1’s spell would reach because of the height difference and P2’s spell would not be able to hit. Maps are decided upon randomly even with friend codes, and competitors should restart until the randomizer chooses a non-broken map.

    No limits/bans on equipment/lapis.

    As far as the honesty thing goes, a simple picture of the victory screen can confirm the outcome of a match. ‘Victory’ only stays on screen for a few seconds and then it switches to what you won, and a picture of the items you won can also determine if you won. Winners tend to get high quality equipment/lapis, while the loser receives lowly lapis, equipment, and items.

    Yes the game changes with these items (NOT lapis, all lapis/equips are fine), but for the worst. Case: pick the 6 characters with the highest AO + AO lapis + equipped with 2 Mana Material EACH. You can end the match before your opponent even gets to make a turn.

    At level 45, most characters don’t even clear 1000 HP (and if they do, barely) without HP lapis, making mana material insta-OHKO. And what of the poor souls who don’t have HP lapis?

    I’m not complaining; I can get all the Mana Material and Drive Maxes I want lol, but it sucks for everyone else. Trying to be non-partisan.

    Yes, turn based strats like these should involve some strategy in equipping what equips/lapis and what not, but most of the strategy should come from gameplay. No strategy if a player doesn’t even get a chance to move. And I didn’t even touch on FTA yet lol. With one 1st turn you can already be winning with 6 chars to 5, and even worse depending on who you mana material’d and AO.

    Played on another wifi map that was like a harbor with water everywhere. Quite choky. Teams split up in opposite corners. Map count: 3 so far? 1 castle map with slight fta, 1 mountainous map with terrain/height flaw, 1 choky harbor-ey one. All relatively symetrical.

    You underestimate the power of Level 3 FDs. An Ayano with 349 ATK can deal 1498 dmg to Hero X from the front (2nd last guild quest) who has 245 DEF . Most chars at lvl 45 will have DEF < 245 and HP Mana Material, and/or awfully close to each other. Unless of course, you want us to invest in DEF lapis as well as your HP lapis. I chose Ayano because she can hit any witch (usually from any angle and if they bunch up to protect from hitting from behind the 3 range is nice), and if you don’t know why… shame on you.

    Of course this all situational as it is conceivable that Roland or any other melee char can take down Ayano before she reaches her target, but Ayano can out run and go around anyone. And if there’s a very chokey point leading to a giant stalemate (like one of my WiFi matches on the castle map), spam the item and everyone has their LVL 3 FDs.

    CanuckGamer: On the subjects of maps, I think the castle is the only real fair map.
    It is the most open and does not force either side to make bad moves.
    The harbor has too many choke points, if you don’t have someone like Sadie and Evil Undead Cat Pillow you can hold a line forever. And the forest is just borked.

    All in all, FD MAX and Mana Material = broken and should be banned from a hopefully balanced and fair tourny.
    (+ stump forrest map and if we’re really picky, harbor map as well)

    Sorry, kind of a long read, but it really grinds my gears seeing a tournament go underway with the possibility of being exploited, broken, and simply unfair.


  • Asura

    Wow, very good post. Hopefully if there are no restraints players can agree on these terms (heck, maybe even to a degree where they both agree to not use items [personal annoyance]).

    Also, we have to send you an email with our character levels, and the deadline is tomorrow. However, I plan to get my characters closer to 45 before the matches start (if I’m lucky enough to win). Is this OK?


    Discovered another WiFi map! It’s like a soccer field. It’s small, flat with no differentiation in terrain elevation, and is severely broken due to FTA(first turn advantage).

    Current count of WiFi maps, a Castle one, Stump one, Harbor one, and Soccer one. Only Castle one seems playable. Harbor one maybe, but I would need to see it again.


    Finally saw last map. It’s like a circle donut plaza in the sky with a hole in the center, all around with differentiated yet similar and awfully close elevations.

    And WOW, just realized each map has a name.
    Castle one: Colosseum of Courage
    Stump one: Colosseum of Wisdom
    Harbor one: Colosseum of Technic
    Field one: Colosseum of Luck
    Sky one: Colosseum of Power

    Seems like Colosseums of Wisdom and Luck are most broken, and only Colosseums of Courage and Power are balanced. Colosseum of Technic is debatable, for there’s fta in the center, but everyone else is in their separate corners so no severe fta; plus a stalemate from the chokey-ness can take a bloodly long time to complete the match.

    All of them are certainly playable for casual matches, but for a tourny, but Colosseum of Courage is the most ideal map. If we’re too lazy (WHICH WE SHOULDN’T BE) to restart the match, Colosseums of Technic and Power are plausible but still have their faults. Colosseums of Wisdom and Luck are out of the question.

    To be fair to all and have consistent results, I’d recommend having all matches being played only on Colosseums of Courage and Power.

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