Gaze At Slightly Extended Final Fantasy XIII And Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailers

By Spencer . December 12, 2008 . 1:12pm

Square Enix bundled a DVD with the Re: Riplai book and it was chock full of trailers from the private DKΣ3713. Somewhat new Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII videos were part of the package. If you watched every Final Fantasy XIII video leaked on the net you’ll probably find most of the Final Fantasy Versus XIII footage is old, but the Final Fantasy XIII clip picks up where the last released video left off.


Unfortunately, what Square Enix didn’t put on the DVD, so kind fans can immediately upload on the Internet, were the movies from Tokyo Game Show. There was a chunk of real time footage from Final Fantasy Versus XIII where Noctis and Stella were chatting. We’ll have to wait for the next book / DVD bundle or Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete for that.




Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • Heero420

    Well i was happy i diden’t need to get a ps3 for ff13, but now versus looks alot better….damn u square.. ^_^

  • lostinblue

    correction: “damn you Nomura, you’ll even make a spin-off better than a main installment if the main game is not a Playstation exclusive but the spin-off is”

  • Chris

    That character looks like one of those people who isn’t depressed but wants everyone to think he is.

    Or in other words, a Nomura protagonist.

  • Simon

    i almost thought i saw the back of sephiroth for the XIII trailer lol. the versus XIII trailer was awesome.. they should both come out the same day.. see which consumer would buy first

  • masturbation with ice cream

    it’s looking good. (to me anyway) i think square-enix is going to surprise everyone with both of these games. there seems to be alot doubt about square’s ability to create something great nowadays.

    i hope they throw it in everyone’s face. (that’s if they succeed)

  • Aoshi00

    Dang, the Versus trailer looks amazing, gives off a Turks/FF8 vibe being so modern, that limo rocks too. The brooding Noctis even seems more like the traditional FF lead. I still haven’t grown to like Lightning from these footages, and the storm troopers look a little cheesy.. The exclusive Versus would definitely move PS3s though.. so are these both coming out in 2009?

  • Strike Man

    Is it just me, or did CG (or at least mostly CG) trailers stop being exciting back in the Playstation era?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m eagerly anticipating Square’s future FF projects, including these, but I have to wonder about some who view these trailers and come to conclusions like “OMG THIS GAEM IS GUNNA PWN AMAZING GRAPHICS THIS IS LIVING!!!” and such.

    Show me a trailer utilizing the in-game graphics engine and showcases the game’s story and characters, and then I’ll be excited like that. Until then, all this does is confirm that Square still employs talented CG artists, something we’ve all known for over a decade.

  • Aoshi00

    @Strike Man – Agreed. Problem is in-game graphics really have started to catch up w/ FMV’s quality. I remember seeing a 30-sec CG cutscene back in FF 8,9, or 10 was exhilarating, always couldn’t wait for the next one.

    Nowadays I get excited from watching the actual game in play w/ jaw-dropping graphics and smooth frame rates, like MGS4, Gears, or even the cel-shaded Naruto Ninja Storm 3, those really get me pumped. Of course we’re used to grade-A CG like Advent Children or Polar Express, anything less than that would automatically fail to impress since the bar has been raised so high.

    Versus XIII has style though, and I’m glad XIII is on both PS3 & 360 so more people have the chance to enjoy it.

  • Spencer

    @Strike Man – I hear you. Right now these are like concept trailers that give us an idea about the world, setting, and characters. There was real time footage of FF Versus XIII at TGS, but it wasn’t any exciting and not worth waiting in line for at the show :(

  • masturbation with ice cream

    @Strike Man

    oh please. square-enix equals flash and style. cg cutscenes equals flash and style. (well maybe not all the time) tetsuya nomura equals flash and style. lol. a game videogame developer can tell a story in any style that they choose. (via in-game graphics or cg cutscenes) hello metal gear solid 4! i love you!

    also, the videogame industry wants to be hollywood now. get what i’m saying?

  • Zhemos

    I just can’t get hyped for Final Fantasy 13. I dunno if It’s my disappointment with FF12 or the fact that It’s been in the making for so long I’ve just lost interest. I’ll probably wait till It’s a greatest hits to try it out.

  • Shuyin

    @Strike Man and Spencer: you probably know this, but both trailers have real time, engine rendered, scenes (as in not CG). Unfortunately the total amount of real time scenes in each trailer is about half minute; but that’s enough to see how the games will look when played.

    So Strike Man, if you want to be shown “a trailer utilizing the in-game graphics engine” watch both trailers again and you can get pretty excited.

    Sure, there’s no gameplay, but there’s in-game footage (non-CG) in those trailers, so why do you guys say they are entirely CG?

  • Strike Man

    If you re-read my comment, I mentioned trailers that use mostly CG video as well as the ones that use nothing but prerendered video. While the trailers above do show a brief glimpse of the actual game’s graphical qualities, it’s not quite the ~50/50 balance that Square had shown in some prior trailers, such as their “Kiss Me Goodbye” one for FFXII.

    Again, I do believe both games will look (and likely play) fantastic, but I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind why people are fawning over these trailers to the extent that they are.

  • Marlone

    I’m still waiting for videos of actual gameplay. Until then, I could care less about FFXIII. It doesn’t help that the more characters Nomura designs, the more and more they all look alike…

  • Shuyin

    @Strike Man: That’s just SE. I remember trailers for Chrono Cross were entirely CG. For FF IX too IIRC.
    “I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind why people are fawning over these trailers to the extent that they are.” – maybe because it’s the first time in 2 years that we’re actually able to see a) the entire trailers, and b) real time scenes (especially in Versus).

    “It doesn’t help that the more characters Nomura designs, the more and more they all look alike…” – if you think all of Nomura’s designs look alike, never ever play Dragon Quest or other games with characters designed by Akira Toriyama.
    Compared to Akira Toriyama, Nomura is the king of diversity.
    Besides, i don’t see how his TWEWY characters look like FFX’s characters or Versus’ characters, but each one of us has a different perspective on things.

  • nika

    both trailers look great, I have to agree with strike that i would like to see more in-game graphics and plot and character info, but being a thevisual whore that I am, these trailers have me hooked.

    did I hear correctly that they mention Nibelheim at the beginning of the versus trailer? [/probably very late discovery]

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