Nippon Ichi Porting Phantom Brave To Wii, Adds Plenair?

By Spencer . December 12, 2008 . 9:56am

image Ever since Nippon Ichi officially announced they were working with the Wii I wondered what game they would port first. Would they do Disgaea? Nah, it’s been done way too many times. I thought an upgraded version of Disgaea 2 was in the cards since Disgaea DS just came out, but Nippon Ichi’s first Wii game will be a port of Phantom Brave (thanks for the tip Pesmerga00!!).


The official site is bare, but we already know a decent amount about Phantom Brave. When I played Phantom Brave about four years ago I liked how it bucked strategy RPG trends. Phantom Brave introduced a free run system which limits movement with dm points and Marona, the main character, tethers phantoms to background objects like rocks. A scan shows Nippon Ichi is adding a mysterious cameo character for the Wii version. And it sort of looks like.. Plenair?


image image


Just a thought. Japan gets Phantom Brave Wii on March 12 for a whopping 7,140 yen ($78). Yikes! Nippon Ichi sold Disgaea 3, a brand new PS3 game, for the same sum when it came out in Japan this past January. We haven’t heard of NIS America is picking this up, but seriously I would be surprised if they didn’t. Phantom Brave was NIS America’s first published game in North America so it holds a special place in their heart. That and a Phantom Brave localization is complete except for the new content. Check out some screenshots from the Wii version below.


image image image image image image image



Images courtesy of Nippon Ichi.

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  • Simon

    Ash looks weird

  • Pesmerga00

    This just seems like an odd choice, what with all the other games to choose from. Not a bad thing though. I heard that there is supposed to be a new scenario as well. Hopefully if they decide to add the obligatory waggle, there will be an option to revert to normal controls.

  • lostinblue

    why did nippon ichi chose to port one of their less sucessful and less known games? they’d be better of putting disgaea 1 and 2 in one disc, and then after doing it and having created a much bigger market for more niche titles, they could do this one.

    Besides, what’s our benefit in us getting this? are we getting a sequel or is this just a freaking cash-in? I want new games dammit, Wii is market leader and these guys wouldn’t have the nerve to pull this on X360 (let alone without 16:9! lol!?) I swear I’ll send them hatemail if they’re turning us into a portstation in order to gain money to invest in the HD market.

    Cut the crap Nippon Ichi.

  • lostinblue

    … I just read $78? ARE THEY FREAKING STUPID? or do they think we are stupid for that matter? LAME! (give me disgaea 3 instead, at least it isn’t a 2004-game-that-I-already-own-the-special-edition-and-only-costed-me-$20)

    Mindblowingly stupid.

  • Pichi

    Its really bugging me about that dark Marona on the cover. She might be that mysterious dark figure, but I’m leaning towards Plenair as well. Dark Marona must have quite a lot of scenarios to be on the cover!

  • Ark

    There was a new version of Phantom Brave released in Japan which added things like Newgame + and other features found in Disgaea and other games, so I’m glad that it seems likely this port will be coming out here since it will retain those features. Plus, new content!

    I really, truly hope they never release Disgaea 1 ever again, at least not anytime soon. If you haven’t played it on PS2, PSP, or DS by now, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m absolutely sick of Laharl and Co. at this point.

    Phantom Brave is my favorite of the NIS SRPGs so this is great news for me. Unexpected news, but great news.

  • If NI wants PS2 games they should make a bunch of NEW PS2 games.
    I doubt Phantom Brave will IN ANY WAY use the wiimote so why, OH WHY, couldn’t they start porting it to 360PS3 instead? Make the games attractive for outside japan?

    Or better yet, make new games for PS3/360?

    Wii is making me physically ill these days, it’s just not a good platform for “ordinary” console-games without a gimmick..

  • lostinblue

    ^ the Wii hater of the day arrived I see.

    Do you really want a PS2 port for the X360/PS3? it’s not even really aceptable on a more powerfull SD console like the wii when they aren’t even adding 16:9 and are selling it for the price they are you know? much easier to get it in SD for PS2 I say.

    a SRPG from ground could use the Wiimote well, and even if it didn’t who cares? Or do you think disgaea 3 uses the HD graphics well? I thought so, and why should they spend more money when they’re a small company?

    PS3/X360 have no market in japan, and outside Japan? lol, you have Dragon Quest spin-off’s on the Wii tieing Blue Dragon sales. (dragon quest sword tied with blue dragon, yes)

    Be physically ill all you want, but mentalize youself that… that just doesn’t make sense, so it’s probably your logic that’s making you sick.

    good riddance, and get well soon ;)

  • I love Eringas. They should have their own game. Eri-eri!

  • jarrod

    Seems like good fit imo, especially with likely cursor targeting. Hopefully they follow it up with PB2.

    I want a Prinny port!

  • death by oatmeal cookies

    LMAO! at lostinblue’s comment to Mattias. you like the wii alot i see? i also like the wii. it’s a pretty cool little machine. :) day one purchase for me.

  • lostinblue

    Phantom Brave 2 would make this bearable, but otherwise it’s just a bad choice, and the price point is hideous. Nippon Ichi should have started by releasing their most know properties, the ones with more following here, so that they could create a market for this, smaller, less known title; that or announce sequels/new games for the Wii and saying “meanwhile you’ll get THIS!” (like square did with Dragon Quest, “here’s Dragon Quest IX DS, but first… IV, V and VI!”)

    As for Prinny… I wouldn’t object to that, but I think it’s fine where it is.

  • Spencer

    I don’t want to defend Nippon Ichi too much on the price, but games are generally more expensive in Japan. If NIS releases it here there’s no way it’s going to go for $78. However, I think Nippon Ichi could have given everyone a break and sold it for 4,800 yen ($53) which is the same price as Namco Bandai’s Klonoa Wii-make. 4,800 yen is like the “low tier” price for Wii games in Japan.

  • I don’t like rebuying games I already own, but if they put in enough extra content into Phantom Brave Wii I’ll definitely buy it. It’s my favorite Nippon Ichi game, actually, and I wish people who liked Disgaea would give it more of a fair shot.

    I’d just like to note that Dark Marona might not be Dark Marona like everyone is saying, unless they have some information I don’t. I could imagine a scenario where Marona meets the Phantom of one of her relatives–maybe even a darker-looking version of her own mother?–in a side adventure. Marona is explicitly said to not have any family left alive to take care of her, so her getting a member of her family as a Phantom is a possibility!

    Also, Soul Nomad & The World Eaters is a sidequel to Phantom Brave, in a really roundabout way, so there’s a minor chance Nippon Ichi is rereleasing this game to kind of start a separate, non-Disgaea timeline, or just let people who missed Phantom Brave know who the character in both Phantom Brave and Soul Nomad is.

  • lostinblue

    @ Spencer – Fair enough, but Klonoa was totally remade in the process, it’s not a PSone port and it’s still selling for those $53 or 4800 yen, so and going by that I think 4800 yen is the bare maximum price they could be asking for this, and would be already too much considering they aren’t even adding 16:9. (and that Phantom Brave Special Edition for PS2 can be easily found for $20; special edition that this probably won’t be, but should)

    Seems like a really bad decision that will get them some abysmal sales really. I, as a client would definitely not buy it for that amount; I think they’re pushing it too far.

  • Volcynika

    I’m wondering when we’ll see a fully original title for the Wii from NIS (not sure what their WiiWare game is all about) or the DS. I know that A Witch’s Tale was announced a long time ago, but it was delayed and we don’t know anything about it.

  • Kuronoa

    I liked Phantom Brave enough to buy it again if there’s enough new content. Though I have a feeling Nippon Ichi is testing to see what making games on the Wii is like. No problem as long as they do announce something else right away.

  • Joanna

    If NISA charges more than 30 for this, I’m going to have to pass. I can find the game for 14.99 CAN used and play it on my PS2. I appreciate NIS/A’s recent ports (Rhapsody and Disgaea) because I only discovered NIS recently and those two games are hard to come by (and 30 isn’t as hard to swallow as 40ish), but Phantom Brave for 40-50*?! that is outrageous! Ports shouldn’t be priced around the same range as new and good games…

    *note this is a rough estimate of the US price based upon the japanese price.

  • lostinblue

    @ Kuronoa – If they are… they took a bad decision with the title they chose to start with.

    I mean, we all know that Disgaea doesn’t sell badly and it’s their most mainstream property, this? erm… It didn’t really sell that much on the PS2 and it is quite old now (so to expect better sales than it did on PS2 is expecting too much), and to make things worse they’re pulling quite the rip off in the price. This is going to get a lot of negative press and core gamers calling it a “halfassed cash-in attempt” while raising doubts what will Nippon Ichi do with the money and if it’ll benefit us in any way.

    If they want to support us they should tell us from the bat “if this sells… you get that”, or just announce it as a given, since they’re already creating market for it (they did release Disgaea out of the bat on a console that’s selling badly after all) and not just “here, swallow a 4 year old game that you already played! and afterwards… erm… more ports?”

    They might do me in, and like Joanna said I might biteif I find it for $14.99; but otherwise… no 16:9 no buy dammit, they added 16:9 to disgaea on PSP didn’t they? I won’t even glance over this game if they don’t add it for the Wii, this is coming in 2009 and NOT on PS2, even if they don’t improve the graphics they ought to do as much.

  • @ lostinblue: you don’t like Phantom Brave?

  • @lostinblue – well, wii hater, wii lover, I can still have an opinion :)

    I find it kind of strange that you’re shitting all over the idea of a decent SRPG for a HD console. Disgaea 3 managed to sell pretty well, didn’t it? I don’t care much for graphics but the community and online possibilities of the 360 and PS3 seems bigger. Also, by only releasing for an SD console like the wii the graphic artists won’t really learn how to handle HD graphics, right? Still, I think they should release more games for the PS2. I’m pretty sure it’s still the console owned by most people and then they’d have more money for marketing and overseas sales ;)

    While an SRPG from the ground up indeed could use the wiimote I don’t find that idea very interesting. I mean, it IS a crunching numbers turn-based genre after all. I’d be more interested in a bunch of tricky achievements, solid online play and the technical aspects that comes with a HD console. It would also reach a broader audience outside of Japan and the audience that bought their previous games and stuck with Sony.

    Also, a port for X360/PS3 wouldn’t be awesome per say but I think a port to PS3/X360 would find another audience that might be more interested in titles like Phantom Brave or Disgaea.

    And finally, there might not be a big market for PS3/360 in japan (though I’m doubting it will never be that way, Sony’s japanese and have a stable fanbase and X360 is getting some serious japanese attention including but not limited to a bunch of awesome shmups and Famitsu’s INSANELY high rating for Last Remnant) but there is always THE REST OF THE WORLD? Just because Blue Dragon ties with DQ: Swords doesn’t mean that all games should be released for Wii? I think the PS3/360 audience really needs a good SRPG/RPG. I’m pretty sure they would buy it and love it just because all other RPGs lately hasn’t been that good. And well, I’m assuming the game developed would be good :)

    Thanks for the get well and total stomping, always nice to see smiling friendly faces at the internet! I agree to disagree. :D

  • lostinblue

    Well, I liked what I played from it (I have a huge pile of PS2 games to finish, so the tradition when I get them is put them into the console and play till the first save just to see what it is about and hopefully later on getting to beat them… that’s how much I played Phantom Brave so far but I enjoyed it).

    I just think it’s a bad first step from Nippon Ichi if this is a “test” and is all we’re getting for the time being; it’s a unknown game by comparison with other games of theirs, and it’s also a old game of course. Like I said I don’t think they’d have the nerve to pull something like this (4 year old port, seemingly full price, no 16:9) on any other home console and I hate the idea as a Wii owner of essentially being used as a “greatest hit” console that only gets titles made within 2001-2006 to finance something else for a platform that makes no market logic whatsoever just because the said developer has some kind of fetish for being there, even if the costs are higher and they have to use us as a stepping stone (yet we get tests and they don’t, they get, erm… Disgaea 3); but, precisely because it happened before (not here, but in other cases) I’ve been burned and learned to suspect and expect it; this is the expectation third parties planted on me so far with their Wii support.

    Might hopefully not be the case, but still, third party developers haven’t gave us Wii owners any warranties whatsoever, and getting this title surely warrants us nothing. And of course, not only that, but I also find it a somewhat of a shady decision to bring it instead of other, more valuable and profitable franchises.

    Besides, no matter how much I liked Phantom Brave, it’s still a old game that I already own… in most cases I think a port is only justified if that warrants me a new game, for instance, back with Psone if Squaresoft ported FFI, II, IV, V and VI to the Psone as they did, and did FFVII/FFVIII/FFIX elsewhere I bet PSone owners would be ultraged; similarly, we, Wii owners are not their “greatest hits” console (2001-2006 RIP) neither their cash cow, and having no warranties and having been burned before… I’m being suspicious about this, while saying as a test the title itself was a bad choice.

  • oh yeah, I forgot, it’s lame not to add 16:9 to a Wii release.. god Nippon Ichi :/

  • Though I’d prefer to hear that they were developing something new, I’m glad that this rerelease is not Disgaea. At this point I think everyone is a little Disgaeaed out and La Pucelle, Phantom Brave and Makai Kingdom are just as good once you get into them.

  • Pichi


    We know what her mother and father look like, so her mother being the “Dark Marona” is low chance, but I do like the theory of it being another family member. Maybe a lost twin sister or something?

    The thing I’m interested in is that they are putting her on the front cover, which is surprising. She must play some role to warrant such a thing. As in she’s more than just a side quest, perhaps?

  • lostinblue

    @ Mattias – “I find it kind of strange that you’re shitting all over the idea of a decent SRPG for a HD console.”

    A 5 year old PS2 port as a decent SRPG for a HD console? :X We’re discussing wether it is even a half decent effort for the Wii as a SD console.

    @ Mattias – “by only releasing for an SD console like the wii the graphic artists won’t really learn how to handle HD graphics, right?”

    Disgaea 3 didn’t use HD capabilities whatsoever, who, tbh in that case would be only higher definition texture and more polycounts. Besides Wii has cheaper devkits, bigger install base, it is market leader everywhere (it’s not just Japan), srpg’s are not that big of a genre, oh and cheaper media than Bluray and lower publishing fee’s per game than both Sony and Microsoft offer.

    @ Mattias – “I think they should release more games for the PS2. I’m pretty sure it’s still the console owned by most people and then they’d have more money for marketing and overseas sales”

    It’s selling less and less, it’s pretty much a zombie console with no hype that is selling on the momentum of cheaper games, reason why Atlus hasn’t released a game at full price for a long time now and will offer artbooks and OST’s in those $40 games. it’s far past it’s prime and while gamers like us can go back to it just fine… we’re a minority. If, as a developer, you want to reach the masses now, you have to focus on something else than PS2.

    This said, PS2 sure made more sense for Disgaea 3 than PS3, IMO.

    @ Mattias – “It would also reach a broader audience outside of Japan and the audience that bought their previous games and stuck with Sony.”

    Wii is market leader outside Japan too, so it reaches a broader userbase on it too; if the PS2 public “stuck with Sony” they wouldn’t be third now; and if that public was stuck there and were to sell to them alone then it wouldn’t be a broader public, but the same public.

    If anything the broader public is here, on the Wii, and that said, it’s not even that clear cut when as you see there’s quite a few Wii owners in this post that own/know Phantom Brave, we were Ps2 owners just he same.

    @ Mattias – “Also, a port for X360/PS3 wouldn’t be awesome per say but I think a port to PS3/X360 would find another audience that might be more interested in titles like Phantom Brave or Disgaea.”

    I won’t argue, we have totally opposite views of ports; I think I have the most realistic one though, as if anything reviewers and the public perception is very harsh on stuff like this, when made like this.

    @ Mattias – “there is always THE REST OF THE WORLD? Just because Blue Dragon ties with DQ: Swords doesn’t mean that all games should be released for Wii? I think the PS3/360 audience really needs a good SRPG/RPG. I’m pretty sure they would buy it and love it just because all other RPGs lately hasn’t been that good. And well, I’m assuming the game developed would be good.”

    But Wii is also market leader in the rest of the world :P I didn’t said that all games had to be for the Wii though, but the Wii makes more sense right now for the genre, in more ways than one.

    I think there’s decent SRPG’s for the HD’s too, I mean Disgaea 3, Tears to Tiara, Valkyria Chronicles, those are all PS3 though; I’m not informed of the X360 line-up in that sense but I heard Atlus was bringing something over too from the genre. Besides early PS3’s have backwards compatibility and therefore can play Phantom Brave anyway.

  • Wii smells because I don’t have one..

    THERE I said it, can we stop now? :*

  • Pichi

    Oh, and if people aren’t sure who I’m talking about, the very last image of the article shows a dark Marona right above Ash and Marona. Which will be the boxart for the Wii version.

  • Kuronoa

    Not reading all of this. >_>;

    By “test” I was actually point more towards “Hey, would a SRPG work well with the Wii remote?” After all Phantom Brave was a game by them to ditch the grid system, which with the wii remote would make the game feel natural if they pull it off.

    Well, Phantom Brave might be ported just to get a second chance. Like Okami kinda? I mean why else would they port an old game. Did it do well in Japan?

    In any second thought, we just have to remember that companies in Japan will tend to make games for that market, not to really please us outside Japan.

  • Eliel

    wow i can’t w8 4 dis i hope the game sells fo at least $30 to $20 in the US

    also i hope they bring back Makai Kingdom or even a sequal to either PB or MK it’l give me reason to play my wii again XP

  • Eliel

    o and i hope they add wifi battles

  • FStubbs

    Kurunoa: Actually, you may be on to something. They’d do this to get used to the Wii software, and what kind of sRPG they’d want to make on it gameplay wise, then build a new one from the ground up with the engine from Phantom Brave.

    … or make another PS3 exclusive. Who knows what NIS is doing these days.

  • LeafPanda

    I don’t think this is such a bad idea. Wii needs some games.

  • jarrod


    Disgaea 3 undersold even Nippon Ichi’s modest Japanese projects (they wanted 120k, got ~90k). Valkyria Chronicles underperformed too… actually, the only current generation console SRPG which seems to have at least met expectations is Fire Emblem Wii.

  • Very interesting sale objective from NI for D3. I was interested how well it did, and I had a feeling that would happen. Didn’t know there was such a huge gap.
    As someone that doesn’t own either console, I would like to see them try to push these games on the 360. I think there is potential there, just not a solid one at the moment. You got to try and break in, though.

  • lostinblue

    ^ X360 is from the 3 consoles the one selling less in japan though.

    Third party’s don’t have to “break in” on that when there’s no incentive to do that, be that incentive represented by a massive userbase, off the bat userbase for these specific games or cost effective development; which by comparison with others just isn’t the case now, in it.

    Or should, for that matter try to break in, Xbox 1 didn’t sold in japan, so it’s only natural that it didn’t get RPG’s, because there was much more money to be done elsewhere, no such thing as beneficence in this industry; now don’t get me wrong, it’s fine if they get them, just like it’s fine that PS3 has gotten 3 srpg’s so far, but did it justify them up to this point? no, not really, and if anything X360 would justify them even less. (now, if I were to do a PS3 JRPG also putting it on x360, for how low the sales could be, could be a good move to at least sell a handful more units)

    I also find it very weird the: ” (I think) there is potential there, just not a solid one at the moment” it’s one thing or the other, either there’s public… or not; it’s not like they’re saturated of the genre so the max sales would be hindered (like could happen with FPS’s).

  • nika

    about the prices; after some calculating $78 would be around 57euro if I’m correct, and that would be about a pretty normal normal price for a game here in europe. (wii – 55euro/$74 ps3 – 60euro/$80 360 – 60euro/$80)

    you might be calling it expensive, but for me these are normal prices, and US games are simply cheap.

    ^at least it would be a normal price if I didn’t buy everything 2nd hand xD

  • Faithful

    On a side note, Plenair appears as a cameo in Monetopia, no idea how many people missed that..

  • Anonymous

    This is nice I suppose. PB is sorely under-appreciated. But…

    Phantom Brave 2 please.

  • kainazo

    as a huge fan of Phantom Brave I’m really excited for the release. finally, this game is getting the recognition it deserves! Although I do enjoy Disgaea, I think it’s unfair that it gets a lot more exposure than PB.
    also, there’s a ‘trailer’ of it released, and i can safely say that Pleinair WON’T be in the game; the mysterious new character turns out to be someone who looks a lot like Marone, but older. I’m guessing that she’s Sprout’s granddaughter, since there’s a scene where we see him with that girl

  • anonymous

    wow, 78 bucks
    i havent really played the game yet but i want to
    i guess i’ll just wait till they sell it on a lower price XD

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