Meet Another Blood of Bahamut Beast

By Spencer . December 15, 2008 . 11:57am


Gigant has a friend and this colossal creatures from Blood of Bahamut should be familiar to Final Fantasy fans. Ifrit will be one of the towering creatures Ibuki has to subdue.


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The key to beating Ifrit and Gigants is to chip away at their armor and reveal their weak points. It looks like one of Ifrit’s weak spots might be its horn.


While Gigant and Ifrit are wild they massive creatures are also a home to many. Ibuki lived on Gigant and a horned ally lives on Ifrit’s fiery back. Kamo=Ogre carries a huge axe and like Ifrit he has some fire skills. If there is one monster-like ally in Ibuki’s party there are probably others. We just don’t know about them yet.


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Images courtesy of Square Enix.

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  • jarrod

    What a weird little game. It’s looking like the lovechild of Socerian and SOTC.

  • hodr

    am I the only one to be deluded with the size of those beasts? I was expecting, at least, something really huge.

  • Ryu Kazama

    A little too SotC. Not that I mind but it surprises me SE would make a game look and sound much like an already existing awesome game that isn’t made by them. It’s as if they played SotC and thought “Let’s make them our famous summons instead!”. I’m interested but it sure as heck doesn’t seem very normal of them.

  • boo boo

    originality is dead/gone. (there’s nothing left.)
    so get used to it.
    both the east and west are doing it.
    just look at hollywood for example. (it’s not only games. it’s all media.)

  • Aoshi00

    Hm.. sounds too much like Shadow of the Colossus, and it’s not a good thing because this isn’t even an action game. You really feel the tension in Colossus hanging onto your dear life.

    Also I still can’t get over the scale, they keep saying people live on them, but the beast looks at most as big as the castle colossus last boss. I don’t know if this is as exciting as the concept arts..
    Maybe this concept isn’t best realized by a handheld after all?

  • hodr


    This, or they left to think about the characters’ scale as the last part of the game’s conception. As a result, now they’re too lazy to change things back to an idealized proportion. But that’s just a guess ¬¬

    Thus, what we might see is a village over these beasts’ back with normal people living in it as the protagonist and his comrades are seem as giants-far-less-greater-than-the-beast-who-bear-their-village.
    Indeed an amazing plot.

  • Chow

    Maybe the character scaling is the same sort of scaling you’d get in Final Fantasy between the world map and town maps?

  • Mirko

    This neither sounds nor looks like Shadow of the Colossus. 4 player coop? Platforms to jump around on? Waves of enemies climbing these platforms? Choice of one of seven fighters? Emphasis on projectile attacks? Semi-side-scrolling view?

    Just because a game has giant enemies with weak spots it’s not automatically a SoTC clone. Especially not as such enemies pre-date SoTC.

  • James

    Wow The visuales are pretty slick!

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