Lost Saturn Sonic’s Loopy Level

By Spencer . December 16, 2008 . 11:25am

Sega having trouble with Sonic? It’s been that way for years. A long time ago on console named after a planet in this galaxy, Sega was developing Sonic X-Treme which had a unique concept of rounded worlds. The result was a game that looks like a mix of Sonic 3D Blast and the PsOne game Pandemonium that we never got to play it since Sega canned Sonic X-Treme.


Most of the revealed Sonic X-Treme footage has shown Sonic jumping outdoors like a platformer. A new Sonic X-Treme video discovered by a LostLevels forum member has more of a Sonic feel to it. In this level Sonic rolls on windy tracks while the whole world spins around him. The effect is neat to watch and it may have been neat to play if Sonic X-Treme materialized.



Images courtesy of Sega.

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  • Mazen

    Sonic unleashed Sonic levels are best Sonic levels ever even better than the 2d games sonic levels, so now no Sega doesn’t have troubles with Sonic.

  • Mazen

    There is no proves that this wasn’t programed like last month, or is there?

  • Stephen R Gibson

    @ Mazen

    While the 2d bits prove that Sega can make a game Sonic game (see also: Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure), it’s everything else about Unleashed that proves that they still have huge problems to overcome.

  • Stephen R Gibson

    Whoops, that should have been “great”, not “game”.

  • jarrod

    Unleashed’s 3D Sonic levels are great, bar the annoying QTE interludes. Sonic Adventure 2 actually had amazing Sonic/Shadow levels too.

    The Rush games are kind of crap though honestly. And none of them even approach the Genesis/Sega CD glory days.

  • Kuronoa

    I liked most of the Sonic games lately. I avoided Shadow and 06 (well I don’t have the systems…) but I played just about everything else including the Wii version of Unleashed and I enjoyed them. The only one I didn’t really like was Secret Rings.
    That said, people saying Sonic sucks now is thier opinion.

    Now on the topic on hand, perhaps this is a leaked video of that project being done of that guy finishing the game? I mean I doubt it is from long ago but then again people on the hacking sites find betas and prototypes often.

  • Chow

    Strangely, I thought the Rush games were crap, but it was because I don’t usually read the manuals to games before I play them. After I beat the game, I read the manualand then figured out there was a rush move you could do that made it a lot more fun.

  • Pulstar

    Spencer, I wish you had linked to the original source here > http://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=13246

  • Mazen

    Did you guys see this its funny

  • XKaiminalX

    I love how Pachuka is trying to take all the credit for apparently finding these videos, when it was a forum member from sonicretro.org called Kiroziki that actually released it.

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