Rose Officially Confirmed For Street Fighter IV

By Spencer . December 19, 2008 . 6:45am

roseRose in the home version of Street Fighter IV  started as a rumor and at the time it sure looked official. Now it is official since Capcom has Rose listed as an additional character on the Japanese Street Fighter IV site.


With Rose on the list the total number of street fighters in Street Fighter IV is 25. Have a look at the other home version only characters below.











Images courtesy of Capcom.

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  • Alice

    Wow.. This game screams UGLY. It’s so fucking UGLY. :( I hate the art style of the game and i hate the fact the game has been dumbed down for old time Street Fighter II players. (Since Street Fighter IV is basically a remake of Street Fighter II)

    I miss the 2-d Capcom days of the Street Fighter III series. God! I loved that game.

  • ShinRekka

    In almost every article related about SFIV here, there’s always someone complaining about the f’in graphics and art style. Seriously, if ya haven’t seen the game “first hand”, then complaining about screenshots is a real shame. Calling SFIV dumb downed because of it’s SF2 gameplay is a big insult to SF itself. And if anything if it sales alot and get more ppl back in the series, it’ll might get into playing SF3 and that would be a win-win situation for anybody.

    But ya know what, it’s Street Fighter…..I’ve been waiting 8 loooonnnng unhopeful freakin’ years for a new game and it’s coming in 2 months. 2 MORE MONTHS.

  • I also miss when fans actually had intelligence. Being “dumbed down” or ugly? Have you even played the game? This is why I pity Capcom. What a terrible fan base.

  • cesca

    At first I wasn’t sold AT ALL on the art style, but It’s grown on me……they are going for a really exaggerated and cartoony style, so I can bear with the musclebound characters if they look goofy and stuff, at least it’s an original take on the same designs that’ve been around for years.

    The only thing I will NEVER appreciate, is the gross legs they’ve given most females in the game, SPECIALLY Chun-Li.

    I don’t know who thinks that looks good. If they reduced the size of the thighs a bit for all the girls I’d be without further comments on the art style of this game.

  • jarrod

    Looks great imo. I just wish the SF3 cast was getting the sort of fan-hyping inclusion that the SF2/SFA characters are enjoying… I miss Ibuki. :(

  • Alice

    @ShinRekka & Traveler

    Street Fighter IV is in my local arcade. (america/east coast) I played it and i hate it. So fuck you guys! :)

  • daizyujin


    I agree, it does seem rather rediculous that SF3 characters are getting the axe here completly. Since the game takes place between 2 and 3 it would make sense for at least one or two to make an appearance. I suppose that is being kept for “Super Street Fighter 4: Turbo EX + Gold” since you know it is only 6 months down the line.

    Ok that was a low blow but does anybody actually think they WON’T do that?

  • Chow

    I still feel that the inclusion of every single SF2 character is a big cop-out. When I first heard that, I had the impression of “HEY LOOK SF2 in 3D!” from the producers.

    Then they start including characters who would not fit in the timeline at all, being between SF2 and SF3. Of course, since they’re all home console-only characters, they’re probably not canon in the storyline. Or they hit some sort of temporal inversion in subspace or something.

  • ShinRekka

    @ Alice

    Was it necessary to insult us with a “fuck you”? Seriously, grow the hell up.

    *throws rose at Alice*…Gutter Trash.

  • Alice

    “Seriously, grow the hell up.”

    *rolls eyes* Whatever doooooood. Adults do curse ya know.

    Oh an one more thing. Why don’t you go beat your small little penis in the corner of your parents basement you fucktard!

    Have a nice day! :P

    *kicks down the Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet in an female RAGE* *the arcade cabinet falls on top of ShinRekka*
    *laughs and points* “little bitch!”

  • It’s nice to see a variety in people, but what are you, twelve? Seriously, grow up.

  • Aoshi00

    Wow.. pretty immature language up there.

    At any rate, I’ve been playing HD Remix on PS3 for the last couple of weeks, that only hypes me up for SF IV more. We’re getting the anime from the US pre-order too. Now all that’s left is to buy a fighting stick for the full experience.

    I wasn’t sold on it at first, but from the screen shots and videos I’ve seen, they all look great to me.

  • anon

    lol, Alice isn’t a woman. Its a man baby. Sorry you were born a dude pal.

  • Fayt

    Yoshinori Ono has said he’s looking into more downloadable content options for the console versions, so we might still see some SF3 characters yet. He’s also said that Capcom is currently in talks with a peripheral maker in the U.S. to release “arcade perfect” controller, an arcade accurate stick with a steel base plate, steel shaft and arcade style buttons.

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