Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Revealed With Echoes of Time

By Spencer . December 22, 2008 . 6:45am

The Wii version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time has a special feature or I should say a special trailer. Pick up Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time for the Wii and you can watch a new trailer of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Square Enix has not announced a release date for the elusive installment in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series which was officially unveiled with a teaser video almost three years ago.


Along with this news Square Enix sent out some screen shots, old screen shots, of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers to remind us what the game looks like. Both the Wii and DS version also come with a Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Sound Selection, a CD with four tracks including the main theme of the series.






Images courtesy of Square Enix.

  • Mazen

    Wow its still alive! am intersted in this since it have a setting simmilar to Skies of Arcadia, airships and such.
    I feel too many Crystal Chronicles will lead to confusion to the casuals they should give it a more recognizable sub name after the Final Fantasy name ofcourse.

  • lostinblue

    Well, I’ll say here what I said in other siliconera piece of news where we were commenting this:

    “Such a lame way for Square-enix to try shoveling the unacceptable Wii version if this game down our throats; I won’t buy it, no matter what, youtube for the win.

    And if they’re holding out for “that” (echoes of time) game to release they’d be smarter to hype it at Jump Festa, or is Crystal Bearers now coming after all the FFXIII’s? because they sure are hyping them to no end. And by contrast… are they hyping Crystal Bearers only for the retards that buy the Wii version? lol, must be some kind of “you bought the wrong game, LOL, here’s the trailer for the one you should buy instead, LOL”

    This moronic attitude is why their profits dropped 78% while not supporting the market leading console like they should, and they still haven’t changed their ways appearing almost reluctant to hype their game as if they’re afraid it actually sells, *sigh* what a bunch of morons.”

  • Mirko

    That’s a lot of righteous furry. So your experience with the Wii version of Echoes of Time has been unsatisfactory? Because you wouldn’t judge a game that isn’t out and you haven’t played. You just wouldn’t. Right? ;)

  • lostinblue

    Mirko, well, I would if it’s a DS game running on my wii and selling for the same price as the DS thing; just like anyone would judge a PSP game running natively without any improvement whatsoever on, say… PS3.

    It would be unaceptable there and it is unaceptable on the Wii to, nothing more than half assedness and downright sad when the idiots have nothing else in the pipeline for the folowing months, it’s as if they’re filling the spaces left by their own incompetence with lame attempts.

    Nothing against the DS version mind you; but absolutely everything against the Wii version.

  • jarrod

    “righteous furry” ?!

  • Aoshi00

    @Mazen – This looks good, I don’t know how much a role the airships would play, but the art reminds me a little of FF IX. I was wondering what happened to this title after that amazing teaser.. I agree it probably should drop the CC subtitle since it seems to be going in a different direction.

  • nika

    Happy to see it is still alive. Hopefully we’ll see more of it soon.

    @lostinblue; I understand your fury over the price being the same, but wouldn’t it also be strange if the price was less? I still think its odd to have an DS graphics game run on your Wii though.

  • lostinblue

    It’s not fury, I mean I’m a calm person and I’m not loosing my cool over this, but it is indignation; they’re clearly resorting to this because they have nothing else in the pipeline and want to capitalize on the Wii, but… they had 2 years to put that production pipeline going and were too busy dumping loads of money into Nomura pockets to do belts and zippers in HD; which… is not my problem, but this approach by comparison, is nothing more than spitting on a market leading userbase, this game being on the Wii and with these “untouched” DS graphics… is ridiculous and not even remotely acceptable at this time; it just isn’t; and with that in mind I’m completely against it; it’s just half assed all around.

    But not fury, that no.

  • nika

    zippers and belts in HD…
    if you put it like that it cracks me up XD

  • Mirko

    “righteous furry” ?!

    I was in a hurry. ;)

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