• Nabe

    I wanted to get a PS3 partly for this beauty of a game, but now that it’ll appear on a cheaper console…

    I hope Valkyria Chronicles follows suit.

  • jarrod


  • Red

    Meh. I’d rather play it on the console that isn’t a poorly made piece of shit.

  • Leafpanda

    Looks cool, what kind of game is this? Dynasty warriors?

  • Gungriffon

    Action game where you can join factions and has many endings. At least the original did.

    If you enjoy Samurai movies, you’ll enjoy this game.

  • Chow

    Way of the Samurai (at least in the first two games) is a “actions make consequences” or “butterfly effect” sort of game. I’ll use the earliest choice from the first game as an example:

    Your character walks into a village area to see a girl getting chased down by a gang of men. When you walk up, you have choices to the effect of:
    - help the girl
    - tell off the men
    - ask if you could join in

    Each choice you leads to a different consequence, whether it be changing people’s opinions about you, or killing off a story character at a crucial moment so as to affect something else in the story.

    As a result, the story is rather short, but there are a lot of permutations to get to the different endings.

    The first game had a frustrating save system, though. Any time you load up your game, the game would auto-delete your progress so you can’t keep on resetting to see the different choices quickly. The second game changed that though.

  • ShinRekka

    Loved the first game but never played the 2nd one. Hopefully this one is longer than the first with lots of different paths, days and endings.

  • Leafpanda

    Sounds fun

  • Hello Hello

    Awesome! This was one of the few PS3 games that I wanted. All we need now is 360 ports of Valkyria Chronicles and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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