A Gray Market For Bob’s Game

By Spencer . January 5, 2009 . 8:21am

bobs Bob’s Game has become quite the spectacle with its 100 day “protest” for a SDK kit from Nintendo and (tongue-in-cheek?) holiday greeting to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé. On the up side Pelloni has drawn tons of attention to his one man project. However, forcing Nintendo or any publisher to the negotiation table by calling them a “dinosaur” has to have a distinct negative. Like not ever getting the desired development kit.


So what option does Bob have left? Pulling a Tengen Tetris.


When Nintendo restricted NES licenses publishers like Tengen and later Wisdom Tree devised their own NES cartridges that bypassed the NES’ lockout chip. After Super Noah’s Ark 3D unlicensed games at retail stores became a thing of the past. We might see them again if Bob has his way.


Pelloni claims on the Selectbutton forums he was approached by a homebrew cart manufacturer that wants to put Bob’s Game on a microSD card, package it with a DSi ready homebrew cartridge, and sell it in retail stores like Walmart. One way to look at this proposition is Bob’s Game is a Trojan horse which is being used to bring a homebrew cart in retail stores. Another possibility is this is an empty threat to “scare” Nintendo. In either case it would be exciting if a homebrew cart/Bob’s Game combination ever came out in stores. The DS has a large homebrew community and if one homebrew game can get sold with a shifty gray market bundle other homebrew games could too.


Will Bob’s Game democratize DS game distribution in ’09? We’ll see.


Images courtesy of Bob’s Game.

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  • arollo

    I don’t think anyone can get very far by acting like Bob has.

    And I doubt very seriously that “Bob’s Game” on a flash cart in Wal Mart will sell like hot cakes, given that the only people who know about it are the people who read gaming websites, and judging by said gaming websites the consensus seems to be that he’s a douche and the game doesn’t look that fantastic to begin with.

    And I agree. He’s a douche, and the game looks mediocre at best. I am not giving him a cent just because he did it all himself. It’s a free market, not the special olympics, Bob. Deal with it.


    He should just stop, there is no gain from releasing it with expensive sd card, also he will make Nintendo angry they will think it will confuse consumers as if there is other games on SD also it kind of incourge the piracy idea.

  • daizyujin

    Well I am going to say good for him. For everybody that is going to start about how it will encourage piracy, please stop. There is no need for this to encourage it. It is alive and well now as it is. It is people like Bob that make me wish things like the Pandora would take off.

  • badfish

    I support his movement. Its the free markets working. You cant stop globization. Ethier embrace it or get the heck out. Sega learned that the hard way!

  • Lucky

    Why doesn’t he just, I dunno, release it online? If people are willing (Something I doubt) to pay for this game in retail stores why not sell the game on his site to play for the PC? No need for all this crap.

    Frankly, he’s a moron. And so is anyone who supports his ‘freedom market movement’ crap. Good lord.

  • Andrew

    It’s sad to see how he’s descended into this unprofessional mess. It speaks volumes that the only possible publishers now interested are illegal. He’s spent a lot of time on his project and it’s ending poorly I think.

    Beyond that, he’s got a kind of naive arrogance about him. Ever play Cave Story? Now there’s a one-man-game deserving of an official release.

  • Andy

    I don’t think acting like a child will get him very far with Nintendo.

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