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Kunio-kun In The Third Dimension


    kuniok Arc System Works is taking the Kunio-kun kids out for another field day, but instead of using sprites we get low resolution polygon models. Like JC over at DS Fanboy, I believe this is a first for the Kunio-kun series. Change is nice, but it’s not like the Kunio-kun games needed 3D graphics. Simple and charming sprites worked fine for over 20 years.


    Otherwise the shreds of information about Kunio-kun Chou Nekketsu: Daiundokai makes it sound a lot like a 1990s Kunio-kun sports game released on the Famicom. The DS version adds another element too, wireless multiplayer for four which makes Kunio-kun Chou Nekketsu: Daiundokai worth keeping an eye on. We’ll be waiting for an announcement from Aksys about this.


    Scan of Famitsu from Wii @ Everyday.


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