Such A Tease, Countdown Clocks Are Everywhere

By Spencer . January 13, 2009 . 3:39am

imageCyberConnect2 kicked off the trend with a countdown clock leading to an announcement last Friday. Their timer goes off first sometime on January 16, Japan time. Perhaps this countdown clock will reveal a game that doesn’t have Naruto or .hack in the title. CyberConnect2 still has a mystery DS game in development which this clock could be related to.


image Marvelous’ countdown clock is more atmospheric. It has a floating clock with a colorful feather. Sometimes the clock reverses the direction of the arms. Their announcement is related to a new game. A smidgen of text in the HTML tells us this, but we still don’t know what Marvelous is working on. We’ll have to wait until Wednesday January 21 to find out.


Finally, Sega has a countdown clock leading up to announcement on Friday January 23. Their countdown clock lists Takao Miyoshi as the producer who previously worked on Phantasy Star Universe. Could this unannounced game be related to that? You can also scroll over on the mushroom to make it grow and shake.




What do you think these clocks are ticking down to?


Images courtesy of CyberConnect2, Marvelous, and Sega.

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  • Akimitsu

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another .hack series from CC2, although it’s always nice to see new IPs from companies.

  • Mazen

    Well this an exciting week or 10 days,
    I wish an HD Tail Concero 2 or Tail Concerto like game from CyberConnect2,
    4 bluray or 10 DVDs HD Skies Of Arcadia 2 from Sega from the overworks team with the help of Takao Miyoshi and a mushrom,
    Some amazing looking RPG from Marvelous.

  • Cloud_ST

    Narutimate Accel 3,please!!!!.

    Tough I know it’s very unlikely….

  • Ishaan

    I thought CC2’s DS game WAS a .hack title? Didn’t they have a page up saying “Welcome to the World” or something with a character that looked like Kite in it?

  • Joshua Main

    I had the Marvelous announcement page going in Google translator, and the title bar now said “I will sue you!”.

    A courtroom adventure game,perhaps?

  • Chow

    The Sega thing… using Adam West Batman logic: The mushroom is related to Mario. Making it blue relates it to Sonic. Mario & Sonic were in Sports game together before. Sports make you sweaty. “Sweaty” is a few words off of “meaty”. Meat needs to be cooked. Cooking involves heat. Heat comes from a volcano! I got it! The Legion of Doom’s secret hideout is in a volcano!

    Yeah, I’m joking. But what will top it off is if I’m somehow right about that.

    In all seriousness, the bulbous stem of the mushroom, plus the location of the shade is exactly the shape of the Mario mushrooms. The cap is slightly different than the Mario mushrooms, though. But that first observation can’t be a coincidence. So I conclude it must have something to do with Mario somehow. Miyoshi has worked on a few Sonic games, so it might be a proper crossover of some sort. That would be my best guess.

  • Jarrod

    Tail Concerto DS
    Contact 2
    Phantasy Star Something

  • Lucky

    What if it’s a Tail Concerto and .Hack crossover game?

    Or maybe it will just end up being a Tail Concerto game… :(

  • lostinblue

    I’m surprised no one noticed the Marvelous countdown has a Triforce… Triforce from Zelda.

    As for both Sega and Marvelous games… I hope they’re RPG’s and for the Wii.

  • Lucky

    Uhh, what? That doesn’t look anything like the Zelda triforce, aside from the fact that they are both triangles.

    Take about reaching. :/

  • lostinblue

    not the OUT triangles… the inner ones above the clock hands

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