Square Enix Celebrates 20 Years Of SaGa With A SaGa 2 Remake

By Spencer . January 14, 2009 . 7:24pm

image In 1989 Square kicked off the SaGa series on the monochrome Game Boy. The game came out over here as Final Fantasy Legend. Since that already got a 2D remake on the Wonderswan Square Enix is skipping it and remaking SaGa 2 (aka Final Fantasy Legend II) for the Nintendo DS in full 3D. SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu (temporary title) is on track to hit stores in Japan sometime in 2009.


Without spoiling too much of Final Fantasy Legend II players go on a quest to search for their father and collection MAGI. There are a few plot twists which were pretty good considering the time the game was released. However, SaGa 2 was a tough game to beat since your human characters leveled up in a pretty random way. If you used a strength weapon like a Long Sword your character might get a strength boost. Whacking goblins with a whip might lead to an agility boost. Espers or Mutants as they were called in the US version switched spells after battles and sometimes that meant resetting the game if you lost a good ability. The system was kind of neat, but also frustrating. I believe Square Enix will modify this system for the SaGa 2 remake. After all they fixed some of the issues with Final Fantasy II and the remakes ended up being more playable than the unreleased NES version.


While the SaGa 2 remake has only been announced in Japan ask yourself what Square Enix 3D DS remake have we missed out on.


Here is a scan of the new SaGa 2…




… and for comparison’s sake here is some old SaGa 2 artwork.



Images courtesy of Square Enix. Scan of Shonen Jump from [email protected].

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  • lostinblue

    wow rhe original artwork really gives me a Toryama vibe (Dragon Ball/Dragon Quest)

  • Kyo


  • Eddie

    you know………….as much as I love square enix Kyo does have a point

  • Eddie

    but then again it does allow me to experience past classics that I missed out on as a child………

  • QBasic


    If they *have* to remake something…they can remake something, that, you know…isn’t complete and utter shit?

    Who the hell greenlit this? And pray tell, what did they have up their ass when they did…

  • Keriaku

    Wow, I remember playing this on the Gameboy soooo long ago.
    I’m sure this will be a very nostalgic romp if this comes to North America.

  • Gen Kobayashi, who also did some character designs in The World Ends With You, is doing the character designs for SaGa 2 Remake. I wonder if Matrix is handling development?

  • ecco6t9

    Way to make me feel old Square…

  • Vagiel

    Amazing choice for a remake! At last the SaGa ereis gets the recognition it deserves!

    @QBasic Have you ever actually tryied this game before you call utter shit? It is one of the most original titles not only on the game boy but on most consoles.

  • I must have missed out on the Wonderswan remake. I thought I had all the fun RPG’s on it already. Thanks for the info, I might even pick it up when I get this for the DS. How about we get some remakes of the Romancing Saga Trilogy! ^_^

  • Nabe

    Awesome retro remake. Sorry it doesn’t appeal to you other folk.

    I’m hoping this means they’ll move from this game to III and then the Romancing SaGa games for SNES that we’ve never gotten. Even simple ports of the latter would be fine with me!

  • In my eyes, this was the best Game Boy RPG ever made. I’m hoping like hell that Square Enix decides to bring this over – you can bet I’ll be the first in line to buy it.

  • Nick Doerr

    Hah! I do feel old. I remember playing this on the bus to grade school, or middle school, or something.

    I almost thought this would be regarding a Romancing SaGa 2 remake, since we got Minstrel Song a few years back, but this isn’t bad news, either.

    Now if only they’d remake “Final Fantasy Adventure” AKA “Secret of Mana” and try to get the Mana franchise back on track. Good lord, Dawn of Mana was embarrassing.

  • lastworthy

    Considering Romancing Saga wound up being one of the best and most underrated Ps2 rpgs, this is way cooler news than most people realize.

    I mean, considering how worked up people just got over a more or less straight port of a game most people already played, already got re-released. Even if they only change the graphics, there’s wayyyy more “new game” in this than CT DS.

  • Chow

    Man, I remember playing FF Legend 3 (whichever SaGa game that is) a long time ago, but emulated from DOS on my old 486. There was no sound, and the game literally played at 25% the speed it should’ve, though I still stuck with it to the end. I was twelve years old at the time and was sort of new to the emulation scene, so I didn’t know any better.

  • Paul

    @Nick Doerr
    They already remade “Final Fantasy Adventure” for GBA, it’s called “Sword of Mana”.

    • Oooh, so that actually was a remake… I should’ve known that! Thanks =)

  • Ark

    This is awesome news, and it’s also way different from “yet another Square-Enix remake”. As far as I’m concerned, any game that last appeared in monochrome in the early 90s is a perfectly acceptable subject for a remake. I’m also certain many people haven’t played this game yet. This makes it much different from any of the other DS remakes released lately.

    Anyway… back on track, SaGa 2 rocks and I can’t wait to play this version. I’m assuming it’ll be released here, but if not, I’ve got the whole game memorized as it is so importing would not be a problem for me.

  • Joanna

    I’m actually loving SE’s remake romp, I’m picking up games I either missed or played long ago and I love it. I never played Saga 2/FF Legend 2, so I will definitely be picking this one up :3

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