Brownie Brown "Looking Into" Wii Development

By Spencer . January 20, 2009 . 2:45pm

bblogo What is Brownie Brown up to these days? The Tokyo based developer recently finished Blue Dragon Plus for Japan and in the future they might be working with the Wii. Shinichi Kameoka, President of Brownie Brown, tells us, “I’d like to try making games for the Wii. We’re optimistic about it and looking into it.”


Well, that makes sense since Brownie Brown is a Nintendo funded studio. However, this could be a first for Brownie Brown since they have not completed a console game to date. Brownie Brown’s history is entirely made up of portable titles like Sword of Mana, Magical Starsign, and the Japan-only Magical Vacation. On the prospect of downloadable games like WiiWare and DSiWare Kameoka-san explains, “we’re really interested.”


Brownie Brown also had a hand in developing Mother 3. While it’s way too late for Nintendo of America to backtrack and release Mother 3 as a Game Boy Advance game they could port it to the Nintendo DS. “If we were asked to make one [a DS version of Mother 3], then we would definitely like for fans abroad to play the game,” Kameoka-san said.


Well have more from Shinichi Kameoka later this week when he discusses the formation of Brownie Brown and the development of Blue Dragon Plus.


Images courtesy  of Brownie Brown.

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  • lostinblue

    About freaking time! I even emailed them once, asking them if they could resume development on their previously announced GC game, Gofuku, only now for the Wii, obviously.

    I never got a response (Spencer, if you can, please ask them THAT)

    Either way, I want more RPG’s and they fit the bill perfectly, I can’t believe they lost their time doing Blue Dragon (Microsoft IP’s, on a Nintendo owned developer? :/) when they could be doing a Wii game of all things.

    • I would have, but I think it’s a little late seeing that the questions are in my hand. Next time!

  • lostinblue

    Oh, and I was kinda convinced that game called Takuto no Mahou

    was theirs, shame :(

    Oh, AND PLEASE BRING MOTHER 1+2 and 3 to the DS in some awesome bundle, please (I has monies)

  • I waited in vain for years for a stateside release of Magical Vacation, so as nice as a Mother port/collection would be, I’m not holding my breath. I’ll be interested to see what they do with the Wii though.

    • Pichi

      Same here for waiting for Magical Vacation. I hope they do another one for the series and maybe do a nice true sequel from the first game. Something with Ganache!

  • jarrodand

    Mother 4 or no thanks.

  • I L-O-V-E Brownie Brown, I’m so happy that the are looking for the Wii.

    The BB can do simple rpgs with a good humor, and great art.

    • lostinblue

      And…. they’re basically the Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana team :3 So talent is not an issue.

      Although I wonder how they would cope with a home console hardware seeing that they’ve only did handhelds for so long.


    I’ve been waiting yeas for this moment. I’ve always wanted to play Mother games in real Nintendo consoles instead of emulators. NoA it’s just being stupid by not releasing Mother games in America

  • Raccoon

    My personal dream for quite some time now: Seiken Densetsu 5 as a multiplayer action-RPG for the Wii with Brownie Brown heavily involved in development :-)

    You know, like in those good old times. Not some PS2-Action-Adventure with wacky controls and a bad camera. Instead a true action-oriented RPG for up to 4 players with a good story, fun gameplay, music by Shimomura Yoko and a big and open world to explore!

    I had more fun with Heroes of Mana from Brownie Brown than with Children of Mana and SD4 combined. Oh, well …

    • lostinblue

      Wouldn’t that be a GC Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles online?

      I always felt the GC FFCC should be a Seiken Densetsu game instead, tbh.

      • Raccoon

        I liked FFCC for the GC back then (except for that forced GBA-connection thing). Yeah, there were some similarities with Seiken Densetsu. But as far as I remember Crystal Chronicles was made by the 2nd Division of Square Enix led by Kawazu Akitoshi (under the name of the Game Designers Studio). No developers of the old Mana-Games involved.

        There’s already a new FFCC in the making for the Wii, but more often than not I think there are enough FF-Spin-Offs. A “traditional” Seiken Densetsu for the Wii could be great, especially if Brownie Brown is making it, and maybe even much better than FFCC. Still, I doubt something like that will happen anytime soon.

        • lostinblue

          not second division (even if Square is stupid enough to treat them like that), it’s production studio 2… who is Final Fantasy 9 team.

          It’s insulting that Square-Enix only made them do titles like the aforementioned one since FFIX launched though, and when they were giving Nomura projects (who totally lack gameplay) bucketloads of money… grrr.

          I never thought about FFCC as a FF spin-off, I mean, what’s FF there? other than the need to use the damn branding in there? moogles and chocobos? those could as well be added in the last day of development.

  • mother fan

    i want mother 3 for ds

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